Filling My Blog With Another Random Post :)

Greetings humans :)
<----- My newest husband. ekekeke :D
Meet Yuri Pleskun. Oh god, I just can't resist his cuteness. Especially the gazed of his bluish green eyes, oh damn. So freaking mesmerizing. And and and his teeth, oh gosh, so freaking cute. And every time I saw his smiling picture, Whew, my heart skipped a bit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA sound crazy na? Oh well, crazy is my middle name. What can I do? ekekekeke (^__^)
Neways, for the whole day, I've been ignoring humanoid and I haven't talk to anyone else today. Only few times today, but not as much as ordinary time. ekeke :)
I only interacts with my family members. hahaha :) I don't know, I just, you know, hate everybody around me. Everybody pissing me off today (Even though they did nothing wrong) even seeing people walking beside me pun, I'm pissed. hahahaha :) Crazy na? Haish. Right now I'm wondering, what if I'm really are having psychological disorder? Ya know, something like umm... mental disorder? hahaha :D Well, bite me.
But still, this isn't the first time of me acting this kind of way. It's all started during my high school year and now, it's getting worse. HAHAHA :D Even sometimes, I automatically just hate people. Like one guy in Wattpad, he's following me there and the moment I fixed my eyes on him, I just straight away hate him, for no reason. hahaha :) I know right? It's freaking me out. What if, this is the early code for psycho killer? hahahahaha :D Oh Well, I better register in one of the psycho-killer society. ekeke :)
Speaking of Wattpad, yeah. I've made an account there. It's called Dogaemon94 . Wattpad is like lah. It's a place for those who loves to write stories, or fanfictions. Yeah, it's kind of fun but not very fun for me. hahahaha :) Because I haven't try to mix around with people there. hahaha :D For my english sucks. hahahaha :D Oh I tell you, people in Wattpad, everybody speaking english ya know (well, got some filipino as well) and I feel so small whenever I log in that place, feel like I'm not belong in there. Besides, my stories, all boring. hahahaha :D
What can I do? Maybe I'm just not born to be a good writer. ekeke :D
Oh wells *sighed*

<---- Yuri Pleskun, he was born on 14th May, 1991. When I knew about this, I was like O.O "Oh wow," and ya know, he is the luckiest guy I ever know. Why? Because he was discovered and becoming a model in 2008, while he was walking down the street at Bronx. What a lucky guy? I wish I am too. ahahaha :DD
Okay, enough about my boy. hahaha :D So, aa... Today, I've got my second computer exams (Both ACP and ITC) well, in EXCEL, I manage to finish it up but I'm not sure if I've made it correctly. I'm not so sure about it. ekeke :D Oh well, whatever. hahaha :) And for the ITC, well, I can do it. I did answer all the question, yet I'm not sure either. hahaha :) Just hopefully, I can get good marks later. Ngee <3 And tomorrow will be my last exam, that is Introduction of Business. Chapter 1 until 3 saja ma. hahaha :) Relax~ I got this. ekekeke ;) I just need to memorize all the 4 principles of Frederick Taylor and 14 principles of Henri Fayol, and also understand all the small details off what is business and blah blah blah. hahaha :)
Relax~ I can do this. The teachers had told me that this Mid-term exam won't be as difficult as the Finals. So, I'm not so worried about Mid-Term but hell, I'm worried of Finals, which is on August. Yeah, short. I know right? FuckMyLife. hahahaha :) But yeah, still got 1 and a half month to go. So, keep calm and love Yuri Pleskun. ekeke :D

<---- The king of my heart. YEARGH~ hahahaha :D Okay-okay. Relax *Take A Deep Breath* hahaha :)
So, yeah. Holiday is coming to town. But I don't know how I'm going to spend it. hahaha :D Maybe for the first and second day of the holiday, I'm going to waste it with Supernatural Season 6. Oh Yeah~ hahaha :) Oh! Where the hell did I put it?! o.O Oh well, relax. Tomorrow, after class, am gonna find it. ekekeke :) Gosh, I seriously need to find it for it's not mine. it's Jaba's. ekeke :P and yeah, I've been carving to watch for like 3 months ago. HAHAHA :) Pity me, I know right. hmmm... Anyway, speaking of Supernatural, Jaba told me that Season 7 is out already! OYEAH~~ I wanna go hit the mall soon >>>> hahahaha :D and I heard that Season 7 is season finale for Supernatural *Pouts* I wish the rumors isn't right. I still not having enough of Supernatural even though I'm still pretty mad at Dean for declining Michael's will in season 4 or 5 i don't remember. And Sam, Sam... he's half demon now,wuwuwuwu... I know! >.< I want to know how the Winchester brother will cope with this matter. and I really hope that their dad, John Winchester came out again soon. HAHAHA :) Oh yeah, my favorite character, other than Bobby, the uncle. hahahaha =.= forgot his name. ekeke :) Neways, Supernatural is the most awesome TV Show I ever watch, well one of. ekeke :) other than, How I Meet Your Mother, and The Lost World, yeah. It's the most Awesome! :)

As you can obviously know, right now I'm suppose to study. hahaha :) Oh well, relax~ I still can get my Study Mood. hahaha :) Maybe I'm going to have a nice long shower first, then maybe I'll hit the notes. ekeke :) Well, and also, maybe chat a bit with Jaba before bed though. Yeah. :) That's what I've been planning to do. ekekeke :D
So yeah.
 Awwwwwwwwww........ I'm still stuck here, looking at Yuri's cute face. Oh my god! hahaha :) trying my best to not smiling like crazy here (as mum is here, with me, watching her favorite TV show) hahaha :D I just can't stop blushing, looking at his cute face. He just too damn cute. Omo~ hahahaha :D
So, yeah. I'm soooo thanking Jaba for introducing him to me. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D
At least I can take a short break from Logan Lerman. ekekeke :)))
Yuri Pleskun :)
New life motto. HAHAHAHA :P
So, gonna hit the shower now.
Byes, lovers~
Don't take my Yuri >.< XDD
and Stay Blessed ;)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)