Colorful Life Just With Extra Black Color :)

Ola :) I know he's cute. hehehei :D I found this picture in my old folder in my hard disk :) I don't know his name, if I do, I definitely has download his picture all over the net. hahahahaha :D So, yeah. Today I decided not to tell sad story or maybe cussing out. hahahaha :) I'm neutral. Well, not really for I'm sadder than the much day before this ahahahaha :D So, yeah :) I just don't want to contaminating your blog dashboard with my post nagging and telling how bad my life is because my life is pretty beautiful, you know. It's colorful, only with more black colors in it. hahaha :) hmmm.. I don't actually laugh when I type that, not as usual. hehehei :) Hmm.. So, yeah. I promised, I won't post to many dramatic sad story here :) Because I look like begging for sympathy and empathy. I don't need all that, I'm freaking fine though :) I still can smile as wide as (^__________________________^) hehehe :) Dolphinately!

<---- I named him Andy. hahahaha :) I don't know what his real name is, so I think Andy is quite suit him. hahahaha :) and he's my newest fictional character too :) Aha! and I'm relating him with my favorite teenage actress, Emma Roberts :) Still, I'm working on that as right now I'm thinking of concentrating on my SCM and LLA first :) I think SCM is almost the end ( Not really actually) ahahaha :) while my LLA is umm... on the way towards the rising action of the story. hahaha :) Hopefully lah, it will be soon. And I can feel it that LLA is gonna be finished faster than SCM. SCM, I think its gonna be late lah because.... Well, not because I lose interest in doing it but just that I... um... how to say this, Umm... <---- I just realize, I got black t-shirt that almost look like his hahaha *iklan sebentar* sorry for that short break. hahahahaha, I accidentally glanced at his t-shirt and suddenly popped out of my head hehehe, so, where are we? Oh yeah, SCM I do have the perfect story line for it but I feel like I need to find out more about Greek, the myths and their god and goddess. For its quite the main element of the story though. I'm still lacking of information about all of that and I also, I've been thinking lately that SCM is just some lame story. hahahaha :) forgive my negativity, but yes, it's true. hahahaha :) Seriously, people can easily predicted what's happen next and in the end of the story. Hehehei. Well, I was thinking to end it as predicted by peoples. But just now, something knocking me mentally and right now my inner me keep giving me ideas how to end it without people knowing it. hahahaha :) Well, just wait and see then. hehehei. But yeah, for this few days maybe as long as this gloomy weather inside me don't leave me alone, I'm thinking of taking a short break from continue writing these two precious story of mine :) I just need a rest :) because, if I'm not, I think I'm gonna write a very worst story line ever. hahahaha :) maybe with lots of cussing too. ehehei, I don't want that for I want people of all ages to read it up later :)

<---- I've been staring at this picture for an hours before and I found that he look like my fictional Andy. hahahaha :D maybe they are the same person. OHO, might be he's my future husband. huahahahaha :D Just kidding. ekekeke :) He does my type though. Not gonna denying it as it pretty no use though. ahahaha :D anyhow, lets stop there. hahahaha :) So, what else should we talk about? Yeah, today I went to Riam Institute to register but the principal rejected me as he said that my SPM results is suitable for Arts courses. when he told me this, I was like "I know right?" hahahahahha :) Yeah, and he told me that he quite understand that I'm not a person who loves science and math. that time, I really wish that he's my dad. hahaha or maybe my dad is like him. hahahaha :) I'll be the happiest girl in the world. But yeah, even though the principal said so, mum won't change a thing. She said, I'm gonna try my best though to get credits in Level A. Hmmmm *Sighed* Life sucks. UH! Sorry, I shouldn't have done this as I'd promised though. hahahahaha :D Kay, sorry. Let's change subject. hahahahahaha :) Umm... yeah, just now I was on the phone with Prudence as I was accidentally wrote her crush name publically on twitter. hahahahaha :D I wasn't realized that we actually talking in twitter as I thought we're just texting as usual. hahahahaha :) I can't stop laughing you know, haiya... she keep begging me to delete it and yeah, I did so. hahahahaha :D And she said, she's gonna kill me as soon as we met soon. hahahahahahaha :D I'm ready! go for it, dude! ekekekeke XD

<----- Another hawty Emos hahahaha :) Yeah, no kidding he's damn hot. hahahaha :) Anyway, let's move on. Umm... Well, I just want to say that I just realize my purpose of living is to bring others smiles :) You know, it's really heartwarming when I see people surrounds me smiling, and laughing happily. Its seem like, bringing me the joy of life. And I kind of grateful though for having the computer class as I finally have time for myself, enjoying my favorite song alone, driving to places that I always wanted to go, alone. Singing out loud without care what people would think about me. No one even judge me and bothering me, making me sad, angry and so whatever. And every time, I went home, I always thankful if there got Jam on my way home. I just wish that I can be on the road as long as I want it to. hahahaha :) I just love it. And every day, after my computer class, I won't straightly home, I'll think of some place to hang out before I went home. hehehei. And tomorrow, maybe I'll stopped at Permy Mall and having a nice san francisco coffee for myself. huahahaha :) Dahki nek. hahahahaha XD but I'm still thinking about it la. My wallet is thinning as I just lend 50 to my brother =.=; permanently. hahahahahaha :D Never mind, Its not something new :) hahahaahha :) I'm fine with it... T^T my 50~~` hahahahahahahaha XDD

Blue eyes guy is freaking hot, don't you think? I KNOW!!!! >..< hahahaha XD well, answering to his question, forever is still not enough baby. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D Delusional again. ekekeke :D I can't help it though. Hehei~ :) and oh yesterday I went to Toys World, well more likely to say that I went to Belle's bookshop and I bought two notebook with cool patterns on it and a reading book. hahaha :) the reading book is something about Emotional Healing Physically and Spiritually. Yeah :) I haven't read it though. hahahaha :D Don't have feeling to read it anyway. ekekeke :) Maybe soon lah. hahaha :D and today, I went to PBB at Emart and bought myself 2 Conan comic books and A National Geographic Magazine which is tells more about the Journey of the Apostles. Yeah, the story is quite mesmerizing me but I haven't finish reading it lah. hahahaha :D not even reach the half of the story yet. ekekekeke :) As I'm ended up here. ekekeke :)

I've been trying lots of time to use this guy picture for my post but I always fail doing so. So, today no matter what, I'm still gonna use his picture. hahahahaha :) He just freaking cute. I love his silky hair though. ekekeke :) Umm... Well, I don't actually have thing to say ya know. I do have things to share but yea, none of it is good. hahahahahaha :D And you may think i'm making everything that I wrote down in my blog. I mean like, I purposely saying like it was the big and serious. Well, you know my head never lies. I wrote what I feel like I want to write. Its all came from my deepest heart. Wasehhmen. And yeah, my life is pretty amusing. Right now, I'm going after the person who keeps telling me that my life is pretty and she/he was very envy with my life before. So, from now on, i'm going to find that person as I willingly giving him/her my life. hahahaha :) With biggest pleasure, they can have it though :) I'm happy. hahahaha :) and I won't regretting it. Hahahaha :) hmmmm..... I don't know when all this gonna ends but for sure, I'll just stick with a wide smile on my face :)
I'm just tired nagging about it. Nagging won't solve anything, it just making I look like a empathy beggars. hahahahaha :) I don't want to be call as attention seeker. I'm just wishing that, just for one day, everyone leave me alone and let me be on my own :) I wish as well that just for once, my day is better or neutral is already fine with me :)
And so, I lied about not telling my true feeling. hahaahaha :D Well, just that this is the only place I can pour my heart out without anyone would tell me that they understand what I'm going through like they are in my shoes or they are me. They just keep lying to themselves for telling me that. I'm just freaking tired listening to those lame same dialogue. Just I wish that, instead of telling me that they understand, I think I would prefer if they just can make me forget about all this things. I just want to smile, laugh and act like nothing happen. I want to be happy. If I had the genie lamp, Happiness is the first thing I would wish for :)

So, YEAHHHH!!! I'm freaking tired of typing. Needing very hot, hot shower. A normal hot shower actually but with me in it. hahahahaahahha :D so  it become hotter. hahahahahahaha :) So, yeah... I let Joe the Emo guy to end this post (( I freaking like his looks. VERY CUTE!! )) Totally make my day! >.< Thanks Joe!! :)

Whenever you feeling lonely
Whenever you feeling depressed
Whenever you feeling sad
I feel that too but still
I Keep This Bright Smile On My Face
You Smile Too :)
We keep on living this world together :)
Proving to the world, 
That we are the strongest person ever! :)
Even stronger than sir Arnold Schwarzenegger
or Steven Seagal

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)