I'm In Love With The Story Plot (^________^)

Hola and greetings! Today, I didn't go online as the internet is against me for once more. hahaha  Oh well, maybe I'm reaching the limits of online ( As I'm online-ing for almost 24 hours everyday ) hehehehehe  Can't help it though. I've got nothing else to do besides online-ing and imagining things that won't happen (Obviously) hahahaha :D Anyway, as today I can't online I've read the book I've bought yesterday, entitled The Catholic Warrior. Well, I haven't really finished the book yet as I've fallen into deep sleep after reading until page 62. hehehe  I just made a new record for myself! hahahaha :D I never actually could resist the heaviness of my eyelids whenever I read a book. Sometimes, its only took for 10 page, at most, then I surely falls asleep. ekekeke XD. Today, quite boring though and my day aren't started well today as I didn't get enough sleep as I have started my driving lesson again. Busy weeks coming :) Gonna have another lessons on this Wednesday  And my dad keep talking about Curtin, Curtin and Curtin. I'm just so bored listening to that. He just giving to much hopes on something I dislike. he thought I'm targeting for Curtin, but he knows nothing about it. Maybe I did, but that was ages ago, before I even knew what Curtin is all about  But I just ignored him. hahahaha :D As usual, not like I'm disliking him, I'm just against what he'd telling me. hehehei

Today also, I've been reading the third chapter of Jaba's newest story. I'm falling in love with her grammar and her story plot!  making my curiosity over-ruled me. hahahaha :D Like seriously, I think she could successfully debuted as new writers, you know. Her grammar level is already in the same level with those fan fictions writers. :) And and more over, her story plot, OMG! I just love it! She makes me wonder about what's going to happen next? Yeah, of course I already know how the story will go, but still, she manage to make me wonder even more. I wish I could enter her mind and read all the ideas she had in it. hahahahaha :D Yeah, I dislike wondering. hehehei :D and and the things that seriously making me falling even more in love with her story is the cast she put in her story. All of them are so gorgeous and beautiful and so hot and nice body, very luring, OMO~    especially LOGAN LERMAN~   (nosebleed) hahahahahaha XD That's why I love you, sista~ ...And I'm cheering for her even more than I always did. Go! Go! Ainon!  .

 I really wish I can write beautifully like she did but my grammar is seriously lousy one. hahahaha  even the kindergarten kids can write better than me. ekekekeke :D #thatsFacts. hahahaha :D Sometimes I just want to give up on writing because of my grammar and vocabulary but since I love to write so much, I keep on going though (^__^) I wish, one day I can write a story that have perfect grammar and good vocabulary . And Oh yeah, I was decided to re-do the whole story of When Bad Meets Evil. Not re-do everything lah for I was thinking to make a better version and I want to make my own version of Ao No Exorcist ehehehehe . It's a fan fic anyway, I can messing with the story line as I pleased. ngehehehehehe .  I was thinking to do this because whenever I re-read the story, I feel like something is not right about it and it kind of bothering my mind and souls. Aisehmen. ehehei XD Besides, as Jaba told me that she wanted to published it as GH the MV, I better make the best of me. So that I won't spoiled her story later. ehehehehei :D You know me, I'm the greatest spoiler that ever made. hahahahaha So, after this I'm going to re-read it and do the re-make. But of course, the story line is still the same, so no worry (SyokSendiri) hahahahahaha :D So, Fighting! I know I can do a better version .

This afternoon, I went hang out at my Tumblr. I was searching for Ao No Exorcist's moving pictures. As I was real busy finding it, I accidentally clicked on Anime gif and there I saw lots of Tumblr people loves anime named Durarara. And the first character that I saw with my eyes ( Love at first sight ) is Orihara Izaya. OMO~ He's face... So GORGEOUS and CUTE  The cupid shoot me with his love arrow at this very moment. hahahaha :D But seriously, I never watch this anime before. hehehei :) I don't know whether the story is good or not ( But deep in my heart screaming that this anime is worth to watch ) but I think its nicelah because many people love it. hahahaha :D So, I was thinking to look for its DVD whenever I go to shopping malls later. I just wanted (need) to watch this anime . ehehehei :D Dang, I can't take my eyes off him. hahahaha :D

So, I guess we already reach the end of my post ( Actually, I'm out of idea on what to write ) (^.^)
Last but not least, I want to tell here is :

Live life to the fullest
Never Forget God the Almighty
Stay Blessed
Stay Away from sins.
Never let the devil drove your souls
Stay close to God and
We'll be save and receive the eternal life together :)
God Be With You :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)