Hatred Poems For My Brother

This broken pieces of heart
shattered to the ground
by the merciless of your heart
By the meaning of nothing
you crack this fragile souls
and make joy turns sorrowful

leaking thousands of tear drops
by the meaning of your stupid anger,
you broke my souls but you care not
you just care of your need
but i would wanna ask,
Have you ever thought of us?

loves you more than anything
sacrifices her time and works
just to fulfill all your needs
you yelled
you cursed
you make her cry
but that never stop her from loving you
she give you everything you need
she bought you everything you wanted
she approves all your desires
but what did you give her in returns?
You just know how to crack her heart even more
you scratch the wounds she had restore
you killing her souls by each fucking hurting words you said to her.

You know I'm mad at you
I'm fucking mad at you
you should be my hero
not my stupid zero
you should guide me to be a better person
not some fucking person
you should be my second parent
not hurting our parent.
You should be the one who protecting my heart
not the one who scarred me for life.

He may look senseless to you,
but everything he does is for you
he work hard and stay months in the sea
just to make sure us here having a wonderful life
he never mad, he never yell,
he just love, care and respects.
he loves you more than I am
you're the son and you're the eldest among us
he wants you to be a good son as well as a brother
but all you did to him is
you cursed him to death
you hate him for all your life
you make him lost in wisdom in words.
he had that tiny hopes
hoping you would change one day
and turns to a better person
Just like what he always wanted.

I do fucking hate you
i'm rarely hating people
but congratulations,
my loveliest brother
i may say
I fucking hate you now.
I don't care if hating you would cast me to hell
What I care most now is I fucking hate you
and all I ever wanted now
You're souls is going to hell and never is forgiven
Wish your souls tortured for eternal in the flame of hatred
May the devil chain your soul and torment it forever

You give me bad memories
I should have known
I should never ever give you another few chances of forgiveness
for you wasn't the right person
who deserves the fucking forgiveness.
I shall never cherish our siblings relationship ever again
I shall perish all memories about you from myself
For everything is meaningless to you
I'm just doing the fucking same.

Oh Lord,
forgive me for this
but I just don't feel he deserve my forgiveness anymore
He hurts my parent a lot and
I wasted my precious tears on someone like him
There are millions of people who needs my tears more than him
He just some fucking uncivilized person who is loved by many
but don't know how to be grateful.
He just some fucking stupid guy that I call as brother.