Part 12: I Regret Nothing

Ohh heyy again :3 i'm just want to say that i'm feeling pretty wore out right now. I mean, spiritually hahaha :3 like i don't know how to tell, but really. I feel so tired like my energy is being sucked out of me. Maybe sis Jaba is right about people sucking out my positivity and turn it into theirs. Hahaha well yeah, i'm having mental breakdown not long before but yeah, i pretend like nothing happen. As usual la hahaha :3 i cried in the shower and i'm not  sure why i feel so hurt like that when i thought about Sumi and Kid (my skype friend) honestly i feel glad that i met them even when i'm not a good roleplay partner. Hahaha but they are two out of 107 followers (excluding Jaba account idk how many maybe ten? Hahahaha) that willing to talk to me you see. Hahaha :3 but yeah like i said, i'm not good in making friends. And yeah, i kinda lost both of them hahaha i mean, well i got saw Kid online before but when i go check, he's appear offline. Pfft... I'm too fabulous for him to handle i guess hahahaha :3 and then there's Sumi. Usually, i would saw her online in the morning (their morning) but then today she seems to not online pfft... Haish. This is the reason i don't want to be so fabulous like this hahahaha :3 
But then, i'm so hurt you know. Hahaha i don't know. this make me questioned myself, is it wrong for trying to be nice ans caring for others? But the again. After i had a small talk with sis Jaba and debating with my innerself, i think that nah, it's not wrong for being nice. In fact, i regret nothing for letting them sucking my life energy. As long as they're happy, then i should be happy too. I mean, wven if it not much, even if it means that i'm hurt, as long as they're happy, then i'm glad i couls help :) 
And even if my withdrawal from our chain of friendship means happiness for them, then i'll be glad to withdrawn. Yeah, happiness is important you see :) 
I'm just glad i'm helping even in spiritual way hahaha :3 if we're meant to be friend, they'll look for me. So, i'll be disappear for a while now, from virtual world and will come back again when i fully regain back my life energy :)

Not that i'm trying to be nice or anythibf, it just that i really want to help somebody to smile like you know,  putting a smile on their face even for once or twice because you see, i know that true happiness is very hard to find, especially in today world. So, i was thinking that what if one small smile is actually the key that will bring us towards that happiness? Yeah, it can be right? Like starting from the most basic, we're sure going to conquer it one day hahaha :3

Oh, i better go now. Its almost 1.30a.m :3
So bye bye for now. I might keep on updating shortly like this starting today.
So adieu :)

P.S : Let your smile cover up your tears :)