Can't Handle It! Everything Seem Completely Wrong :(

AnnyeongHaseyo, everyone :) today is another day I write my blog. yeah, I've been very busy lately as i have to attend the extra classes and the song practices. i really need rest for this weekend. hopefully nothing can stop me from resting. Urgh.. i feel so tired this week, i always going home late like 4p.m. Neomu Apayo :( hahahaha. well, its only for this year right? yeah. Next year i'm going to rest after SPM result come out, there i'm going to further my study. Huh, hopefully i really can further my study to foreign university, AMEN. hahaha :) Oh, SPM is 4 month ahead and i haven't done any revision yet. How to do revision if i haven't done my homework? ha? ha? tell me.. hahaha :D anyway its all my own fault de. I should discipline myself and put homework as my priority before i done anything unimportant like, Blogging. hehehei. I really do want to stop myself to prioritize anything that is not related to SPM but i just couldn't. Actually i can but i just can't help it :(

Oh, its raining, thundering outside. so badly. to be honest, i don't really like thunder even though i love rainy days. hahaha :) yeah, right now i should be scare but i'm not because i know that i'm protected by His blessing towards me. hehehe :) i love HIM for always be there and protect me from every evil. Ah, talking about evil. Yesterday my stupid brother gone mad because mum wasn't at home. i don't really know about it but for sure he really mad at mum. To be honest, i don't think he can scold mum for not being at home because mum is the one who gave him money, shelters even shirts. even how much mum cry, she always pray for his safety. I don't understand why he being so rude towards mum. doesn't he ever felt the love that mum always gave him since he was brought to this world? I just don't get it. even both of my parent care more about him than me. Actually, i am the one who suppose to be mad at this house as i'm just invisible here. Well, I'm glad though for not becoming crazy like him. hahahaha :) well, i'm so mad, hate, angry, dislike him right now. whenever i think about what he done to mum, i can't take it. i just pissed. i'm clueless. what more he want mum to give him? he had more than enough. even i think millionaire's son won't have the easiest live like he had. he don't even go to work. all he do is sleep then ask for money, bringing his friends home to hang out till dawn. then mum gives him enough food and then he scold mum. DUH! i just don't understand. Well, maybe that because he needs that thing so much. i mean, the drugs. Yes, i suspected him to involved in drugs. even my intuitive strongly say YES. My Lord, can you please tell me if my intuitive is right or wrong. I just demand for an answer.
     And to be honest, i sometimes wished my brother to die. haha :) i'm so bad eh? i know. but that only when i pissed off lah. sometimes i wonder, why can't i have normal family like my friends does? why must i have this kind of complicated family and troublesome brother? these are one of the reason why I don't want to grow up. growing up making you notice what you never notice when you are young. When you're young, you don't really care whether you hurting other's feeling or what happen at your surrounding. all you care about is your friends and the games you're about to play. I miss that childhood stuff. hmm...hmm.. whether i like it or not, i have to grow up right? i have no other choice. so, i think i better be calm and try not to mix my personal problems and school problems together. if not, i'm going to be dead-meat and have no future. LOL :D

Another thing that i am so worry about is of course, SPM. i wonder, will i ever make it? can i get the best mark ever or can i get straight A+ for my SPM? well, it only 4 month left. what can i do in this 4 month? for sure i don't know what i should do. hahaha :) i'm blur to death. eishh! i wish i never been this stupid. i just knew that Science subject is the most important subject to pass if i want to further my study and Tett, i failed every single science subjects that i took. LOL XD very funny. Chemistry and Mathematics, I have a bit progression i think. the problem now is Biology, Additional Mathematics and Physic. GAH! i'm so blur on what to do. how can i pass the science subject if History is already that hard for me to get A? i don't know what to do. no one is able to help me now unless i want to help myself. So, i really make up my mind that i want to do revision on this coming month of July. I really really really should revise or maybe do some practices. practice make perfect, right? so, that is what i'm going to do. then, we'll see whether in third trial later on, do i have progression or my grades are getting worsen. Ugh! hopefully not going to be worsen. hahaha :) i'm so scare and nervous. I may look relax, but inside, i'm trembling. hahaha :) haishh.. i started to feel sleepy lah. i don't knowlah.. because just now i thought of doing my homework after i update my blog but i guess today is not the day because i still can feel the tiredness. eishh.. tomorrow going home late again. I got Chemistry's extra classes and so do the song practices. Haizh..

I guess, that is all I want to tell for now. I want to rest my body a bit before i fell sick and miss one day of school. if i miss even just for 24 hours, i know that i miss many stuff. hehehe. i don't want to be the Blitz. ekeke :) so, see you guys in my next post. hehehe. annyeongiGaseyo! and sweet dream~
so, to end this post, i end it with Yu Ha Min's New picture :) ENJOY!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Photo Collections of HyukMin + YoungGi = MinGi ♥

This is the photo that i never post in this blog. ekeke :) well, i be using it in my future post just that i can't wait to show off here. LOL XDD. anyway, enjoy this dreamy couple of mine :) 

Just want to thanks their producer for making one of my wishes come true 
*eventhough this is maybe just a coincidence, it fine. really..*

more to come when i finish stalking hyukmin in the future LOL XD

thanks for viewing!

Wild Imagination With My Dearest Besties :P

Annyeong, everyone :) its been 2 days i didn't write. it just felt like 2 years that i didn't update :D yesterday i was about to update, but bloggy don't allowed me to upload pictures. so, i feel disappointed. you know kan i can't update blog if without pictures. ehehe :) it will be so boring if i didn't put pictures. well, Thanks God the uploader can work as usual again today. if not, i don't know what will happen to my fingers for not typing anything XD. oh, right now i'm doing my Biology assignment which i should send to my teacher many month ago. hahaha :D well, you know me. Oh, and today i went home late because me and my classmates have to practice our singing. Yes, we're going to represent our class for a singing contest. ekeke :) sound funny but its real. i'm in the group as well. I admit, i'm not a very good singer but i guess my voice is okay lah. *self-proud* Oh, we all did well today but we really should practice more next week because the competition will be held on this 30th of June. WHOA! its next week, genk! i haven't memorize the lyrics yet. GAH! well, nevermind. hahaha :) actually the reason i update today is because i want to share my new hobbies with two bestfriend :) the most crazy and daydreamer's friends that i ever had :)

 hahaha :) you must be wondering what is the hobby that i was talking about. well, the hobby is Making-Fanfiction-Together. hahaha :D yesss~ we made our own drama. hahaha :) it quite funny you know because i never expect dence to be very imaginative like that. yeah, she started everything up. hahaha :) the story was about our summer holiday where the three of us went to Osaka, Japan. it all started on the day the three of us went to the famous theme park at Osaka. ( idk if there got theme park in Osaka) we've met Jonghyun CNBlue, Siwon SUJU and K.HyukMin. i don't really know how to explain the whole story here because i'm not really good in telling story lah. hahaha :D well, i've been decided to write a story based on the imagination that we've collected from each other's brain. ahahaha :) i can't wait to start writing it. every single image that i've imagine is still really fresh in my mind. ekekekekeke :) so in love with the whole story. Season One was finished yesterday and today we started Season Two. LOL XD i wonder if there got drama which can end in just one day. hahahaha  :) overall, i love the story line and it is quite romantic especially on Valyie and Siwon part. KYAHH! hahahaha :) i can't control myself to stop from blushing you know. ehehei. even the teacher scold us both when we off limits having fun. ekeke :) in conclusion, they both are made to be my bestfriends. i never thought of knowing someone who have the same hobby with me before. LOL XD i mean, unusual hobbies like imagine-before-sleep. hahaha :) *this statement is not including Jaba as she is just the same as i d* hahaha :) Oh, i find that my english is getting brokenier XD

I really do love the pictures of me and hyukmin. ekekeke ;D i wonder if i'm an ulzzang, would he ever consider me as his girlfriend? LOL XD well, i think he won't pick me as there are thousands of ulzzang who is looking so damn cute, for example Hong Young Gi. ohhh... talking about Young Gi and Hyuk Min, I have a number of collection of their photo together but too bad.. just too bad that they weren't couple. i really wish that they are couple you know. hahaha :) huh? why they weren't couple? that because YoungGi is already taken by someone she loves lah. hahaha :) hyukmin? i don't know about him but for now, i haven't heard any news about he is having yeoja namja. probably he is waiting for me. LMFAO XD sorry..sorry.. i'm just a little bit of missing track from reality. ngahahaha :) Mianhae, HyukMin-shi! ehehe. i hope he won't find this post and read it. if not, i'm going to buried my head like ostrich always did when they sense danger. ekekeke :DDD

And as usual, my stupid brother make my mum cry all over again. he just can't stop breaking mum's heart. Haiz! i just hate him so much. i wonder when will he ever stop hurting mum feeling like that? his behavior is getting worsen. eeeee.... i hate him so much like if i have lots of money, i will ask anyone to crash him to death. i don't care if i'm going to be arrested or going to be in jail forever. as long as i can kill and chop his body until i feel satisfy. URGGHH!!!! i know this sound kinda bad you know but it just that he just being to annoying and freaking loser. i know that hating own's brother isn't right but i just cannot held my hateful feeling towards him. i won't hate him if  he hadn't make mum's cry, but he did it almost everyday and for me, it just hard to forgive. i can't do anything except for writing and telling what i want to do to him. but in reality, i don't even have the guts to face him because i'm afraid that he would harm me and then if i'm harmed, who would take care of my parents? he? bullshit. if i let him to took care of my parent, i don't guarentee if my parent could live longer with him. he may not harm my parent physically but he does tortured them mentally and slowly. mum always try her best to show her smiles towards me but i know she does hurt but she just don't want me to know it. i really wish i had the power to make things right. well, there is no meaningful point to talk about him eh? just making me mad and it just going to make the weight on my shoulder become more heavier as my sins is getting morer. ekekeke :D aishhh... God Bless my brother. hopefully, Father in Heaven have mercy on him and show him the way to the light. Amen.

So, that is all from me for now. here is my latest photo. enjoy! LOL XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Dream ;)

Four Months To Come. I Feel Like Being Stab In The Back.

AnnyeongHaseyo! ehehe :) long time didn't use that greetings, eh? yeah, i kinda miss it a bit. i admit, i love Korean's phrases! LOL XD anyway, talking about phrases, there are phrases saying "Don't study until eleventh hour" which tells that don't study right before the exams. hehehe :) i suddenly thought about this phrases because i want to warned everyone that SPM is around the corner!! WHOAA i could believe it myself! i'm so worried to death! GAH! i haven't done any relevant stuff! i haven't touch any practice book! even homework, i didn't finish any one of them!!! i'm dead, SO DEAD!! i saw a very large improvement among my classmates. well, of course they do. unlike me. still in the same level! Loser's Level, i believe T.T my second trial also not good enough you know. still have those red marks written on my paper. but still, i got a little improvement though, even though it still not satisfied me but still i have 2 or 3 marks improving. all i have to do now is to hit the books before its too late :)

 ahhhh~ i'm so deeply in depression right now! i wanted to find things that could fire my spirits up so that i could gain the perfect determination to study, study and study! i wonder how Kong Ek Cheng, Kiu Yun Qian and the rest are studying, eh? they are looking so cool when its come to study but when it come to talking, huh! don't expect them to be serious. hahaha :) Kong Ek Cheng okaylah if she act that way because its been five years i'm in the same class with her =.= but Yun Qian, hmmm.. i thought she was like those kid who talk in minimal amount only and TETT i was wrong! when you get to know her, she is talkative but if you didn't know her, don't expect her to talk to you. hehehe. and yeah, she's always the soft spoken one :) Yun Qian and Ek Cheng, the one who conquer second and top places in class. yeah, they are my most respected student in the school! ekeke :) i guess, they never failed any subjects. if compare to me, i only recover 0.01% of their cleverness, i think. ahaha :D so, i really admiring their cleverness. hmm..hmm.. i already can see their bright future. i am so proud. hahaha :D i talked like proud mommy eh? i know. i already have three child! DUH~ hahaha :D anyhow, i want to be like EkCheng and YunQian :) that is all i ever want for now. i want to be success as they are. i don't mean that i have to be them. what i meant here is i want to be as success as they are :) i don't want to be in the loser's level forever. 

you know why i think i'm in loser's level beside always being in the last places in class? well, you see. in the class, there are a group of people who see me in that way. well, its hard to tell how i can know this. maybe i can feel it in my bones. hahaha :D but truthfully, i know. they look like they likes me but deeply in their heart, i know they were laughing at my marks. it just sad to know the truth but i guess that's what people call as reality. we have to faced it no matter how hard it would be. its not like i want to get those red marks, i just can't understand that certain topic so well. i know i'm not in the same cool level like they are but they shouldn't ever treat me like that. i never treat them bad you know. i never held grudge on them. yeah yeah. i know who i am. i'm just nobody too them. so don't hate me if i didn't treat them good. but they treat me hypocritely*new words* so, i also treat them double hypocritely.  they play nice, i play nice, they play foul, i play foul. easy? yeah, i'm totally on the game right now. they play bitch, i play bitch. i'm really good in playing games. i tell you.  hehehe :) and the most hateful person in my life history is the one who was so call as the 'sickgirl' DUH! i can't hypocrites-ly acted on her. i couldn't help it but to hate her. i don't know why but i have strong hate feeling towards that poor little annoying girl. hahaha :D i feel soo bad right now. in conclusion, i hate them all. i hate them for hating me and stabbing me from behind. i hate them for underestimate me. i hate them for using me just for their own goods. i hate them. i just hate them. this would be our dirty little secret, eh? ehehe :D

Truthfully, i'm carving for the word happiness to be part of my life. as you can see, its just too hard for me to find happiness in my life journey, especially when i'm growing older and becoming more matured. Ugh! that's why i said, i don't ever want to grow up. I miss all the old memories when i was still a child, where i was still being so naive and don't even know if that particular person hates me. if i had a wish, even just one wish, i would wished to have two more wishes. LOL XD just kidding. what i meant to say is, i would wish for happiness and everything in my life is good and nothing bad about it. you may don't understand how i really feel but i just want you guys to know that i'm desperately want to feel the happiness in me. if happiness can be bought, i guess, i wouldn't even have the chance to have it as i'm so pokai right now. hahaha :DD haishh! but surely i thanked to Kang Hyuk Min for posting dorky pose. ehehehe :) surely helping me forgetting those terrible stuff that i've been facing through this few years of  being teenagers. hehei :D thanks hyukMinnie XDD

so, i guess that is all for now. yeah, i feel much better now. 

Oh, before i ended this post, i want to share edited photo of hyukmine XD ehehe :D its just telling some part of what i am feeling right now :) so, enjoy ya guys :D

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Hard To Tell When Its Come To Reality :)

It just another lame day which i have no choice but to face everyday with the same old routine. Haiz! well, nothing could make me down if it not about my stupid brother though. failing in exam is okay for me because if i can fight my laziness, i surely can pass all the paper. just that i don't feel like passing anything because of .. you know, lots of things is loading both of my shoulder. hehei.. even sometimes, i had to show my fake laugh to others, i mean my friends. ehehe. they doesn't need to know anything. this just between me, you and bloggy though, and if you are one of my friend, then don't tell others about it. i just hope that it could be secrets between us :) i would appreciate it if you guys didn't tell anyone, even to the person who is the closest to you :) well, you see.. eventhough my brother isn't really show what's up with him, i can tell it from the bottom of my heart that he is involved in something terrible. i mean, something that is very wrong. you know what i mean.. if you always up-to-date with my post, you know what i mean because i've been mention about this once. i just don't have guts to say about it publically for many times. it just too embarrasing. who doesn't feeling embarassing if one of their family member is involving with some shitty things?! mind my language but that is the best word that is suitable to describe that fuckish things. Gah! if, just if i had the power to stop everything, i mean, him from getting involve with it. anyway. i guess that enough about him. make me won't stop typing. in conclusion for his case, i think, if he want to get involve with anything fuckish like that, he shouldn't ever hurt mum feeling. you know, i'm so damn angry if i accidentally saw mum burst to tears. i just wish killing is legal in my country. hahaha :D 

anyway, school has started last week. just that i don't feel like updating :) sorry. school is quite fun, but when it is come into homeworks and study time, urgh~ feel like want to jump off the third floor. LOL XD Just kidding, actually i found that studying is much fun than sitting down at home and do nothing but played dumb. hahaha :) homeworks, don't say. still tons of it. actually i was planned to do it during this weekend but in the end, i ended up with blogging. ngahahaha :) mum didn't look care so far but i know, deep down in her heart, she is scolding me. ehehe :) she can't scold me here, i mean, i'm at my aunt house right now. muahaha :) yea, my aunt is lonely as both of her daughter is out of town, following their husband of course, and my uncle is also outstation. so, there she was all alone with my sick grandpa and of course annoying niece, oh, ME! ngahahaha :) oh yea, this 2 days, i've been stalking my HyukMin. ekeke :D and i found this kind of picture of him ------------------>>>> he look cuter than before, don't you think? i heard that he made few surgery on his face. yeah, nothing is to good too be true, right? no one perfect. hehei :) well, its all up to him whether to do surgery or not, i'm just being his stalker though. ngahahaha :DD I'M STALKER WITH PRIDE. but still, my love for him will never change. ekekekeke XDD shameless. i wonder, where and when can i met someone look like him and become their special ones? hmm.. hahaha. if in my imaginary world, i've been seeing lots of people who look like him. LOL but when i went back to reality, all those cute looking boys are currently with their loves one or maybe liking someone, which is so not me. hahahah :)D i don't care about that lovey-dovey stuff actually, i just want to meet the person who look like hyuk min. he doesn't have to be mine, just friend is already enough for me. hahaha :D oh please, God, grant my wish! XD

talking about school, i was enlisted to attended intensive class for addmath. guess what? i feel so relieved! hahaha :D DUh! who doesn't? it always be my dream to get pass my addmath's paper! hahaha :) simple dream, but it lead me to the brightiest future ever! oh, talking about future, today.. when i was busy online-ing, i suddenly thought about the field that i'm going to take after SPM. so, i was thinking like this way, if i manage to get straight A's for my SPM, i will go enroll civil engineering but if i only get A's for my primary subject, then i'll go enroll for art and design. easy right? this whole years, i've been confusing with this two things but praise to the Lord Our God, with his grace, i manage to make up my mind. ehehe :) i don't have to worry about it anymore. so, i what i have to worry more for now is that How Am I Going To Get Straight A+ for my SPM? hmm...hmmm.. well, i've been thinking of few ways actually and of course, without determination, i won't able to make it. so first step, i want to finish all my undone homeworks. second, i want to do revisions. third, i want to lessen my online time, what i really mean is that i want to make an effective time management for myself. and fourth is i want to attend all the extra classes. hahaha :) yeah, i admit, i sometimes skip my extra class. ekeke :D due to extremely laziness of course. so, if i manage to do all the four steps, whoa. i think i can even beat those who is in the 20th places in class. ekeke :D Just kidding. 

Oh, its 7.39 p.m and i haven't ironing my school uniform and i want to prepare my school stuff today. if i did it in the morning, i won't have time to watch PowerPuff Girls. T^T. hahaha :) PPG means a lot to me because it help to enlighten my days. ekeke :) and i think tomorrow i'm going to go home late because of the intensive class, but i don't mind though. just for this year. next year, i will resting in peace. LMFAO XD yeah, next year i want to relaxing first, maybe for 5 or 6 month, then after that i'm going to find university to further my study. want to enjoy life first lah :DD maybe i will further my study to Australia, if mum let me to. i want explore other countries on my own and want to feel how is it like to live all alone. LOL XD and i also have thought that on my resting month, i want to learn foreign language and went travelling to South Korea or maybe Japan! whoa, i can't wait for the time to come. WeeHoo~ love it. eh, time's up. later i will going to continue with another topic. if i had the chance to do it. hehehe :) hopefully i still can keep this lappy on my own. it is feeling much better if i kept it for my own. oh yea, talking about laptop, guess what?! i am going to receive Laptop 1 Malaysia this 25th of June! LOL XD i just can't believe that i can receive it. it is truly the great power of grace from dear Lord, Father in heaven. i'm feeling so lucky. thanks for the luck that you have given me, oh lord. I love You!! XDDD can't wait to receive it! Kyahh!!

so, that's all for now, i will continue in my next post about "My Life As An Otaku" ehehehe :) yes, i admit. i am an otaku and i'm proud of what i am and what i am being. because i just being myself here :)

so, i guess that is all for now. be seeing you guys in my next post. Adieu :D

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears >.0

Just Another Day To Tell :)

Hello again! hahaha :) today is another day where i had the chance to online and blogging of course. You see, its all because of kind-hearted of sis Jon. ekeke :) she on of the person in the family who let me online, besides Phoebe. anyway, i am very grateful to be able to online right now and yeah, i do realize that i'm using such a polite language eh? hahaha :) funny. anyhow, today is Sunday already :) its mean i only have a week before the school start and guess what? i didn't touch any of my homework and YES, definitely i'm going to be dead meat next-next week. GAH! i have homeworks. but when come to think that this is my final year, i guess, what the hell? hahaha. its only burden me for this year kan? and after that, SHEWWWHSS.. i'm free :D urmm.. yeah, later at 10 a.m i'm going to follow sis Jon somewhere. not alone, with Phoebe of course. ehehe :) and after that i heard that we're going to continue watching movie and later its going to be Pirate Of The Carribean yaw! the movie that i've been long for :) i can't wait. hopefully, nothing will come in and disturbed our plan :) oh, talking about plan, i've been planning on buying Isaac a book as this monday is his birthday. and i know, his birthdate is creepy eh? hahaha 0.o but whatever, it just a date anyway. not like he want to be born on that kind of date. ^^ just believe that he will be blessed by our God, Almighty Father in Heaven :) i admit, Isaac sometimes annoyed me and make me dislike him very much but he was destined to be part of my family, so no matter how annoying he is, i have to learn to accept and liking him, right? hehehe :)

And last night, i've been busy watching an anime call Special A which that reminds me of myself as the anime is all about the top student in the school. the different between me and them is that i'm just an ordinary dorky who was entering the best class in school which i don't deserve to be at all :) you know what i mean. hehehe ;) okay, the Special A student is only 7 of them, i mean, only top 7 student among the thousands of student is chosen to be in the Special A class. and yea, the story is quite interesting. im not good in telling stories so i guess, you guys better watch it for yourself, its much easier as you can judge it for yourself :) hehehe :) and oh yeah, as usual.. I do like one of the Special A's student and his name is Kei Takashima. ------> that is his picture, isn't that he's cute? kYAH! again, I'm In Love! hahahaha :) he is the hero of the story and at first he's not my choice la because of his freakish behaviour. LOL XD he's quite rude at first but actually he isn't that bad. ekeke :) he just fooling with the heroin. but it surely fun seeing him fooling with her. Oh, how i wish i have someone cute like him fooling with me. ekeke :D but of course, that never will be true. i just can imagine it or write it as one of my story collection. hahahaha :D oh yea, talking about story, i just finish the sketch of LastLove's characters. i've been drawing it since last friday and at last i manage to finish it! Weehoo !! the drawing is looking good but there still some part that i need to upgrade a bit, especially the eyes and the hands. urgh! i'm so freaking tension when drawing this two part. the other, okay-okay lah i think. ehehe :) just need a little bit more practicing and i'm going to draw like a pro. but that's mean, ONE DAY. not now. i need my mind to focus only on two things right now, One, SPM, Two, Study. OH YEAH! eventhough mum and dad won't allow me to a cartoonist, i will try my best to draw as good as my favourite cartoonist! XD

Oh ya~ i've been watching movie all day. started from 2 p.m and finish around 6p.m as we were watching two movie in a row. can you imagine that? hahaha :) i know! i'm so excited and of course, having fun. we've been watching Fast and Furious 5 and Kung Fu Panda 2 :) fast and furious 5 is quite interesting you know, if you haven't watch, you have to go and watch it now :) Vin Diesel, Walawehh! so smexy his body. hahaha :) and even The Rock also one of the cast in the movie. I was like "WHA!!" for sure, i already know that the rock is in the movie. ekeke :) and Kung Fu Panda, Gah! so funny. even funnier than the last kungfu panda. and yea, i think there will be kungfu panda 3 because the ending is showing that there will be one :) ekeke :) oh, its getting late now. i guess i better offline as tomorrow is going to be another busy day for me. busy.. busy... busy... :) hahaha :) hope i can online again and update about my day :) so, adieu ;D

so, to end this post... i would like to show the movie that i've been watching :) hehehe. you guys should watch this movie too :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Yeah! Holiday Are Great!

Aloha~ hahaha :) i'm back again. well, just for a while because i'm online using my bro-in-law's lappy :) i miss my lappy so very muchy T^T everytime I think of lappy, i feel like i wanna cry. i wish i never online over time before T^T. i wish i could turn back time and save my lappy from my mum. HWAA~! aish.. too dramatic. ekeke. anyway, for short, i miss my lappy. now i'm staring at it :( but i can't touch it as mum only let my sis to use it. i just can have a glance on it. even it just mean to see it from far, is already enough for me though. as long as it still in a very good condition. hahaha :) sound like people in love. ekeke :) anyhow, i'm still grateful for i still can online on this holiday. hahaha. if not, i might be losing my mind now. haha :DD

and talking about holiday, i'm quite having a very blast time with my sisters~ ekeke. i mean with sis Jon and Phoebe of course. sis Ina isn't here with us as her hubby is having a very long holiday (one week is quite long for me) haha :) but last Gawai night, she did came over to celebrate gawai with us andyeah, i receive bag of chocolate from her. teehee <3 love her so much. can't wait to see her next week ;) sis Inut and sis Jaba went back to our hometown to settle some stuff over there and of course they going back together with parent la. hahaha :) actually i want to follow them, but mum said, no because this year is my war. T^T. its okaylah, because i have plenty of time next year. Urghh! i can't wait! hahaha :) back to the main topic. Today i had a lot of fun with those two, i mean three as my little nemesis is with us. our original plan was going to eat at  McD but i don't know why all the sudden, McD full of people. GAH! i'm so pissed that time because i'm so hungry that time and i don't even finish my tea for breakfast. but i didn't show lah how pissed i am. hahaha :) but in the end, we went to eat at KFC. so, sis Jon said " we can never resist KFC" hahaha :) i guess she's right. no matter where we go ea kan, after few days, KFC always be our choice. i don't know what so special about that KFC place. maybe they put some spell on the chicken.. Oh My God! hahaha :) but i admit, i do love the chicken skin. haha :) ermm.. after eating, we went to E-Mart. buy clothes at ELH. ehei. i bought one for myself, and one for Phoebe. ehehei. sis Jon can't buy lots as the little nemesis don't want to be apart from her. hahai~ i can't help her as that little bratz hate me. hahah :) the more he hates me, i love him twice more than he hate me :DD after shopping at ELH, we went to the bookstore and i bought Zint new comic, entitled err... i forget de. but for sure its new lah.hahaha :D

and the comic is about a boy name Elan who work as a game tester at one game company lah. and he is one of the best game tester. his personality, i found it quite annoying as he's look down on people as he think he is the best of all lah. and he said that no one can be his friend because they aren't as good as him. hahaha ;) but for sure, he's quite good looking guy. LOL XD i love Elan~ kyahh <3 back to the sypnosis, ehhehe :P one day, he receive a box contain game console and a glasses which allowed him to play in 3D, i think it's 4D or 5D lah because with those two, he can play games like in reality. how i wish i can have those things. hahaha :) and the game was called as Digital Gladiator. yeah, quite fun though the story. but unfortunately, i have to wait for the second book T^T . wish to have the second book in short time. ZINT! please hurry up! hahaha :DD errr, i think i'm SO out of my main topic right now. ekekeke :DD okay. after bought the comic kan, we went home for a while because we have decided to bring my little nemesis to play at the beach. so, we went there lah to play kite. but me and phoebe go play at the shore and we wet ourselves. thanks God we brought along our clothes. if not kan, we would wet sis Jon's car. hahaha :) anyway, in car, we ate up all the food we brought along. and there i saw Vernon, my ex-classmates in primary school together with his friend. hahaha :) but i didn't say hi to him lah. shy de. ekeke :) but i'm relieve he still alive.LOL XD after that, we went home and relaxing. so here i am now. blogging. teehee. and this could be the last time i blogged as next week, as sis Ina is here. I can't online because she's way more strict than sis Jon. but it for my own good though :)

Oh ya, i almost forgot to told you that just now i'm watching Doraemon. ekeke :) Movie tuu~ hahahaa :D the title is... i don't know as the info didn't show full sentences of the movie. hahaha :) but for sure i've read this one. hehehe :) and i found that the movie and the comic has a bit different. well, i don't really know how to explain. so if you wanna know, you just need to read the book and of course watch also the movie. ekeke :) and honestly, today is not my first time watching the movie. ehehe :) same with the other Doraemon's movie. oh, talking about movie, i guess i know what i want to collect after manga. hahahahahaha :D taa daaa~ i want to collect Doraemon's CD movie. ngahahahaha :) collect one by one lah~ hahahahaha :) i believe i can collect all of them. ngehehehe~ and also, i want to collect Harry Potter's CD. oh yeah! i love harry potter but i dislike Daniel Radcliffe. hahaha :DD what else to say hoh? hmm. ahh, this saturday kan, i heard lah. sis Jon want to bring me and Phoebe watching Movie this saturday. YEAH, looking forward for that though. it's been a while i didn't watch movie at Cineplax. she said, we're going to watch movie from morning until night. ekeke :DD wish this is true, ekekeke :)

Last but not least, i want to talk about my dear HyukMin. ehehei :) it's been a while i didn't talk about him. ah, talking about him, i remember about our LastLove. ohh, i can't wait to continue the story. but sis Jaba don't want me to continue. she said, she will do it. Argh~ to be honest, i'm quite dissapointed when listen to her decision but i can't say anything kan, because i'm going to the battlefield this year. so, i think i just let her do it. hehei. just that i feel like parasite for having name in the blog but didn't post a things in it only a couple of chapter. hmm... whateverlah. hahaha :)must keep moving on. ekeke :) wish her luck! hopefully she can finish the story and Gambatteh! hahaha :D oh, almost forget about hyukmin. LOL XD well, i keep on stalking his photo in Tumblr and so do Facebook. i also always find time to stalking him. ekeke ;) i don't know how to described how much i like him, LOL XD he just to damn cute, well at least he's cute in his pictures kan? hahaha :D but eventhough he look different in video, i still can accept him as he just being himself. i don't know. maybe that's why i like him. yeah, he just being playful as he show himself in the pictures. ekeke :D in pictures, he just edit few things and DUH! i edit my pictures too except for when i feel lazy to do it. ekeke :D so i guess, this is all i want to share for now, wish this is not my last time posting :) so adieu :) have a great holiday ahead :)

so, i will ended up this post with my newest pictures. adieu again and please put safety first during this holiday :)

 May God Always Be With You

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)