Photo Collections of HyukMin + YoungGi = MinGi ♥

This is the photo that i never post in this blog. ekeke :) well, i be using it in my future post just that i can't wait to show off here. LOL XDD. anyway, enjoy this dreamy couple of mine :) 

Just want to thanks their producer for making one of my wishes come true 
*eventhough this is maybe just a coincidence, it fine. really..*

more to come when i finish stalking hyukmin in the future LOL XD

thanks for viewing!

Wild Imagination With My Dearest Besties :P

Annyeong, everyone :) its been 2 days i didn't write. it just felt like 2 years that i didn't update :D yesterday i was about to update, but bloggy don't allowed me to upload pictures. so, i feel disappointed. you know kan i can't update blog if without pictures. ehehe :) it will be so boring if i didn't put pictures. well, Thanks God the uploader can work as usual again today. if not, i don't know what will happen to my fingers for not typing anything XD. oh, right now i'm doing my Biology assignment which i should send to my teacher many month ago. hahaha :D well, you know me. Oh, and today i went home late because me and my classmates have to practice our singing. Yes, we're going to represent our class for a singing contest. ekeke :) sound funny but its real. i'm in the group as well. I admit, i'm not a very good singer but i guess my voice is okay lah. *self-proud* Oh, we all did well today but we really should practice more next week because the competition will be held on this 30th of June. WHOA! its next week, genk! i haven't memorize the lyrics yet. GAH! well, nevermind. hahaha :) actually the reason i update today is because i want to share my new hobbies with two bestfriend :) the most crazy and daydreamer's friends that i ever had :)

 hahaha :) you must be wondering what is the hobby that i was talking about. well, the hobby is Making-Fanfiction-Together. hahaha :D yesss~ we made our own drama. hahaha :) it quite funny you know because i never expect dence to be very imaginative like that. yeah, she started everything up. hahaha :) the story was about our summer holiday where the three of us went to Osaka, Japan. it all started on the day the three of us went to the famous theme park at Osaka. ( idk if there got theme park in Osaka) we've met Jonghyun CNBlue, Siwon SUJU and K.HyukMin. i don't really know how to explain the whole story here because i'm not really good in telling story lah. hahaha :D well, i've been decided to write a story based on the imagination that we've collected from each other's brain. ahahaha :) i can't wait to start writing it. every single image that i've imagine is still really fresh in my mind. ekekekekeke :) so in love with the whole story. Season One was finished yesterday and today we started Season Two. LOL XD i wonder if there got drama which can end in just one day. hahahaha  :) overall, i love the story line and it is quite romantic especially on Valyie and Siwon part. KYAHH! hahahaha :) i can't control myself to stop from blushing you know. ehehei. even the teacher scold us both when we off limits having fun. ekeke :) in conclusion, they both are made to be my bestfriends. i never thought of knowing someone who have the same hobby with me before. LOL XD i mean, unusual hobbies like imagine-before-sleep. hahaha :) *this statement is not including Jaba as she is just the same as i d* hahaha :) Oh, i find that my english is getting brokenier XD

I really do love the pictures of me and hyukmin. ekekeke ;D i wonder if i'm an ulzzang, would he ever consider me as his girlfriend? LOL XD well, i think he won't pick me as there are thousands of ulzzang who is looking so damn cute, for example Hong Young Gi. ohhh... talking about Young Gi and Hyuk Min, I have a number of collection of their photo together but too bad.. just too bad that they weren't couple. i really wish that they are couple you know. hahaha :) huh? why they weren't couple? that because YoungGi is already taken by someone she loves lah. hahaha :) hyukmin? i don't know about him but for now, i haven't heard any news about he is having yeoja namja. probably he is waiting for me. LMFAO XD sorry..sorry.. i'm just a little bit of missing track from reality. ngahahaha :) Mianhae, HyukMin-shi! ehehe. i hope he won't find this post and read it. if not, i'm going to buried my head like ostrich always did when they sense danger. ekekeke :DDD

And as usual, my stupid brother make my mum cry all over again. he just can't stop breaking mum's heart. Haiz! i just hate him so much. i wonder when will he ever stop hurting mum feeling like that? his behavior is getting worsen. eeeee.... i hate him so much like if i have lots of money, i will ask anyone to crash him to death. i don't care if i'm going to be arrested or going to be in jail forever. as long as i can kill and chop his body until i feel satisfy. URGGHH!!!! i know this sound kinda bad you know but it just that he just being to annoying and freaking loser. i know that hating own's brother isn't right but i just cannot held my hateful feeling towards him. i won't hate him if  he hadn't make mum's cry, but he did it almost everyday and for me, it just hard to forgive. i can't do anything except for writing and telling what i want to do to him. but in reality, i don't even have the guts to face him because i'm afraid that he would harm me and then if i'm harmed, who would take care of my parents? he? bullshit. if i let him to took care of my parent, i don't guarentee if my parent could live longer with him. he may not harm my parent physically but he does tortured them mentally and slowly. mum always try her best to show her smiles towards me but i know she does hurt but she just don't want me to know it. i really wish i had the power to make things right. well, there is no meaningful point to talk about him eh? just making me mad and it just going to make the weight on my shoulder become more heavier as my sins is getting morer. ekekeke :D aishhh... God Bless my brother. hopefully, Father in Heaven have mercy on him and show him the way to the light. Amen.

So, that is all from me for now. here is my latest photo. enjoy! LOL XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Dream ;)