Short View Of My FanFics :)

. Pgie sighed and went back to the restaurant, “What happen?” Prudence asked as she noticed Pgie came inside with a disappointed look, “I just got call from Jaba,” Pgie answered as she took her handbag and her shopping back, “She said, got emergency at the office and I need to be there as well,” she added, “Aw, we’re just getting started…” Fiona pouts, “I know and I’m sorry,” she frowned; her facial fill with guilt. “It’s okay… it’s not your fault,” Valerie flashed a smile. Then she noticed a familiar Black Vios parked outside the restaurant, “I’ll see you guys tonight,” she said and left her friends. Pgie hurried her steps towards the black Vios.

“Hey,” she greeted a skinny girl with a shoulder-length black straight hair who drove the very car. She was her sister namely Jaba, 21 years old. “Hey, has a good shopping?” Jaba asked.

 “Pretty good,” Pgie shrugged, “So, what do you know about our meeting?”

“Not much, I just knew that our client is a male, looking for a bodyguard and an investigator and he come from South Korea. The owner of J.Tune Fashion Company and rather popular in business industry, have lots of business enemy because everyone is envy of his success. His nemesis name JunPyo. Other than that he’s single.”

“That’s quite a lot of information you got there,” Pgie amazed with her sister, the best stalker among them, “What is his name?”

“That’s the main problem… I don’t know,” Jaba shook her head.  Pgie nodded, that person must be protected really good, it is impossible for Jaba can’t find the most simple thing to look for. ...

Hahaha :D what you guys think? tell mehh~ if it good, i'll post it online. if not, let I published it for myself. only :)