Another Story O.O

Greetings again, humanoid. Well, i think i'm feeling much better now since well, you see I've started to write another story. Ahahaha kill me for that but i can't help it. New ideas keep on attacking me you see and i just can restrains myself anymore if i do, my head might explode due to the excessive unwritten ideas kekeke :3 anyway, this time i'm writing a vampiric story but it's more of a love story. So basically i'm just combining my favorite subject and my main writing genre. Hehehe :3 i got this ideas after watching twilight and hotel Transylvania. Yeah, well some of Bram Stoker's dracula and of course the Dark Shadow movie hehehe yeah, i've been watching quite a numbered of vampiric movie lately.

Umm... Back to the main point... Well, this story is about ally (again, i know heehei) spending her summer with her brother Matthew in small town named Denzel. Her brother is a personal lawyer for Sir Dmitri, the oldest resident of the town which Allison believes to be a vampire.. *wink2* and he has a son, which namely as Zach. Not Zack. Note that kekeke :3
She uhh... Well, i was thinking that to make both Ally and Zach have feelings for each other, i mean like crushing... Zach would show his feeling but Ally... Well, typical ally of course hehehe :3 and uhh... Well, i also thought of making Zach as one of the famous playboy in le school. *he start schooling just like other kids la, like telling le school that he just moved in or homeschooled before this, ya know... Common sense*

And, ummm... He always get the girl he wanted or any girl that he feel like kissing and then just leave them like that... Ya know... Playboy... But he umm... Kind of having an epic fail when trying to seduce Allison which make him felt like uhh... How to say this... Uhhh... Challenge... Ha... He just couldn't predict Allison because she just so different with al the girls that he ever dated. So, he's like... Maybe she's the one i'm looking for.....

At the same time. He already have umm... Fiancee named Ruby... Ruby ruby ruby rubeyyyy~ hahaha kaiser chief XD and uhh... And yeahh... I think you know the rest. Hahahahaha i mean, pshhh... It ao easy to predict the ending. But i have teo kind of endings for this one, and i might choose either one. Obviously... Haahahaha or maybe i'll combine both ending ahahahahaha XD if possible kekeke XD

Well. Actually i don't want to write or think of the ending first because i don't want this story to end up like my Changing Your World. Yeah, i've wrote down the whole draft on a piece of paper before and BOOM! I lost interest to write it since i already know the ends hahahahahaha fuck me right? I knowww~~~ i hate myself for that~ T^T so thats all i can think of for now ehehe

Actually, i'm in my economic class right now hehehehe so, i shall come back again tonight if i have the mood to return :3

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears