Sudden Tears. Still Thanks To A Group Of Sweet Heart

Today, i'm gonna start with Konbanwa! hahaha :D well, no reason though. ah, for sure i had fun with my dearest classmates today especially the chinese. hohoho :D we talk a lot today ^^. we talk about korean, ghost and nonsense. ehehe :D i took few photo because the scenery doesn't really caught my mind and soul. maybe because i feel not too happy today. tears suddenly come out when i was playing the sands alone. the ocean makes my heart feel hurt and i suddenly reminisce everyone that i care started to fade away and i started to hurt everyone that i love. i don't know what is His purpose doing this to me because all the situation that i've been through this years is too heavy for me. i mean, i'm to young for all this. i know and i understand that he have His own reason on making all this challenge. but i can't think i can get over this. i don't know what to do and almost everyday, i cry, every minutes i wish for solutions. i can't think of any. i need help! i did try telling all this to Dence but she doesn't seem to care. i am regretting for telling her my problems and of course that is first and last time i tell her. telling her doesn't seem to make me feeling better though. well, she doesn't have anything to do with it though. enough i tell you and only you, bloggy :D thats why i love you ^^

    so, i want to thank to this group of sweetheart for making my day better today especially YunQian (yellow shirt), Ek Cheng (black shirt) and Kelly Chong (white shirt*the one that sit*) because they make me laugh and forget my stupid sad feeling ^^ even it just for a moment, i am feeling much better. thank you! thank you! xie xie ni de peng you! hahaha :D is that correct? ekekeke :D i really thankful to them and GOD! thank you for letting them joining the party today. if not, i already home at noon. hahahaha :D we have a lot of fun today. we play swings, seesaw and slide :D ehehehe XD noticing that kelly is soo like me. Playful! hahahaha XD i love it. Dence? she sit there and messaging ^^ well, mature already. not like me, run here and there :D but thats her. i can't change her, right? ehehehe XD and of course my daddy (christyan) did something embarrasing me and at the same time, make me 'syok sendiri' hahahahahahhahahah XD you know, the one that i have crush on * the one that i never mention * hahaha :D  he did come to tanjung lobang today. i dunno why. maybe class party. and my daddy took a photo of him from far *zoom* hahahaha :DDD i was like, can't stop laughing!KYAHHH! but too bad, he took the back side of him. still, i'm grateful to have his photo. LOL XD post it here? neah. i want to keep it for myself. LOL XD

hahahaaha :D i forget about HyukMin. LOL XD mianhe, sarang! hahahaha XD i never forget my HyukMin oh. he will stay in my heart. just that he have to share with others. LOL XD i still wish to see Hyuk Min in real life like i was hoping to see my Jiyong. hahahaha XD to much haha-ing right? but i can't control myself from typing that. hehehe :D oh yeah, you know what, i have request my daddy to be friend with my crushy and know him better. LOL XD crazy request. so, i guess that all for now. need to do my oral presentation which is about HyukMin! Just Kidding XD i wanna do about Seoul City :D

so, adieu everyone :D

P/S : let your smile cover your tears :D