Sunday Morning The Sun Is Shining :)

Well, Happy Sunday.
Today I'm gonna go to church with Uncle Spone and Lalan and I bet it'd my first time for the year. If i'm not mistaken. I really missed going to church somehow but i don't know... I feel like I don't belong in there. I know... I know.... But I can't help it but to.. You know... Think it like this... I mean, i've sins so much that i don't think i deserve forgiveness somehow. Well, I'm pretty much aware that Father is very forgiving but... I don't know what holding me back to ask for forgiveness... Maybe it's just me... Maybe i'm the one who can't forgive myself though.... I don't know. I... Hmmm... Well, i hope i won't cry later on hahaha like i always did though :)

I'll be back to continue on my not-so-private self therapy ~:D