♥ New Year Resolution ♥

Hey hey~ What's Up? hahaha :) Me Gusta! that's my new greeting, I bet... I never had that kind of lameo (( In fact, all my ideas lame)) huahaha :)) Don't care. It's sound cute though. ahakz! Anyway, If you look at my post title, then you'll know what I'm going to tell for now. hehe :) I finished listing my resolution last night and I got more than ten :) Oh well, I just listed all the non-impossible-to-do one. ahahaha :)) So, Umm... here we go :

  Learn Cooking Various type of food :)
  Finishing My newest story :) ((This one has the hardest story line))
 Collect Money. I want to buy myself a new phone N8 yo! ;)
 Loss a little weight. Maybe lose about 15 kg. ehehe :))
 Eating more Fruits and Vegetable, Less Junk Food :)
 Improving my drawing. *Still lacking of skills*
 Pass my driving test ^U^
 Go on Vacation. I really need to get out from Sarawak. hahaha :) 
 Become clean person. I mean like half clean-freak as I always dream to be one. LOL :) I'm weird.
 Go stylish! Weehoo :)
 Cherish my family and friends. Never lost contact with anyone of them :)
 Improving my handwriting. This is because my handwriting is worse than kindergarten kids. hahaha :)
 Get rid of my scars on my both legs :) I want to have nice leg. huahaha :))
 Improving my bedroom. Collect money first, then I want to paint my bedroom :)
 Attend Church every Sunday :)
 Go for sin confession on Easter :)
 No more lazybones :)
 Completing my Figure Dolls :)

Ahaha :D what A list? I know and yeah, about next year... I'm freaking out. You know, SPM result is going to be announce. My heart pounding so fast every time i thought about it because I know I didn't do it right :( Oh God! I didn't aspect for something like straight As la.. I just target... urgh! I'm not sure! Just hoping that I didn't get any red marks! Oh God! I really wish I won't fail my SPM. Keep Faith, Pgie! :) 
So, to end this post and the last post of my 2011, I let my newest bias of 2011 to end :) MIREU ♥

Like seriously, I have thought of writing "I want BANGCHEOLYONG as my boyfriend in 2012" but I decided not to do it. LOL :)))
Adieu ♥

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)


Short View Of My FanFics :)

. Pgie sighed and went back to the restaurant, “What happen?” Prudence asked as she noticed Pgie came inside with a disappointed look, “I just got call from Jaba,” Pgie answered as she took her handbag and her shopping back, “She said, got emergency at the office and I need to be there as well,” she added, “Aw, we’re just getting started…” Fiona pouts, “I know and I’m sorry,” she frowned; her facial fill with guilt. “It’s okay… it’s not your fault,” Valerie flashed a smile. Then she noticed a familiar Black Vios parked outside the restaurant, “I’ll see you guys tonight,” she said and left her friends. Pgie hurried her steps towards the black Vios.

“Hey,” she greeted a skinny girl with a shoulder-length black straight hair who drove the very car. She was her sister namely Jaba, 21 years old. “Hey, has a good shopping?” Jaba asked.

 “Pretty good,” Pgie shrugged, “So, what do you know about our meeting?”

“Not much, I just knew that our client is a male, looking for a bodyguard and an investigator and he come from South Korea. The owner of J.Tune Fashion Company and rather popular in business industry, have lots of business enemy because everyone is envy of his success. His nemesis name JunPyo. Other than that he’s single.”

“That’s quite a lot of information you got there,” Pgie amazed with her sister, the best stalker among them, “What is his name?”

“That’s the main problem… I don’t know,” Jaba shook her head.  Pgie nodded, that person must be protected really good, it is impossible for Jaba can’t find the most simple thing to look for. ...

Hahaha :D what you guys think? tell mehh~ if it good, i'll post it online. if not, let I published it for myself. only :)

Happy Birthday Mr. Bloggy!

Ngeee :) Happy 2nd Birthay my love Mr. Bloggy :) Wahh~~~ It's been two years :) ngeeeeee  hahaha :D Seriously, I never thought that you are only some kind of social network but I always thought you as a person. My bestiest friend, my diary and Of course you're one of my memory supporters. ngeee  Yeah soo, for your birthday I just wanna say thank you so much for always be with me through thick and thin, through tears and laughter, through happiness and sadness, through stupidness and craziness :) You are the bestiest social network that I ever had in my whole life :) nothing else can be compared with you, even Tumblr, Twitter nor Facebook... they just ordinary. Not like you, YOU ARE THE BEST :) Nuga Jeil Jal Naga :) hahahaha :D you are the only place I could share my not-so-secret-stuff. ngehehehe :) I'm glad that I know how to use you at the very first place ;) Thank You So much for staying with me (( as you never ever go lagg )) You are my best friend :) I Love You, My One and Only Mr. Bloggy :)  Love you forever :D


Marriage Picture :) (( Not Mine Lah. huahaha:D ))

Today I stole my sisters marriage pictures.  I choose the bestest among the best :DDDD

That's my sis Jon and bro Jonoey :)

That's is my sis Ina and Bro Azhar :)

Saloon Day :)

Ngeee <3 annyeong and boujour :) Today I have a very tiring day. hahaha :) well yeah, I did went to saloon today :D Not just me, I went with my sis Jon :) YEAH~ we even got free hair dryer. LOL. but seriously, we really did get it for free. hehehe :) see, my pictures, I just took it right now. huahaha  <------ you like it??? OH yeah,I LOVE IT hahahaha :)) Hopefully it will last longer lah~ ngeee :) and after that, we both went shopping to Kenyalang :) I bought KitKat chocolate and some jelly-like food with Doraemon cover on it. I don't know why I bought it maybe because of the Doraemon. ngahahaha :D blame my obsession. Not me. ekeke :) Umm.. what else? Oh, last night I slept at 2.00a.m+ and I finished up my chapter 3 and half of chapter 4 :) yeah, quite long you know.. not really actually, it just I need to think of the best dialogue for my character so that readers won't get bored easily (( If I have readers )) huahaha :D haish, I wish I could finish it before February 2012 :) that's my due date. I want to trained myself to have DueDate. ngehehehe :DD

Can you spot Rain's face?----> hahaha :) I can. LOL ;D anyway, tomorrow I'm going to have shopping day with my parent. Wee <3 I'm so looking forward for that. hahaha :) Who knows, maybe I could manipulate them and buy me my christmas present in advanced. ngahahahaha :) I'm such a badass eh? I know! haih, note to every teenagers out there : Don't Be Like Me. hahaha :) anyway, first in the morning tomorrow, I maybe went to register myself for taking driving courses. Hopefully the course will be at Sunday because on Saturday, I have plan with my dearest twin sister, sis Jaba :DD We want to go shopping :) buying new CD games lah..hahahaha :))) Oh, gosh! my schedule this week is full! tomorrow go shopping, Thursday maybe go accompany Sis Jon to accompany Chyi to buy her what so ever stuff at Parkson. Oh, gosh! my only free day is Friday! WHOA~ I LOVEEE Friday~ <3 ngeeee :) thanks God!!  :)) I'm so tired today... hehehe :) So, I guess after this short post, I'm going to have my beauty sleep lah :)

So, I'll be going now. Thanks for reading my craps :)
God Bless You abundantly :)
Enjoy my pics. LOL XDD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Christmas Wishes :)

Annyeong :) ngee~ We meet again :) for this post, I want to tell about what I want for my christmas :)) hehe. Yeah, seriously I also feel that after SPM, I think I'm becoming more materialistic. LOL :) Urgh, I can't help it though. Actually I can, just that.. eish~ hard to explain. maybe because it's my first time feeling so free and my mind was set that everything is free. hehehe :)) Nah, actually I'm not even being a materialistic creature. I just wanting something that I've been longing for since I was I don't know, maybe around 13 years old. Every year, I got the bestiest christmas present from my parents, my other family members and of course from Jesus Christ :) I know I should be the one who gift Him birthday present. Well, I did give Him my soul, my life, my body, my health and my wealth :) I give my all to Jesus my Saviour :) this year, I think I would give him a strong faith towards only Him :)) I can't barely wait to celebrate His birthday :) Okay, back to business. Umm... What I want for christmas? hehehe :) wanna know? read more :DDD

 First Christmas wish is to have PS2 :) yeahahaha :) I know~ I have got it in advanced. All thanks to my dad! wee~ I thank God for His abundant blessing and letting me have my own PS2 in advanced. I was like, Oh my gosh! hahahahaha :) Seriously, I never thought that my dad would cooly give me the money and let me buy one because kan, he was needing the money to make thing at our backyard and I just try lah. that time. I never knew that he would agree. WHOA! hahahaha :)) I can't imagine how happy I've been. ngeee <3 love my dad so much :) And Oh, when I bought this game kan, the seller is damnly cute. LplOL ;) love his big front teeth. ngehehe :) I'm missing mine. haish~ and he make me blushed as well, I just love the way he smiled. Maybe he's not that really cute looking kind of guy, but for me he's cute enough. hahaha :) I bet he had girlfriends already. Well, who wouldn't want to have taukeh games like him. if no one, well I want. hahaha :) at least I can play any games i  desired. huahahaha :)) and get the CDs for freee ~~ <3

Next, I want to have Plasma Tv in my room :) ngeee~ for my PS2 of course :) and I have ask this from my dad and mum... hehehehe :)) I want to have this plasma tv hanging on my room wall. walawehh~~ SO, gorgeouslah my room if I have one plasma tv for my own... absolutely no one would ever see me outside my house anymore. huahahaha :))) Oh, how I wish I can have this TV! hehehehe :) no need the big one lah, as long as it called plasma, I'm okay with it. ngeehehehehe :DDD

Hah! seriously I want to have Canon EOS 1100d for christmas :) hehehehehehe :) Oh yea! Actually I wish to have Olympus XZ-1 but then I thought I already have Digital camera and even Instant Camera. and the only camera I didn't have is DSLR :) So, I wish to have it. If mum and dad agreed, it would be my best christmas present ever! weee <3 hahahaha :) like seriously, you know kan, I have my PS2 advancely. hahaha :) who knows, with blessing from God, I could have this one in advanced as well. ngeee <3 AMEN~ :D

And yeah, I wish to have N8 as well. but if couldn't have this one for christmas also never mind, I still can wait though. hehehe :)) Still, I still have my LG GD580 with me. I just wanting N8 because it touch screen as I haven't have one. ngeee :) Flip phone? check, slide phone? check. Original phone? check. iPhone? check (thai version. LOL) touch screen? umm.. not yet. ngehehehehe :))

 And If I can have anything I desire, I wish to have MBLAQ for my christmas present. huahahaha :))) yeah, I want to experience how it feel like to lives with their dorkiness. hahahaha :) Aduh, I wish i'm a millionaire daughter. If I am, I think I'm their friends already. hehehe :) Oi, Gie! Be glad! hahahahh :) Never mind la if I can't have MBLAQ for real. hahaha :) i already experiences those in my dreamland. hahaha  and even I have written fanfics which starred by me, Jaba and MBLAQ and their appa, Rain :)) hehehe :)

SO, that's end my post :)

Thanks for reading my craps and annyeong. Saranghamnida~~ <3

P.S : LetYourSmileCoverUpYourTears :)

5 Days Of Fun. No Kidding :D)

Christmas spirit really got me this year. Maybe because I'm finally free. huahaha :3 yalah, like for 11 years of schooling then suddenly on my final 11th I will never be called as High school student. Wee :3 I feel like my feet aren't touching the ground any longer. huahaha...Yes, i'm freaking flying for this few days. hahaha :) I wasn't being called as high school student since 4 days ago which is on 8th December 2011. I'm so officially full-time daughter and blogger right now. hahaha :)) Actually, I've planned a lot for my future. ngeee~ eh, we must planned lah, with planning we can be the best of the best and can achieve and life goals we have. ngeee (^V^) But, plans can waits. right now I'm going to focus on current news. LOL :D I mean, I'm focusing on Christmas and New Year celebrations ^^.

Yeaha! did you notice what I put on my head? ngeee~ I just bought it today. hahaha :D it's just so cute and I can't resist but to buy it. actually i want to buy the pink hat, then I change my mind because the pink hat are so damn expensive. hahaha :) so, i bought that lah. hahaha :D Today, I go to Siong Lee with sis Jon to buy some christmas tree decoration. She bought the tree and I bought the decoration. Actually I was planning to decorate my christmas tree today but my lazy bone overcome me so I cancelled lah. hahaha :) and I'm planning tomorrow morning. I must wake up early tomorrow if I want to do it :D because maybe on afternoon I'm going to go to saloon to cut hair and of course, make it even prettier. LOL :) Eh, not pretty, CUTE. hahahaha XD Mum and Mummy (( Aunt next door )) had their hair curl-up today so tomorrow ours turned. LOL :3 and today also, sis Jon and I went to Survey Supermarket to buy some baby clothes for her upcoming baby :)) OH, how I wonder what gender it will be. Deep deep in my heart keep saying that she's going to delivered a baby boy. Oh~ we can't predict yet lah.. but seriously, I wouldn't care if it baby boy or girl. as long as its a baby, then I'll accept it. hahaha :)) I just love babies~ And I also bought Doraemon Sanitizers, Doraemon's wet tissues and Doraemon Pijamas for my sonny, shawn :)) Oh, I did bought nail polish. ngeee!

-----> that pictures taken on 11/12 morning. Right after I rose from bed. hahaha :) you can tell it by looking at my hair. Well, my hair look like being curl right? Nah~ actually it was curled when I'm asleep. hehehe :) I went to saloon in my dreamland. LOL :) But I love it though. Naturalities~ ngehehe :D Well, yesterday is one of my most fun day because from morning till 6p.m, sis Jaba and I played PS2 and we're just too awesome you know. Why? because we finished playing our forever-favorite-game, the Black Hawk Down for second time. and this time, it only took 4 hours. How awesome is that?! hahaha :) well, of course lah we use 'Easy' because we're not really pro-gamers. just some wannabes. hahaha :) and then, at 6.00p.m sis Jaba bring me, sis Inut and sis Jon to eat at KFC. wee :) we had fun and our stomach full, that's the most important. then, at night sis Jaba and I meezing. ngee :) and then she and sis Inut went home at around 10.00p.m like that because they need to go to work on monday. I mean, today :)) Yeah, seriously, I do have fun! :DDD

 and on 10/12, its was Jayden's 3rd birthday :) We went to Chyi's house for celebrating it. Well, kinda fun as well because we took lots of pictures. hahaha :) I feel like model. LOL :) never mind the face, that's my real face. I look cute still. hahahaha :D Anyway, we have lots of laugh and Oh yea, we watched Fright Night after we safely home. The movie is awesome, its just so epic. hahaha :) and seriously, its all about vampire, real vampire not the sparkling type of vampire. this one, just damn bloody. hahaha :D and Oh, got Dr.Who. Urm... that morning, I didn't think I did go anywhere. hahaha :) I think I just played games la. Oh, speaking of games, I just love to play Coraline. Oh, the games are so freaking adventures and awesome. I love it! I want to try to finish all the level. ngehehehe :) Hopefully I can lah~

And on 9/12 is also fun day. It was my brother birthday :) yeah, I still wish him birthday. Well, Duh... no matter how stupid and how much he hurt my parent, he still is my one and only brother :) Why should I hate him? I do admits, I've been telling that I hate him for what-so-ever reason, that 'hate' means nothing. I never hate him, i just disliking him :) I wish him would change in the future, Amen~ hahaha :) Okay, so that day was his birthday. I accompanied sis Jon to buy him some new t-shirt for his birthday :) Shawny and I went playing around the Lea Sport Center and guess what? Shawn afraid of the dummy. hahaha :) Oh, Like MEh~ hahaha :DD And Um... What did I bought? I bought OH MY! I bought PS2 hahahaha :DDD I forgot. Sorry. hahaha :) Hoyeah~ it was advanced Christmas present from my dad :) and actually, the PS2 I bought special for sis Jaba and myself as we both beein craving for it since forever. hahahaha :D we're fans of PS2 :D and he had promised me to buy LCD screen TV as welll. Wee~ can't wait to have it soon :)

And on my very day of graduated, hehehehe :) 8/12 my sis Jon brought me to shopping for celebrating my first day of freedom. ngee :) I go shopping with both mum and mummy (( aunt next door )) as well. the four of us went for girls day. hahaha :)) actually, I'm the only girl ekeke ;D We went to Merdeka mall for shopping. I bought myself 2 new glasses. the one that I'm wearing on the picture -----> is one of it and the other one is only a simple black-rims glasses. ngeee :) I just love specs. hehehe :D I want to make a collection of it. ngee :DD and oh, after that, I bought some food at the supermarket namely as Ta Kiong. I bought  Korean Instant noodle. I want to taste it. hehehe :) and yeah, just now I have one of the instant noodle and I think it's taste good. heehehe :) it just the same as the usual noodle only bigger lah :) and I as well bought nescafe double mocha. hehehe :) I just love the smell of mocha. Everytime I feel tired or unhappy, mocha is my medicine. ngehehehe ;) Well, Seriously... I'm having so much fun :D

So, that's is all I have to tell :) hope to write soon though. Oh, maybe I'll write after this. ngehehe :) see you guys on the next post. So, to end this special post, I put my picture together with my cute and pretty mum for endings. Thanks for reading my crap! 
(( seriously, Mum looking better than me, hahahaha ))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Blog Under Construction :D

As I'm no longer high school student, I was thinking to construct every single stuff in about me section hahahaha :3 Annnyeongggg  <3

Welcome December :)

Annyeong again :) yeah, I'm surprise also when I suddenly have the guts to write my blog again today. Early lagi. hahaha :) I just woke up few minutes ago. LOL XD anyway, today I have no exams and my EST paper will be held on next week on 8th December. EST? relax~ as long as you good in grammar and know a little bit of something in science and technology, you'll survive. ekeke :D Seriously, I would say that EST is quite an easy subject just that it is hard to get high mark. ekeke :) well, I won't target anything for EST yet, see the question first lah :D ahaha ^..^ and yeah, yesterday I sat for Biology paper, it's not that hard actually but yeah truthfully I said, I'M DOOM. LOL :D my paper 2 and 3, haish... don't sayy~ *my aunt shoutout*LOL XD what else? aaa.... Oh yeah, I also would like to welcome December 2011 :) whoa... after december is my sweet 18 :D weee~ Oh gosh, I'm old! hahaha :D Still, i feel like 7 years old of age. ekeke :D because my mum still treat me like a little girl, so do my dad. ohohoh :D I'm really glad to have my parent to be my parent. LOL :) I could still be pampered no matter how old I am. ekeke :D but seriously, I wonder why lots of teenagers nowadays are racing to get old? For me, we should have to rush to be old or mature because One day, we'll be mature as well. why not, while we're still young, we enjoy every second of it? hahaha :D oh like me!

I'm not denying that I still play with the little kids in playground. Run here and there, play hide and seek, play the see-saw, play tag(all time favourite) LOL :) yeah, I'm enjoying every single second of my teenage life because I still have only 3 more years to be call as teenagers. then after my 21st birthday, I'm an adult T^T. Haish~ haha :) I want to stay young if I can but what can I do, that's life. you came to this world, then you're a kid, then become teenager, adult and gets old. after that you'll die. We can't change that. that's nature :) hahaha :D hmm... I suddenly reminisce my younger days :) I had lots and lots of fun. XD  Every piece of beautiful memories I have in mind, I still could play it beautifully. hehehe :) I'm SO missing my childhood. I miss the day when I don't know anything about loves, hates, back-stabbing, problems, internet, kpop, music, and relationship. hmmm... that time, i only cry when I'm hurt physically like stumble on the road. hehehe :) I wish I never grew up.... haiya~ what to do? that's life. hehe. second time, I repeat the "that's life" hehehehe :DDD Okay, enough about that :D

December, december :) I remember the day I knew about my brother. haish... December really leave a very deep effect of my life. december also reminds me of my victory time on PMR season. hahaha :D straight A's Tuhh~ hahahaha :D I still couldn't believe it. hehei :) and december also reminds me of lots of stuff... good stuff, bad stuff... :) I remember the day my family went to church for Christmas celebration where I cry so hard that time. I don't know why, I should be happy you know, but I suddenly felt so much burden. Hmmm.... And everytime I went to church, I always feel like crying... maybe because I know that God were there and I know that he would lend his shoulder for me to cry on. :) I love my Lord, my Father in Heavenly Place :)) Hallelujah! ehehe :) so, ummm.... what else? December... OH! it is the month where I started to become Kpop Lover if I'm not mistakenlah. hahaha :D whoaaa~~ I wish I could still remember the date, if not, I would celebrate my 5th anniversary. ekekeke :DD nevermindlah. hahaha :)

Umm... oh yeah, I've been thinking of what I want to do on December :) Well, here's the list on what I want to do :D ekeke :))

1. Get a driving license.
2. Buy PS2 :) ((I can't wait until my result is out!))
3. Buy PSP and N8 :P
4. Take pictures :)
5. Buy Olympus XZ-1 ;D huhahaha :D
6. SHOPPING (( Christmas Shopping! ))
7. Collecting KPOP's CD again! XD
8. Keeping away all my school book :D hehehe
9. Fly~ LOL Just kidding :)
10. Doing my hair a bit (( straightening it and cut it a bit ))
11. Continue on my fanfics :) (( I'll post it if I'm not feeling embarrassed. ))
12.  Go and find Jo Young Min. LOLsXDD

 hahaha :) don't take 9 and 12 seriously. ekeke :) I just writing them to make my list even longer. LOLsXDD OmO! I'm going to be free on 9th december! hahaha :DD I want to continued on my Korean Drama and Anime series. then I'm going to read up all the fanfics that I left behind and I guess, after that I'm gonna wear specs for facing the laptop screen for like 25/8 a days. LOL XD

And so, I guess this is the end of my post :) here is the photo of Kang Hyuk Min :D enjoyyy`~~~

He's cute nae ? hahaha :D yeah, damnly cute. LOL XD 
Thanks for reading my craps :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)