Welcome December :)

Annyeong again :) yeah, I'm surprise also when I suddenly have the guts to write my blog again today. Early lagi. hahaha :) I just woke up few minutes ago. LOL XD anyway, today I have no exams and my EST paper will be held on next week on 8th December. EST? relax~ as long as you good in grammar and know a little bit of something in science and technology, you'll survive. ekeke :D Seriously, I would say that EST is quite an easy subject just that it is hard to get high mark. ekeke :) well, I won't target anything for EST yet, see the question first lah :D ahaha ^..^ and yeah, yesterday I sat for Biology paper, it's not that hard actually but yeah truthfully I said, I'M DOOM. LOL :D my paper 2 and 3, haish... don't sayy~ *my aunt shoutout*LOL XD what else? aaa.... Oh yeah, I also would like to welcome December 2011 :) whoa... after december is my sweet 18 :D weee~ Oh gosh, I'm old! hahaha :D Still, i feel like 7 years old of age. ekeke :D because my mum still treat me like a little girl, so do my dad. ohohoh :D I'm really glad to have my parent to be my parent. LOL :) I could still be pampered no matter how old I am. ekeke :D but seriously, I wonder why lots of teenagers nowadays are racing to get old? For me, we should have to rush to be old or mature because One day, we'll be mature as well. why not, while we're still young, we enjoy every second of it? hahaha :D oh like me!

I'm not denying that I still play with the little kids in playground. Run here and there, play hide and seek, play the see-saw, play tag(all time favourite) LOL :) yeah, I'm enjoying every single second of my teenage life because I still have only 3 more years to be call as teenagers. then after my 21st birthday, I'm an adult T^T. Haish~ haha :) I want to stay young if I can but what can I do, that's life. you came to this world, then you're a kid, then become teenager, adult and gets old. after that you'll die. We can't change that. that's nature :) hahaha :D hmm... I suddenly reminisce my younger days :) I had lots and lots of fun. XD  Every piece of beautiful memories I have in mind, I still could play it beautifully. hehehe :) I'm SO missing my childhood. I miss the day when I don't know anything about loves, hates, back-stabbing, problems, internet, kpop, music, and relationship. hmmm... that time, i only cry when I'm hurt physically like stumble on the road. hehehe :) I wish I never grew up.... haiya~ what to do? that's life. hehe. second time, I repeat the "that's life" hehehehe :DDD Okay, enough about that :D

December, december :) I remember the day I knew about my brother. haish... December really leave a very deep effect of my life. december also reminds me of my victory time on PMR season. hahaha :D straight A's Tuhh~ hahahaha :D I still couldn't believe it. hehei :) and december also reminds me of lots of stuff... good stuff, bad stuff... :) I remember the day my family went to church for Christmas celebration where I cry so hard that time. I don't know why, I should be happy you know, but I suddenly felt so much burden. Hmmm.... And everytime I went to church, I always feel like crying... maybe because I know that God were there and I know that he would lend his shoulder for me to cry on. :) I love my Lord, my Father in Heavenly Place :)) Hallelujah! ehehe :) so, ummm.... what else? December... OH! it is the month where I started to become Kpop Lover if I'm not mistakenlah. hahaha :D whoaaa~~ I wish I could still remember the date, if not, I would celebrate my 5th anniversary. ekekeke :DD nevermindlah. hahaha :)

Umm... oh yeah, I've been thinking of what I want to do on December :) Well, here's the list on what I want to do :D ekeke :))

1. Get a driving license.
2. Buy PS2 :) ((I can't wait until my result is out!))
3. Buy PSP and N8 :P
4. Take pictures :)
5. Buy Olympus XZ-1 ;D huhahaha :D
6. SHOPPING (( Christmas Shopping! ))
7. Collecting KPOP's CD again! XD
8. Keeping away all my school book :D hehehe
9. Fly~ LOL Just kidding :)
10. Doing my hair a bit (( straightening it and cut it a bit ))
11. Continue on my fanfics :) (( I'll post it if I'm not feeling embarrassed. ))
12.  Go and find Jo Young Min. LOLsXDD

 hahaha :) don't take 9 and 12 seriously. ekeke :) I just writing them to make my list even longer. LOLsXDD OmO! I'm going to be free on 9th december! hahaha :DD I want to continued on my Korean Drama and Anime series. then I'm going to read up all the fanfics that I left behind and I guess, after that I'm gonna wear specs for facing the laptop screen for like 25/8 a days. LOL XD

And so, I guess this is the end of my post :) here is the photo of Kang Hyuk Min :D enjoyyy`~~~

He's cute nae ? hahaha :D yeah, damnly cute. LOL XD 
Thanks for reading my craps :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)