Just Another Day To Tell :)

Hello again! hahaha :) today is another day where i had the chance to online and blogging of course. You see, its all because of kind-hearted of sis Jon. ekeke :) she on of the person in the family who let me online, besides Phoebe. anyway, i am very grateful to be able to online right now and yeah, i do realize that i'm using such a polite language eh? hahaha :) funny. anyhow, today is Sunday already :) its mean i only have a week before the school start and guess what? i didn't touch any of my homework and YES, definitely i'm going to be dead meat next-next week. GAH! i have homeworks. but when come to think that this is my final year, i guess, what the hell? hahaha. its only burden me for this year kan? and after that, SHEWWWHSS.. i'm free :D urmm.. yeah, later at 10 a.m i'm going to follow sis Jon somewhere. not alone, with Phoebe of course. ehehe :) and after that i heard that we're going to continue watching movie and later its going to be Pirate Of The Carribean yaw! the movie that i've been long for :) i can't wait. hopefully, nothing will come in and disturbed our plan :) oh, talking about plan, i've been planning on buying Isaac a book as this monday is his birthday. and i know, his birthdate is creepy eh? hahaha 0.o but whatever, it just a date anyway. not like he want to be born on that kind of date. ^^ just believe that he will be blessed by our God, Almighty Father in Heaven :) i admit, Isaac sometimes annoyed me and make me dislike him very much but he was destined to be part of my family, so no matter how annoying he is, i have to learn to accept and liking him, right? hehehe :)

And last night, i've been busy watching an anime call Special A which that reminds me of myself as the anime is all about the top student in the school. the different between me and them is that i'm just an ordinary dorky who was entering the best class in school which i don't deserve to be at all :) you know what i mean. hehehe ;) okay, the Special A student is only 7 of them, i mean, only top 7 student among the thousands of student is chosen to be in the Special A class. and yea, the story is quite interesting. im not good in telling stories so i guess, you guys better watch it for yourself, its much easier as you can judge it for yourself :) hehehe :) and oh yeah, as usual.. I do like one of the Special A's student and his name is Kei Takashima. ------> that is his picture, isn't that he's cute? kYAH! again, I'm In Love! hahahaha :) he is the hero of the story and at first he's not my choice la because of his freakish behaviour. LOL XD he's quite rude at first but actually he isn't that bad. ekeke :) he just fooling with the heroin. but it surely fun seeing him fooling with her. Oh, how i wish i have someone cute like him fooling with me. ekeke :D but of course, that never will be true. i just can imagine it or write it as one of my story collection. hahahaha :D oh yea, talking about story, i just finish the sketch of LastLove's characters. i've been drawing it since last friday and at last i manage to finish it! Weehoo !! the drawing is looking good but there still some part that i need to upgrade a bit, especially the eyes and the hands. urgh! i'm so freaking tension when drawing this two part. the other, okay-okay lah i think. ehehe :) just need a little bit more practicing and i'm going to draw like a pro. but that's mean, ONE DAY. not now. i need my mind to focus only on two things right now, One, SPM, Two, Study. OH YEAH! eventhough mum and dad won't allow me to a cartoonist, i will try my best to draw as good as my favourite cartoonist! XD

Oh ya~ i've been watching movie all day. started from 2 p.m and finish around 6p.m as we were watching two movie in a row. can you imagine that? hahaha :) i know! i'm so excited and of course, having fun. we've been watching Fast and Furious 5 and Kung Fu Panda 2 :) fast and furious 5 is quite interesting you know, if you haven't watch, you have to go and watch it now :) Vin Diesel, Walawehh! so smexy his body. hahaha :) and even The Rock also one of the cast in the movie. I was like "WHA!!" for sure, i already know that the rock is in the movie. ekeke :) and Kung Fu Panda, Gah! so funny. even funnier than the last kungfu panda. and yea, i think there will be kungfu panda 3 because the ending is showing that there will be one :) ekeke :) oh, its getting late now. i guess i better offline as tomorrow is going to be another busy day for me. busy.. busy... busy... :) hahaha :) hope i can online again and update about my day :) so, adieu ;D

so, to end this post... i would like to show the movie that i've been watching :) hehehe. you guys should watch this movie too :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)