I'm 18 and I Know it

Annyeong and greetings, readers! Yep, I'm officially 18 years and 3 days old today. ahahaha :) I got lots of presents from my family members :) and <------- that Domo-kun bags is my favourite one. it's from my sis Jaba ahahaha :) Yes! I brought it shopping today :) It matched my watch though =) mum even said that sis Jaba really know how to choose present for me (( does she meant that I look cute with the bag? ahahahahaha XD )) And, about my blog songs, I kinda like it though eventhough, some of the singers, I don't really know much about them. ahahah :) seriously, the songs resembling my mood this few days :) Especially Lonely Days by S.O.A.D. I don't know why but yeah, I'm so lonely, lonely lonely, lonely, lonely ~ ahahaha :DD 2NE1. but I'm okay with it though, like I'm used to it though :) I'm strong enough to keep surviving my lonely days :D Anyways, lets stop talking about lonely days as I have lots to tell about today though :D I have lots and lots of interesting and very new that happens in my life :) Well, maybe that's what we get when we are 18 years old. ekeke :D

This morning, I go to driving institution to start my very first lesson. At first, I was so nervous, even my hands shaking but after a moment of driving, I get use to it and my driving tutor starts to ask me drove to Lutong. I was like, "Whoa!" ahahaha :D so fast! I had great laugh with him though even though I sometimes don't really get his jokes, I just laugh. ahahaahahaha :D Bad ehh? But honestly, he's very nice :) I did few mistake but he just laughing at me instead of mad at me. ehehei :) I'm just learnt bah. so , tomorrow, I'm gonna go again for my second lesson. I can't wait! I wonder if he'll ask me to drive to Lutong again tomorrow, Oh how I wish! XD Um... then, right after I finish my driving lesson, my parent said something about buying me phones. At first, I go blurred as before, when i asked them to buy me one, they was like "Why do you want phone anyway? you already have one?" I just shrugged and grinned that time. ahahaha :) yeah, I have no reason to buy new one though. ehehei :) Well, they did bring me to Boulevard and ask me to find my desired phone O.o and Taa-daa~ I got my dream touch screen phones and it was jeng3 N8 plus 1. ahahahaha :D N9 to be exacts. Yeah, i've been telling that I want an N8 before but when I saw N9, I quickly falling in love, ekekeke :)) so, now I officially have my N9 :) but I haven't use it yet because my sim card didn't fit in. and even if my sim card fit in, maybe I won't use it for some times, because I still love my LG 580 :) that is the longest phones that could stand me. ahahaha :) I'm so deeply in love with my LG GD580 :)

And at around 2p.m I went to Phoebe's house to tutor her as she is SPM candidates for 2012. Yes, I don't want her to repeat the same mistake that I've did last year. ekekeke :) she must be prepared starting from the early month. I want her to pass this time :) ehehehe :) Well, I'm not saying that I'm very good in subjects, (( In fact, i failed it all, before )) hahaha :)) but I'm seriously trying my best to tutor her :) she's clever enough and I know I can make her understand more about her school works. Umm.. I'm focusing on her form 4 syllabus... because last year, when she was form 4, she was always ringo-ringo and failed most of her subjects except for English. seriously, her english is dang good! ahahaha :)) she's an English people. ekeke :) Even her BM is very not in good state. ehehehe :) not saying that mine is very good but when she making sentences in BM, it always sounds like sentences that primary schools always make. =.=; I don't she's a malaysian. ahahaha :D just kidding. Anyway, I'm going to try my best to her tutor. and P.S I'm doing it for free. ahahaha :D seriously, I've think about this last few days ago as I'm thinking that I've been so bored at home and I have nothing else to do.. and of course I'm sick of playing facebook games, online-ing, lacking of ideas to continue my story line, and playing my PS2 (( actually, I'm just don't like playing PS2 alone though )). So, why not I'm making something beneficial by tutoring, right? Besides, I can moved my brain cells by doing the thinking and solving those twisting code of chemistry, biology, mathematics and add math ;)

So, that's all I want to say though :) be seeing you peeps in my next post :D Adieu 


Currently addicted to this game :)
~ Kingdom Hearts ~

I prefer Roxas (the blondie ) than Sora.. but to bad, the main character is Sora T^T. ahahaha :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)