Sometimes, I can feel the Idiocity growing inside me.

Greetings, humanoid. It's been quite a while I didn't update my blog, no? Yeah well, I must admit that I'm now spending most of my time in Tumblr and Instagram. Yeah, new websites. kehkehkeh. I feel famous in Instagram you know. But yeah, I cheated to get likes somehow. kehkehkeh. I used hashtags to make people saw my pictures. kehkehkeh but heyy, that's what hashtags for okay? If I didn't use hashtag, how am I going to get likes for my pictures?
Anyway, as for Tumblr, I'm sometimes roleplaying with sis Jaba, as Mikado Ryugamine, a main protagonist of Durarara anime. well, he's not exactly my most favourite character in Durarara (it's Izaya ) but since his character traits quite a bit resembles mine, so... yeah.. hahahaha :D that is some reason why I haven't update my blog for like few weeks now.
Okay. Uh... right now, I'm pretty much pissed because my dad is so annoying. I mean seriously annoying. hahahaha I know I shouldn't say this but he's annoyed my to death. God, forgive me for this. I mean like seriously, if his laptop couldn't connected to the internet, just shut up. Don't put blame on others. I mean come on, it's no one fucking fault that his fucking lame laptop cannot connect to the net. Then, he even told me to repair it. Do I look like some fucking IT repair kind of people? Gosh, I just feel like rolled my eyes nonstop ya know. it seriously pissed me off. Hm... whatever. I don't have time for the bullshit now.

So, right now I'm doing my Human Resources homework while listening to my awesome Tumblr song playlist. yeah! It just awesome okay? I put every single songs that currently my faves now. hehehe :3 especially from Pierce the Veil. I just love Vic Fuentes's awesome voice. It just too cute. kehkehkeh XD but hey, it still not as cute as Kellin's voice okay?
Anyway, speaking of Kellin's @ Addy now. hahaha XD I'm currently writing another fics regarding the SEAMUS  (well, yeah... as you can see, I'm copycatting sis Jaba work and I do feel bad about it though. I feel like I'm not creative enough to think of my own characters and names and I think even the story line. I feel like writing fanfics ) and this story is about 2 girls is being forced to join summer camp that was held by the SEAMUS. Well, at first they really do hate it but then, okaylah because they finally knew the reason why they were needed to join the camp. Well, we'll going to find soon though. kehkehkeh. I don't even know why they are needed. I think I'll try to find out soon. hehehe oh well, I know that no one else would read it later but I really want to finish this one like really seriously badly. Because I've been craving the feelings of having a finished story in my folder. I mean, seriously. So far, I only get to finish two story, one Vampyres VS Dracula (something like that ) and My Valentine ( if I'm not mistaken) hehehe. and then there's one story which me and sis Jaba collaborate in writing it, called Memory. to be honest with you guys, I don't really remember that I'v contributed any ideas into that story. kehkehkeh. All I remembered is that, I was only accompanied her waking up all night and printed the story out. hahahaha well, that's all I do though (^__^)v

And so.... My Okumura twins has arrived! WUBWUBWUBUWBUWBUWBUWBUWUB dubstepping in delightfulness! kehkehkeh. YEAH! I've been waiting for like 4 months for these two to come ya know but its really worth of waiting though and now they are the most precious collection that I have so far. I mean seriously. How could you not love this two? hahahaha and yeah, their pose can also be change ya know but too much work, so I just let them be as how they arrived for the first time. hehehehe and plus, Yukio's spectacles can be taken off too and when he was without the specs on his face, he's like the most gorgeous and handsome anime guy that ever existed on earth! huehuehue XD

I shall treasured this two figurine forever and ever. Oh, don't forget my chibi Mashiro figurine too :) And speaking of figurine, currently I'm still waiting for my Izaya-san to come. I still have not heard any news about him from the website. Hopefully, I will get him around this year. And I was thinking t buy Shizuo's figurine as well, but that maybe after I get my Iza-chan. hehehehe :3

and then, I was thinking of asking them whether there are any possibility that they can get Mikado or Kida figurine for me. hehehe :D Yeah. I want those two as well :) and I just got back from Google Images search, searching for the two figurine and..... Unfortunately, they didn't have it. Only Shizuo, Iza-chan and Celty-san. Oh right! maybe I shall buy Celty-san together with Shizuo in the future. heeeeeeee..... AMEN!

So, that are pictures of my Blue Exorcist collection so far :) Oh, i feel like buying PSP too ya know because the pages that sells anime merchandise got sells Blue Exorcist PSP Stickers and I want it! hahahaha yeah... plus, I always wanted to own a PSP too. hehehe :3 well, maybe I'll ask it from my parent. I want to play all the otome games using PSP. Hooooyeahhh~ XD

Heeee... Mordecai and Rigby. A new character that become my fancies. Well, I always fancies this two since the first time I watch the Regular Show and they're like Dude.... hahahahahaha seriously. this show is friggin awesome and hilarious. I've learns something too from this two characters. Yeah! Long live Regular Show. kehkehkehkeh XD

Uhh... right. I should be going soon though because I need to settle my HR tutorials, Finance also have tutorials and most importantly, my Basic Entrepreneurship assignments. I haven't finish doing my parts as well as my teammates grammar. Seriously, they have shitty grammar make my head want to explode every time I read their english. hahahaha I didn't say that I have perfect grammar though but come on, use common sense or look at dictionary or listen more to English songs. Improve the english. Gosh. =.=' I feel like, hmmm... I don't know man. oh well, I do this for myself too since our mark is like combined and stuff. I can't afford to lose mark on my assignment okay?

And speaking of assignment, I got pissed off last time too. This is because this one bitch. She was actually copying my assignment because she didn't do hers bah and then, last Monday, the teacher gave back our assignment and I was coming late to class, as usual lah... and ya know what I found out? The teacher found out that one of us are copying from each other and when the teacher ask her who copied whose, she fucking tell the lecturer that we copied from the internet. I'm like what the fuck, man? I mean, fucking seriously? I was like squeezing my brain so hard until I can't even think straight for few hours just to finish the damn assignment and she just easily told the lecturer that WE copied from the internet. Motherfucking bitch. I'm fuck you, bitch. I seriously friggin pissed that time but then, ya know I can't stay mad with anyone for too long (except for le dad, and I don't know why) so I hypocritically said that I don't mind. I let it all be. Hmm.... but for sure, I haven't forgive her completely ya know. I just restraining myself from hate and stuff. because I just hate to hate people. hehehe :3
Just that, I took this as a life lesson like never ever lend anyone my assignment no matter how desperae they look like. I mean, this is really fucked me up. I lost 2 marks on this assignment which I actually can get 12/20 if not because of her. (=.=) oh well, let bygones be bygones :)

And so, our time is out. Well, it passed the time I've been setting actually. kehkehkeh... So, I shall end this post here. So, yeahh...
I end this post with my characters in le story :)
Byebye :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.