Talking About My Favourite Cartoonist :)

Annyeong, again! in this post i wanna talk about my favourite local cartoonist :D well, as you know imma Otaku and i love comics and anime more than anything else and YES i'm 17 years old and YES i'm still collecting manga, figure dolls and watch anime :) i don't care what people think. if they want to be friend with me, they must accept me for who i am :) so, below is all about favourite's local cartoonist. enjoy Y'all!

First is Kaoru. her name is kaoru la. i don't know her real name hehehe. i just knew that she is the first Malaysian's female cartoonist. yepp :D she was so lucky. hehehe. i wish i can be like her ONEDAY! XD and she started to like drawing since she was old enough to draw. hehehe. and the photo that is shown < ---- is one of her creative works :) nice kan? and obviously, she likes Japan and i think she likes cosplay too :) what else? urmm.. ah, i've bought lots of her art work, like Daisuki, 143 Maskaret Cinta, Kaoru's Cake House*manga*, Kaoru's Cake House*novel*, and Siri Maskaret Cinta-colour-. hehehe. so, in the future, i want to buy all the Helios Eclipse from episode One until End. then, i'll buy Maid Maiden. but not now, i want to wait until she finish all the episode. ekekeke XD

*only look at the Helios Eclipse* ehehehe :) and she also designed a t-shirt for couple but can also be bought separate. hehehe :)

And so, that is all about Miss Kaoru :) 

Introducing, Zint. hehehe :) i love his works because all of them look so COOLIO! hahaha :) lots of action and comedy. ekeke :) i adore the way he draw his comic characters. His comics, mostly is about teenagers life, schools, bad student, bully, etc..etc.. hehehe. still, i call it as COOL! my favourite? OH YES. definitely Under 18~! XD i have lots of his books as well. i got, CheapShot,, Eli*i lost this one T^T*, Under18 No Fear, Under18 Fear No More, Kisah Pengembaraan Kroit, Rapsodi 18, UnderAge and HERO. Yepp :) Love them. whenever i'm down, i'll took one of this comic kan, surely i'm gonna smile again. ekeke. :) thanks to Mr.Zint ^^ And i'm looking foward to buy Under18 Fearless. ehehe :) I'll buy it no matter what will happen. ekeke :)

McD Moment :)

Annyeong, everyone :D today is Sunday and i woke up at 9 :00 a.m. hehehehe :) eh, nope. i haven't study for tomorrow exam which is BM. relax~ i just need to read the literature notes and knowing the essay format kan? hahaha :) easy bah.. not boasting here just telling the truth. ekeke :) just that i'm not sure whether i can do essay that is not broken BM. ekeke ;D right now i'm suppose to start revising. hehe but i just want to write blog first as its been a very long time i didn't wrote it. hehehe. i miss my bloggy BADLY.

Finally, i found the photo of HyukMin and the legendary ulzzang, Park TaeJun :D i love their pose! Both Cute, Both GoodLooking !! *crazy* i wish they are mine. LMFAO :D in dream only de. ekeke :) and i guess this photo were taken while they are shooting PrettyBoys&Girls season 4 :) i didn't watch this shows but i think it must be very interesting to watch >.< i want to watch but i'm SPM this year. if i watch it kan, later i'll be very addicted and hard for me to keep away from it. ekeke. "Prevention is WAY BETTER than cure" LOL XD

today, i went to McDonald with Sis Ina, Sis Jon and Phoebe as well as my little nemesis, Shawny :) we have a very nice interesting moment together. ekeke :) but to bad, Shawny gone wild and bite a woman who sit next to us. i was like "WHAT THE?!" then, we all go home. the time we spent at McD was short but still i have a huge good memoirs to take home with. ehehe :) i had fun, we all had fun and that is the most important :D

so, here is some of our photo that we manage to took just now :) ENJOY

hahaha.. nice kan? i like it! XD looking forward to took more photo in the future and hoping sis Jaba and sis Inut also join us :)

This love is special for my dearest followers. thanks to you guys for now i'm having 21 followers *exclude mine* hahaha :) i don't know what else to say to you guys. thank you so much for willing to follow my bloggy :) much-much love for all of you. don't worry, because i follow you back :) cool ~ :DD

so, i guess that all for now. ADIEU :)
 enjoy my boys photo ya?! XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)
P.S 2 : I don't have to go tuition. YUHUU~~ :D