MUM APPROVE. hahahahahahaha XDDDDDDD *gonna die now* HAHAHAHA XD

Greetings Again, Humans :)
I just want to share a short crazy story that just happened just now. hahahaha XD

Like this,
Just now, i called my mum over to look at the picture in my blog. hahaha
so, then... I showed her Logan's picture. HAHAHAHAHAHA
and I told her that he's my future husband.
she was like, *nodding,* "Ouukeyy, delusional girl,"
hahahahahahahahaha :D
What's shocking most is,
she didn't say much. hahahahahaha :D
Usually, she would comment or maybe ask like "You serious?", "That guy look creepy," or she won't even bother to look at it. HAHAHAHAHA like what happened to my Benji Madden. ekekeke :) Adehh...
The percentage for me to become Logan's wife is decreasing even more right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D Never mind, as long as mum approved. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDD
So, yeah :)
Thanks mum for approving :)
Love you. hahahahahahaha :D

I'm sorry, Logan Lerman
This is just for fun though.
No worries, me no serious. ekekekekeke XDD

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

The New Beginning (^____^)

Greetings, Human :) Hahaha :D
I found this cute picture of Logan Lerman last few days ago, when I was thinking of updating my blog. But, nah~ my lazybones is too powerful and I can't even handle it. hahahahaha :) So, Uh... yeah. He just freaking cute in that picture. hehehei, and I think the rest of the people is most probably his relative. ( Gosh, he must think that I'm stalking him right now ) hahahaha :) Yeh, posting this picture would decreasing the percentage of me to be his future wife. HAHAHAHAHA as if. Well, yea... He kind of refer some girls that aren't really obsessed with him, like searching the whole web in the net just to know about his personal life or stalked him by followed him home everyday. Uh, that's creepy. hahahaha :)

Well, I'm not that kind though. I'm just his normal fans. ekekeke :) Not Lermaniac, I just love his acting skills. that's all and ....

I LIED! hahahaha I also love his cute face, his two front teeth, his bluish eyes*drooling* and of course, his smile. Freaking mesmerizing! Waa... Wonder who will be his girlfriend later? She would be the luckiest person in the world. Welp, if it happen to be me (IF) I think, the first thing I would say to him is that, "You must be kidding me," HAHAHAHAHA :D
But it is very obvious that the lucky girl wouldn't be me. Me no lucky one. hahahaha :)
I'm not pretty enough to be with him though, besides I'm an obsessive story writer and having multipolar disorder. hahahaha :D

But, let God decides it. ehehehe :)

So, last 4 days ago, which is on last Saturday. I went Ringo with my crazy besties. hahaha :) Yeah, we had lots of fun and we went crazy and very hyper. hahahaha :) at first we went to Boulevard Shopping Malls, having lunch at SCR in there and it was awesome. Val paid for our lunch that time and then, we went buying some random stuff. Hahaha :) I thought I'm the only person who loves to buy randomly but then, my besties as well. hahaha :) I bought myself new wireless mouse and yeah, I haven't using it yet. ekekeke. Just, don't ask why I bought it for I don't know myself. ekekeke :D

And after a while of strolling inside the shopping mall. We decided to went to toys world around Survey supermarket. Well, we just going there without buying stuff. hahahaha :) Just for fun though. ekekekeke. And after that, we went to Parkson. Our last destination. We hang out at StarBucks coffee. Val and I were having Cocoa Cappucino and Dence have Mocha. Well, honestly... I'm being hyper after finishing the whole cup of the drinks. hahahaha :) Usually, coffee don't really affect me but I don't know why, maybe because of the cocoa stuff. hahahaha :) And the three of us talking randomly and we even said that our parents should be really grateful for having kids like the three of us as we were kind of good kids. Most kids in this generations would spending their times together in some clubs and drinks alcoholics drink until they passed out. But us, well... Our kind is rare. hahahaha :) I'm grateful that my besties aren't that kind of party people :)

So, here's some more pictures of us in Starbucks; 
(keep scrolling, this isn't the end yet. got lots to share though. ehehe)

So, yeah :) We had fun. hahahaha :)) So, after coffee we went to Popular bookstore and we bought lots of stuff like nonsense stuff. hahahaha :) and we even bought a book like scrapbook lah. We wanted to fill it with our beautiful memories together. ehehe :) I can't wait to do it with them. As we were planning to have sleepover at each other's house. But, it's not confirm yet as our schedule is very tight. As Dence and me already starting our students life, so it's kind of difficult for us to make time. But I think, we'll sort this things up soon. hehehei :) Just hopefully we can do slumber party before Val went further her study at Kuching in Multimedia College. Uh~ gonna miss her so badly. hehehe :)
And yeah, we even called ourselves as gay bestfriends. hahahaha :)
That's our newest titled now. ekekeke :D

And yeah, BTB... Well, after going to Parkson, we supposely gone to Beach Republic at Luak. But Dence's mom called her up and told her to attend their church practices at Saberkas. So, we have no other choice but to sent her there. And jeng jeng jeng... hahahaha :) After we leave Dence there, my mum's car was hit another car ; Hilux and I was like .... hahahaha XD I'm so freaking blurred that time. I don't know what should I do. Thank God, Val was there with me. hahaha :) so i called mum and mum said I just settled it down by myself. I was like Whaaa~~ hahahahaha :D it was my first time getting involve with accident and she told me to settle it down? hahahaha :) But yeah, then I quickly called up Jaba and ask her to come over and help me out. hehehe :) and I even call Dence as she wasn't far from where the accident occur. hehehehe :) yeah, thank God. I'm so thanking Him that time. 
And Jaba, she even making me laugh. hahaha :D as she said "Yours one is better than mine, I hit a person, you just hit a car," hahahahaha :) Yeah, and yep, we received deathly glared from Inut and her parents. ekekekeke :) But still, it's funny though. hahaha :D and yeah, that's settled. And honestly, I was freaking out at first but then I think, what the use? hahahaha :) I love to drive, so I just need to be extra careful next time. hehehehei :) And of course, I do look like I don't really care about the broken stuff as I was laughing and happy, and seem mostly like I don't give a fuck. But honestly, that's how I calming myself down. I'm not so serious type and I just freaking hate it when someone said that I behave that way because I don't mind as my parent have lots money. Well Duh! my parent aren't millionaire. Just freaking offensive though when mum told me this. I do care about the payment and the price that mum have to pay. Urgh~ whatever.

So, yeah, that's what happen on Saturday :)
Let's move to Sunday. Ehei ;)
Crossing - Relationship from GH and Levedads. hahahaha :D
Left Picture : Milo and Ally  Right Picture : Hendrik and Tammy
Last Sunday, I feel so freaking bored and I played games lah. hahahaha :D At first, I played Silent Hill the Origin but I didn't finished it lah, ahahahaha XD for I was started to freak out just by listening to the music. Hwa, soooo freaking creepy oh... My palms all sweaty. HAHAHAHA so I decided to play GTA lah. hahahha :D But before I started, I tweet Jaba and invited her over to join me play games. ehehehe :D So, as she came, i was playing GTA la. ehehehe :) Then kan, we both decided to play The Sims2. At first we make  our own character lah but then I told her to make them partner. hahaha... so we make for each of them lah. So, there goes Milo ( for Ally ) and Hendrik (for Tammy).. and the most favorite part is that kan, the boys acting just as the same as in our story *the Levedad* hahahahaha :D Milo and Ally (Fina) having crush on each other and Hendrik and Tammy (Carmel) were always fighting. hahahahaha :D even getting them in friendship pun a bit hard ya know. hahahahaha :DD But yeah, Hendrik/Carmel is secret2 love maaa. hahahaha :D everyone knows this. ekekekeke XD neways, it is surely fun though. ekekeke :D Coincidence :)
And yeah, last time kan, I was playing the same games and i made Milo and Fina lah and I tell you, their relationship really WORKING! hahahahaha and then, I made la another character in the Sims 2 pet and I made Addy and Fina. Well, it's kind of bit hard to make them as couple. I have to control both of them, then baru they can be in relationship ( In other word, it was by forced. HUAHAHAHA) I'm so bad. ekekeke XD

But Yeah, That Sunday was one of the best Sunday Ever. Even on the next day (Monday), I can still put a wide smile over my face. eekekekeke :D Well, just wait for the coming weekends, maybe we can do it again :D

So, I just love this picture of me. hahahahaha :) Neways, Um.. last two days, Chyi send me to school as my mum's car entered the Workshop for repaired. Well, yeah. I really missed it so much. hahaha :D but yesterday, Thank God, I can take it home. hehehehe so today, I drove myself to school :) I feel so calm and very happy. I don't know why but I really feel that I'm so connected to my mum's car. hahahaha :D So, today, as I send her to pay bills at Lutong, I told my mum that I don't want her to buy me car but instead of that, she could just give me her car. And YES! She said I can have it! and I was like WHAAAA~~ Seriously?! hahahahaha :DD So, yeah. Now, it's no longer my mum's car. It is MY CAR :) Thanks Mum! :)

So, she said that she would told my dad and send the car back to workshop and repaired everything, and also changed all the seat covers. And in other word, it will be as good as new :)) hehehehe :) Hmmmm.... I just still can't believe that I can have the car ya know. hahaha :D I just falling in love with the car. Automatically, I was attracted to it. ekekeke :)
So, yeah :) I'm in love with my car :)

And yesterday also, I wrote LLA chapter 15. YEAH! I never ever thought I can make this far. HAHAHAHAHA :D Well, ya know. most of my story are like half way. hahahaha :D So, yeah... Thanks to my biggest supporter and my number one.. uh... or should i say, my one and Only reader JABA :)) hahahaha :D Yeah, she burned my spirit :) and of course her review make me feel more... umm....ALIVE~ hahahahaha :)))

But yeah, My scumbag brain doesn't always cooperate well with me, so its kind of hard for me too ya know, maintain my speed in posting another chapters each days. Sometimes, it would took for like 2 or 3 days per chaps. ehehehei :)

So, today... I spend my day with my ex-classmates, Carol, Angela, Belynda and Rhonda. We were making a gift for our teachers as this sunday will be our appreciation dinner. So, it made lovely. hahahaha :D ( refer to the picture above) At first, every single decoration we made were all so wrong. hahahaha :D even the kindergarten did double better than ours. So, we were almost giving up la in doing it kan. But then, I thought of showing them the Hot Problem Double Take video. Which I'm pretty much traumatic right now. hahahahaha :D 
But amazingly kan, their song kind of inspired us. hhahahaha :D ADUIII~~ (after this, I'm going to commit suicide) HAHAHAHAHA XD and Taa-daa~~ look at the result after listening to those bitches. hahahaha :D Adehh~ crazy. and what's worst, we even listening to Friday by Rebecca Black. Well, Don't ask. HAHAHAHAHA XDDD Maybe we all just gone crazy. hahahaha XDD

Neways, we had lots of fun la today. And tomorrow, maybe they'll come again to wrap up the gift and then, maybe go checking up the place where our dinner will be held. Hehei :) Still, we have the problems. That is budgets. Still 'kureng' hahaha :D because of some of our classmate haven't paid them yet so it's kind of become a bit of problems. If I'm a daughter of billionaires, I would paid for them. hahahaha IF im a billionaire. But Nah, I'm not. HAHAHAHA :))

And just now, I check Form 6 intake for 2012 and guess what? I was being accepted to College Tunku Haji Bujang. hahahaha :DI was like WHAT?! hahahhahaha but tett, I declined it. besides, my parent won't let me continued form 6 lah.. hahaha :D and besides, I already studying in IBS. Hmmm...And also, my bestie, Val also declined the invitation. hahahahaha I have no reason to accept it. ekekeke :D

So, yeah. We reached the end. I want to go bath now. hahahahaha :D And if my brain wished to work together with me later, maybe I'll continue chapter 16 :) So, ummm... Oh ya! I got another good news though. hahahaha :D just now, I was checking my mail in Yahoo. and I saw one email from my lecturer and I was like... WAAAA~~~ hahahahaha :D
she complimented me!! hahahahaha :D first time tuuu....
before this, she always find mistake in every tutorial i make. ahahaha :D and finally~~ WOHOO !
CONGRATULATION to ME! huahahahaha :DDD

Well, that's the best things ever happen in my school life though. hahahahaha :DD
So, here we are... End of post :)
I have nothing else to share. Maybe if I have something exciting happen in my life, I'll update again. Adieu :)
See you guys in next post.
God Be With Ye :)
So, here another cute picture of Logan Lerman I found on Web. hahaha :) 
Enjoy his epic cuteness :)

hahahaha :D I'm melting now. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D 
So, Good Bye :)

My latest photo :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)