Awesome Weekend is Awesome :)

Hey hey hey :)
Long time no see :) Yeah, my hair is getting longer no? huahahaha I decided to grow it until the end of this year :) then, I'll go cut it~ IF I dare to do it. ekeke :) Neways, I've been very very busy lately. Well, ya know how school is. Hm.... College life is much busier than high school life. I'm so regretting it for saying like "I can't wait to go to college!" hahaha yeah, like seriously... Every high school student wished for the same thing, but Please, you will never like college life. UNLESS you're the study-lover type. ekeke :)
Like seriously, I'm so stressed right now because every assignment and tutorials that my lecturer given to me is all in rush as our semester is, i think the shortest semester ever, which is only 3 month per semester. So, yeah. We all need to rush everything and besides, there only three weeks left before my final exams. Gosh! my brain is like JHEJIGJIESOLDMKS hahaha I don't know what I'm thinking now.

and lately my anger is on the top of my head. Everyday and I even started to hate everyone around me ya know. hahaha :) I don't know why but I think it's because I'm too freaking stressed plus the fucking girl is back and disturbing my life again. Oh God! give me more patience to face this stupid girl! Seriously, who does she think she is? ordering me to send her here and there. I'm not her driver, HELLO?
like this afternoon, she message me and say like, "dude, you wanna watch movies?" *snorted* she's asking that like all the sudden and when I ask why, she said nothing like pshhh~ I'm not idiot. I know that she and her freaking annoying friend planned to go watch movies together and thought of using me to send them there. I'm not that blind to know. Hell, I'm not her slave or her private driver. She kan 'Rich' then why don't she just go attend driving lesson and buy her own fucking car? she can driver free every fucking where she want and leave me fucking alone. Gosh! I just hate that girl. Now I wondering why am I still stuck with some fucking bitch? seriously, she just ruined my mood.. and this morning, when I was in the middle of class, she send me direct message on Twitter, just to tell me what she did today. i was like da fuq? she tell me like "Dude, i've done something bad today." so I asked back what did she do, then she said like, "Ya know, I was playing his phone and ya know I done something bad with it!"

I.HATE.IT. WHY DON'T SHE JUST STRAIGHT AWAY TELLING ME THE FUCKING THING SHE DONE?! Oh God! calm my wrath and anger... and starting from that moment, I ignore her tweets. and that's not all she have done. yeah, I know. She just don't understand all the fucking hint I gave her, now I wonder is she that dumb? 
BTB. then she message me again and said like, "dude, me and freak friend has decided to go to the coffee beans instead,"
SO WHAT, BITCH?! like I'm going to drove to her school, pick them up and send them to CBeans. HELL NO! not like she will pay for the gas. Riding my car for free? Go to hell, bitch. Unless you're a family, then you can ride my car for free. You just some fucking bitch that I wrongly chose to be my friend. Gosh, I'm so freaking regretting it. =.=' she's not a friend, she's a bitch. She never even care if I'm in trouble or whatever. I know she just trying to make me as her 'friend with benefits'. Come on, bitch. I'm not that stupid to know ya know. And just now, she try to call me, but I ignored her. hahahaha :) I'm not in the mood to listen to her bullshit. She even message me asking why I didn't answer her call, well like Fuck off bitch. I hate you. that's why. hahaha
I really wish that I have the guts to say that out when faced her but no. I'm not that bad you see. hahaha :) I just don't want to hurt others feeling ma~ Well, haish.... but I really wish I can pissed her off and then make her leave me. hahahaha without needing to complain about her attitudes. ekeke I just hope she could find a new best friend and leave me alone. hahaha :D #HOPEFULLY!

So, yeah... Last week, I got my new phone YESH! iPhone 4s~ wubwubwub! Well, I've been begging my mum for the whole weeks and then that one day, I was completely forgotten about the phone, suddenly mum and dad dragged me to shopping mall and bought me the phone. I was like "Is this real?!" hahahahaha :) Yeh, it is~ ekekeke :) Now I have my iPhone. ngee~ Now, as I already have my iPod Classic and iPhone in my hands, next I'm thinking of doing some saving (As now I got my own bank account YAY~!) and collect until few thousands la ( with the help of my parents ) I wanna go buy myself an iPad or maybe iMac desktop and MacBook. huahahaha that's my long version of life goals. ekekeke :)
and maybe I'm going to buy iPod for sis Jaba as well. but wait until her next birthday which is her 22nd birthday~ ngehehehe :) But this is just my future planning la, now I'm still bankruptcy. hahahaha :D pokai liao~ ekeke :)
I've download lots of stuff for my iPhone, mostly games la. Especially the Sims 3. Oh, speaking of the Sims 3, I'm really wondering where can I get the Sims 3 for ps3. I'm so freaking dying to try playing my brother's PS3 ekekeke :) it's like one of my secret wish. ekekeke :)
and yeah, my N9? umm... well, I decided to let sis Jaba to use it. ekeke :) Since they got wi-fi and her PC broke down, so i think she could really used the phone for her to surf the web just that the phone can't download picture online. ( same goes to iPhone ya know ) and my mum doesn't know. hahahahaha :) Well yeah I have reason why I didn't tell her. ekekeke :)

I've been deciding to let sis Jaba use the N9 since I started to liking iPhone. hahahaha :) So, as a capricorn, once i decided, nothing can stop me. huahaha besides, I trust sis Jaba with it and I know for sure, she'll going to take care of the phone with all her might. ekekeke :)

So, last Saturday.... I was doing some school project with my classmate and we went to visit the Orphanage House together. Me, Tracy, Petlonney, sis Alyn and Sis Crystal were having so much fun together with the kids. As one of the kid was born in the month of June, we celebrate her birthday together, and then we took lots of pictures and yeah, you can see it above there. hehehe :) then, we play musical chair in their seminar room.

Yeah, got this one iban girl, her name is Mila, and she's really friendly ya know. She really attached to me hahaha :) that's Mila on the first picture. ( the girl that pose with me on the first pictrure ) and she even called me Aunty. hahaha am i that old? hahahaha but i don't really care la about it cuz they just a kid and I have my own nephews and nieces. hahaha :) I'm used to be called as aunt. ekeke :D BTB, anyway, Mila helps me with taking pictures of her friends, and she even tell me some stuff about what they always do during their free time... and soo onn. and got this one cute muslim girl, the most cute and small girl of the group, she's really cute and she really attached to my phone. hahaha :) She just can't take her eyes off my phone. As I've downloaded the Doraemon's game in it, she played it without letting anyone to borrow it, even she don't even let me to hold it. hahahaha :) I can't say no to her as she just too cute~ ahahaha :)
and got also this one little girl la, she's iban i think and she lose in the musical chair games... she cry la... so, as I'm really can't watch kids crying, so I ask her if she want a piggyback, then, she nodded to my offer. I piggyback her and teased her like I always do to Shawn and yeah, thank God, I can make her laugh again. ngee :) As we were piggyback, we saw a fire burning outside from the window, and there was a few tractor parked there. So as I told her like, "Oh no, the grass is burning. We should call the firemen to put it out,"
then she answer me like, "No need to call the firemen. They already there," she said and pointed her cute little finger towards the yellow tractor, "That's their fire engine. the firemen will put the fire in any second now," she told me
I KNOW! it just sooo cute! hahahaha :) Awwhh, I miss them already. ekekeke :)

So, as the time pass by, at 5 we go home la...and yeah, as I was in my car, readying to leave their home, the girl name Mila told me like, "When will you guys come again?"
and that time, I really don't know what to reply her ya know. my words are stuck in my tongue. I just stunned. hahahaha :) so i told her like, "I'm not sure, because this is our school project..." and that time, she looked down a bit ya know and I'm feel so guilty that time. huaaaa~ I wanna cry nao~~ and then Mila told me like, "If my birthday coming, I will call you guys again  (as I gave her my phone number )and we'll celebrate it together, okay?" and that time, I swear, if my emoish mode is turn on that time, I'm so gonna cry. hahaha :) I just nodded as I don't know to answer her. I can't simply say yes, right? I'm afraid that if I say yes, and by the time her birthday coming and I can't come, then she would be really hurt, no? so, nodded and grinned.

I feel so.... hmmmm.... but they really are fun together, they treat each other like a real brother and sister, they even ya know like it was the most peaceful place I ever visit too. I'm really glad that sis Alyn thought of the place. hahaha :) Well, as I'm home, I quickly told my mum about the place and tell her that if she had things to donate to the kids like clothes, my old school bags, and i think I'm going to give away my soft toys to them too :) and oh, also, if my bank account have lots of money later, I think I'm going to buy them the soft toys, the one that same species like my Kaymie and Kitty doll. ekeke :) *fingercross* I feel, it is the least i can do to the poor kids :)

and yeah, on Sunday, the day after the visit, Mila called me you know! I was like " Wahhh, I miss them so freaking much!" and she told me that Atiqah ( the cute little malay girl ) wants to talk to me, and I was like "Wahhh, she remember me," hahaha :) We just talk casually but not for long maybe because their warden didn't let them used the phone for too long i think. hehehe :) but it just the best phone call I ever had. I never knew that they would call me. hehehe :) Its just freaking awesome! I wish they would call me again sometime :) If I'm a millionaire daughter, I would like to adopt all the kids of the house and took care of them. But too bad, I'm not rich enough to do so. But that's make me wonder, if I'm from a rich family, would I ever want to do it? I think not. So, I guess, i'm just need to work harder now and maybe one day, I can do this kind of things :) or at least, I would donate stuff and make their life better :)

So, on the same Saturday which is on 30th June, me and sis Jon decided to make a surprise birthday party for sis Jaba as her birthday is on 2nd of July. ehehehe :) So, I have to rush home from the orphanage home to send sis Jon to the bakery to buy cakes. ekekeke :D but thank God that sis Jaba and sis Inut haven't arrived yet when we reached home hahaha :) If they did, it would ruin all the surprise. ekeke :) At 8p.m or something like that, sis Jon brought the cake out from Mak Ulit's room and Jaba was freaking surprise. she look freaking blurred ya know. I just...hahahahahahahah I can't help it but to laugh at her. her face look so freaking funny that time. HAHAHAHAHA :D and after we sing her happy birthday, I saw her trying to keep her face away from us all, and yeah I know she wanted to cry. hahahaha :) Well, who doesn't? 
If I'm in her shoes, I would definitely cry on the spot. ekekeke :DD
I'm so glad the surprised isn't ruined. ekeke :)

and for her birthday, I bought her MBLAQ newest mini album, Bi-Rain tokyo live concert and my first Rain's CD hahaha :) Yeah, as I know she love bi-rain to death, I guess it doesn't really matter, beside, I got copied it in my CDrom. ekekeke :D So, yeah :) ekekeke :D and I make her one last minute birthday card. hahahaha :D i made it like, 30 minutes before I left for the visits. thank goodness I manage to make it on time. ekekeke :D I really hope she'll like it. ekekeke :D and yeah, i sort off running out of idea on how to decorate the card, so I just randomly stick Hendrik's picture and put our picture at the back of his picture and some random swirling hand writting written "Happy 21st birthday," hahahahaha :D I know =.=;
My bad for not even thought of buying a birthday card few days before. hahahaa :D sorry Jaba! next time, the card will be much better. hahaahaha :DD

And on Sunday afternoon, Lalan and I joined Jaba and her mum as well as Belle to church of St. Joseph Cathedral. As we arrived there, I thought of buying mineral water as I feel so thirsty that time, so the three of us decided to hang out a bit at the small store next to the cathedral itself, and we bought some cool stuff like cross keychain, and cross pendant. I bought blue color, Lalan bought purple and Jaba bought.... black if I'm not mistaken, if not white. ekeke because as far as I'm concern she did pick one of the color but then she change it. hahaha :D so, it kind of blurry a bit for me now. hahahaha :D and after we pay for the whole things, we decided to go back to out seats and guess what? YEAH, we completely forgotten about the mineral water. hahahaha and as we seated, then I remembered about it. But unfortunately, when we decided to go back to the store, the storekeeper put on the close sign over the glass door, so i was like, "Oh well," hahahaha :D

then, after church, and after sending Jaba's mum and Belle home, the three of us when to Mall, fetching inut and her new boyfriend there. as we arrived there, we decided to fill our empty stomach at the KFC and we had lots of laugh together. I think the KFC place were filled with only our laughter. hahahaha :D as usual lah~ we always the group that would make a quiet place look merrier. ekekeke :D Anyway, it just so freaking awesome. hahaha :D Then, we stopped at Phone store and I bought Rilakkuma phone cover :) ngee~ I thought of buying Stitch but the price is expensive and me have no money liao. hahaha :D don't worry, still got next time. ekeke :D and then, we go hunting for GC CDs but we have no luck in finding it :(
After that. we found Inut and her boyfriend sitting down next to the escalator bu we didn't even noticed them as we just syok sendiri pretending some random english man were out boyfriend. AHAHAHAHAHA :D

Then, before home, we stopped at City fan and let the two love bird to enjoy the evening sun together while us, the three stooges, sit there and laugh. continuing the things we've done in the KFC ekekeke :D and the time flew so fast, we send our bro-in-law back to his place and then we go home :)
IT just one of the most fun time of my life. ekekeke :) it's been a while I didn't felt so happy like that. ekeke :D I feel Loved :)

And on last Tuesday, I joined my parent and sis Chyi to visit my brother at Kuching there ( as he was sent there last time :) I'm so happy to see him and he as well look pretty happy. Just that he look slimmer than before. ekekeke I told him that I must be fatter than him. ekekeke :D We eat together and he told us about their activities.
He told me that he now often go to the library and even he almost finish read all the books that was in the library. hahahaha :D I guess, reading book is actually running in our family blood eh? ahahahahaXD well, he also told me that he joined a basketball team and he team with Chinese. I wonder how he look like playing basketball. I can never imagine. ekekeke as I never ever saw him doing some outdoor activity like that, so it just hahahaha :)
But overall, yeah... I'm happy to see him look happy though. I hope that when he came out from there, he would never done something stupid like that anymore. But I believe he'll change completely when he came out from there. Well, I think yeah, I think I really should do confession ya know. for I already few time, saying bad things about my brother. hahahahaha :D Well, like what I've always read in twitter, "When you're mad, everything that you'll ever regret to say, will burst out," ahahaha or something like that. ekekeke

and after the visiting time end, and after we said goodbye to him, we went to Spring Mall in Kuching. Gosh! I tell you, I don't know how to shop there. hahahaha :D Not even a single Mobile store were there. I was like, "Da fuq?" and hell it was the most boring mall I ever been into. hahahahaha :D But that's only my opinion lah~ hahahaha :) Well, I never felt so bored like that... Well, maybe because we're only went there la and maybe there got somewhere else fun that Spring Mall. ekeke :) I don't know. But yeah, maybe one day, I'll find the fun place to be in Kuching. ekekeke :D but for now, I don't feel like going there. ekeke :P

But like I said, it just my opinion. I mean no harm to anyone's feeling no? ekeke :) It just my personal opinion.

You see, I should be doing my assignment, presentation and tutorial works right now. ekekeke :) But I don't feel like it. Well, I pretty much know why I feel like this, like always sleepy, feel so bored and procrastinating, and even do blogging... this is because i'm stressed. hahahaha yeah, When I'm stress I always do something that can distracted me from thinking about stress. hahaha :)

And yeah, the same bitch just tweeted me just now, asking me whether I'm free or not tomorrow. Even if I'm free, I won't say yes. Gosh, I hate that girl. I never felt this annoyed . hahaha :) Hmmmm..... Oh well, I'll just ignored her today and reply her tomorrow. hahahha :D
She's not that important pun..... I'm just exist when she need transportation or have stuff to showoff.... =.='

So, I guess, i better stop now though. I got Chapter one to deal with. and maybe at the same time, i would do my ITB last tutorial later. it just need simple typing in Powerpoint maa~ relaxx~ ekekeke :D And oh, this Saturday, my dream is going to come true! I'm going to watch Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter! with sis Jaba, lalan and maybe, just maybe with Sis Inut as well! hahaha :DDDD *FingerCross* wubwubwub! I'm so looking forward for that! XDD

and tomorrow, I'm going home late again as my group and I need to do our assignment together as the deadline is on 12th July. ekekeke :D yeah, I've done nothing yet =.=' maybe I will also try to do some of it later. ekekeke :D Sit back and relax~ said Quinn to me. ekekeke :D ( listening to Camisado -P!ATD ) ekekeke XD

So, Bye Lovers :)
P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears
P.S 1 : I'm still in love with Logan Lerman ( Milo Ernest ) hahahaha :))