Hoping To Get Good Grade

Today is a day where i will take my PMR results. Its really getting my nerve and honestly i said, my whole body is shaking. I'm here at home all by myself because my mum just leave with my aunt and uncle back to our hometown. So, she left me with my brother. Well, my brother had to go to work later on so that i consider that by left me here alone just like waiting for a death to come over. ahak~ I wish my mum can stay with me here today you know so that i can feel more better as i have someone to accompany me.
    About companion, i already call cousin Gloria to come over.ehehe. Not that i;m scare to left alone, but because she also being left by her parent and her sister had to go to work. We equal. ahaha =D. and just now i heard a noise in the kitchen and of course i don't want to find out. ehehe.  Back to business. PMR PMR. hopefully i can get a good grades later on. well, i think thats all for now, maybe later i'll tell what i get. ehehe =D see ya if i wanna be ya!