14th May Post Which I posted on 15th. =.=;

Oh, hi there :)
It's been a while since my last post. Ehei, well... I actually been wanting to update but ya know, I'm a pro-procrastinator level PhD. hahahaha :) Anyway, there's always tomorrow. hahaha :) Um... Well, I have nothing unusual to say here actually but I feel like blogging so, yeah :)
Just some usual routine though and yeah, I forgot to take my Computer Certificates last week. huahaha :) Maybe I'll redeem it this coming Wednesday as I'm going home early on that very day :)
Hm... School life, it's not bad though. It's alright lah, because at least I can go home earlier than usual and even if I going home late ( like Every Tuesday ) I still can online at school, hang out at Computer Labs. huahaha :) I just starting to love my school life :)
I actually don't really care much if I don't have someone to talk too, because I feel like you know, don't want to talk to anyone. ahaha :)
And yeah, I'm very quiet person in class. I don't talk to others unless they talked to me first ( and unless it was Friday ) hahaha :)
Like I read in one horoscope webpage, about Capricorn. It stated there that the capri-kids (Me, include) is very reserved, stubborn ( no kidding =.=), slow and steady, and we often let you think that you're win the battle even if you didn't actually. hahaha :D or in other word, Capri-kids are very considerate types of person. And yeah, one more think I found about us capri is that we don't really take NO as an answer. hahaha :) Well, yeah. Obviously. ekekeke :) I can feel it in my bones. hahahaha :) But thank God, we're very considerate kind of people. huahaha :)
#StayPositive. ekekeke :D

Enough about my horoscope. Well, not to say I believer 100% in horoscope and something like that, it just you know, like reading it to fill my leisure. hahaha :) and yeah, it's helping a lot in knowing myself. So, yeah. ekeke :D It's fun to do, though *shrugs*

And yeah, I'm in love with Bruno Mars. hahahaha :) Still, not as much as I adore Logan Lerman lah. hahahahaha :) I fell in love with Bruno's voice. ekekeke :) Well, not to say that I just newly fell for his voice lah. I've did it since the very first day I saw him on TV and I was like WHOA~ goosebumps. hahaahahaha :) His voice, seriously struck my heart and make me falling for it. Thank you Lord, for the heavenly voices. ehehei :)
Neways, last few days, sis Jaba told me something that I still couldn't believe until today, about Bruno Mars. You see, I've been believing that his name is actually Bruno Mars, from Honolulu until the day I found the truth... that his name isn't Bruno Mars and it was Peter Gene Hernandez and I was like  "MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE!" hahahahahahahahaha :D Well, that's the heartbreaking part though, and good things that he's really are coming from Honolulu, Hawaii. ahahahaha :D
Still, it's not about the name or the looks or where he came or what he done, it's all about his beautiful talents that make me smile, cry, heartache, happy, feel better and lots more. Mostly, his songs told me that there always a second chance in everything I do in life. Regrets, it shall be stay in the past, as we all need to moved on. :) Yeah, seriously. He is my Hero :) Love You, Brune. ekekeke :))

And yeah, as I was rolling in the Youtube just now, I stumbled with one of his song called, "Never say you can't" and as I listened to the song intently, I read up all the comments and everyone talking about their dads and how they missed their dads and some of them even loses their dads. Well, I felt sorry for them though. Yeah, it must be tough :(.
Anyway, the song is actually from son to dad-song and as I listened to it, I suddenly thought that I wish my dad ever told me such things and do everything that he stated in the lyrics. Well, you know.... My dad always be far, far away from home and would be staying there for like 4 to 5 months a year. even sometimes, he would go outstation twice a year. I really never had the time to know him. I mean like, since I was at very young age, I have never had the chance to know him well. And even if he home, he and mum would go some place and settled everything like bills, payment, do this and do that. and even when they didn't go anywhere, he would just sit there and sleep, watch tv or getting busy with his boats. =.=

I do want to talk to him sometimes, but I just don't know what to say. You know, like it's awkward. I wish sometimes, he would stay home more than at the sea. I want to know, how it feel like to be Daddy's girl. Honestly, I'm kind of jealous seeing other's dads being so closed to their kids, playing with them, shopping together, travelling... and such. I wish I can do the same too. Everyone else seems to be having perfect family time with each other. But yeah, I thank God for my parents still loving each other strongly. hehei :D

Hm... Well, I can't do anything to change all this things. I can't change my dad's profession and I know that he must likely wanting to be home more than anyone else. ehehei :) And I understand that he's away for half year to feed us, to give us shelter... and provides us with foods. Yeah, so.... I'll just accept the fact that he's done it because he loves us. Like in the Love lyrics y Jaeson Ma ft Bruno Mars, "Love is Sacrifices,"

Yesterday was a lovely Mother's day. Yeah, I celebrated it with my mum, mak ulit, indai and Jaba's family :) we celebrate at Church of Mater Dei :) well, i feel blessed though. ehehehei :)
And I bought the four of them beautiful flowers each :) and then, before we go home, Mak Ulit treat us breakfast, eating noodles :) and after eating. I drove mum and mak ulit to OneStop shop around DPS there and the three of us happily shopping. ekekeke :) Well, I wanna thank Mak Ulit though because she paid for me. ehehei :) I know that supposedly I'm the one who should pay as it was a special day for the both of them. But what can I do? Me no working yet =.= ekekeke XD so, maybe next time. when I have my own money, I'll buy for them special :) and speaking of mother's day, father's day is on the way though. I don't know what should I get for my dad. Maybe another ship model? hahaha :D Nah, that's definitely some lame present. ekeke :D Oh wells, I'll just figure it out later. hehei :) And so, yeah... I'm looking forward for father's day now. ekekeke :)) ♥

So, by the end of this post, it's now 15th of May. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D Gosh, this really show I'm a procrastinators. ekekeke :D Oh wells :)

So, yeah :)
That's all :D

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :) ♥