Just short update :)

Greetings, humanoid ! ^^ today is my real first time of updating this lovely blog of mine thru my phone ekeke so i bet there will be lots and lots of spelling mistake and stuff.. Grammar? Nah, don't have to mention it because i know my grammar is as bad as how you describe hell is ekeke :)

Anyhow~ i've already starting my second semester and yeah i've check my grade for final exam that i've sat on last semester and i got 3A2B well, it is good a i have not fail any subject bit i'm aiming for higher grades actually hahaha oh well, i'll try harder in this sems~ ekeke :)

Umm... About school, i think i'm starting to like it and yeah business attract me as my lecturers keep on mentioning money and power hahahaha honestly, i'm power and money seeker~ huahuahua ;p

Just that no one know about it yet. Ekeke so i was thinking that if i'm continue learning this business thing, i might one day will have both power and money ekeke XD sooo... Since business is one of the easiest way to get money, so i'm going for it ekekele all for moneyyhh~ ^^

but still, i'm so not going to abandoning my childhood dream of being a mangaka of course ^^ i'll achieve it one day if not now, its fine because i still have looooong way to go ^^ oh yeah!! I'm awesome!!

What else? Uhhh... Well, i don't have much to say actually. I'm quite sleepy right now but i feel like updating since its been a while i didn't do so... Sooo... Yeah ekeke

Well, i guess this is goodbye :)
One hell of short update from me, no? Oh well, i'll try to update longer in the future :)

P.S let your smile cover up your tears ^^