The Same New Day :)

Annyeong, everyone! hahaha :) cute kan, the dog? yea.. i know! that is one of my favourite dog breed, Maltese. yepp :] i have one myself, i named her Chubby :] but she's old already. umm..talking about dogs, its been a while i didn't play with my doggies. *blaming facebook* haha :) oh, FYI, i don't play facebook anymore. i gave it to my sis Ina. i don't like facebooking anymore beside i don't have anything to do there. facebook games? neah, i'm going to abandoned it. hehehe :) well, i'll be facebooking again whenever my mood striking me again :) other account? umm.. maybe going check and approve request only de :) to be honest, i'm sick of facebook. i hate facebook. hahaha :D maybe because i've been to addicted to it before. i hate it when i've become very addictive. i guess, i need to control myself from blogging to or else, i'm gonna hate blogging as well. who knows? anything can happen. hahaha :D

 And yeah, last time when i was busy looking for photo kan, i found this mr.cardboard name Danbo. he just too adorable! i want him! hahaha :D Danbo is a figure doll that we can use as a model for photographing. hahaha :) i don't know how to explain de. anyway, i'm in love with him for now. hahaha :D i wish Miri got sell this little adorable cardboard figure doll. hahaha :) if got pun, must be very expensive as he is the most wanted for the time being. everybody want him. hahaha :) so, i wish he could give me the heart that he hold to me! hahaha :D I LOVE YOU DANBO CHAN!            

on my last post, i did mention that i don't have girl ulzzang favourite. teehee :D i just found my favourite and that is Hong Young Ki. she and hyuk min are my favourite ulzzang for the time being. hahahah :) and they both born on 1992. hmm..hmm.. i wish they become couple de. LOL XD anyway, they are awesome and both playful and photogenics and funny :) actually i know Younggi before i know HyukMin. hahaha :) and i know the word ulzzang after i become Shu-I's fans. teehee :) and i know YoungGi from TV shows call Pretty Boys and Girls. which there i found my second ulzzang love, Park TaeJun. hahahaha :D wait wait! doesn't mean i like Younggi i like girl ha! NO NO! i'm adoring her cuteness. thats all. hahaha :D please understand that ^^. anyway, Younggi call herself as the nation pig. LOL i don't know why but i think that nickname just as cute as her. hahaha :D and she also the mascot for the Pretty Boys and Girls :) and i also found that she have eye surgery because she wanted to have the double-eye lids. well, to make her cuter of course. anyway, that is so acceptable. hahaha :) love her and HyukMinnie! hope they both can success in ulzzang world and always be the prettiest in my heart ^^

and today my mum and i got into a little fight because i accidently left the room keys inside the locked door. hahaha :D well, the one who lock the door is mum herself. well, i give up because i don't want to fight with her. hahaha :D but then, she manage to get the keys, i don't know how but for sure, she really creative. hmm..hmm.. my mum is a super mum. hahaha :D and this evening, i went to Emart to repair my phones. when i arrive there kan, i saw one of the vege seller wear the same Polo tshirt as mine. i was like "OMG! twins!" hahahaha XD anyway, my phones got nothing wrong with it just that i think the charger is the main problems. hahah :D so, i guess i just need to buy myself a new charger :) anyway, i like the gif. photo of me and hyukmin. LOL looks real. LMFAO! i wonder if hyuk min himself look at it, what would he think? hahaha :D i think he must said "crazy fans" LOL XD yeah yeah yeah, i'm crazy. crazy of you. LOL XD true la bah~ hahaah XD wahh~ how i wish that photo is true. LOL holding hands lagi~ haahhaah :D never will happen de. even when the world dooms. haahahaha :DD

so, i guess, this is goodbye for now. i have nothing else to talk about. hahaha :D beside, i really need to go to sleep as right now its almost 12 a.m. teehee :D so, be seeing you guys in the next post! adieu. so i let my photo and hyukmin to end this very post :)
P/s : i love my blog new look hahaha :)
Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Arigatou for reading!
God Bless YOu!

My Dearest Ulzzang Baby :)

I suddenly remember about my Park's Brother. haha :D yepp HyungSeok and TaeJun. teehee :) No.. i don't forget them. well, at least not completely forget about them. hahaha :) anyway. they seem to be as hot as usual. and i found that HyungSeok got girlfriend already! Wohoo! chukae! *clapclapclap* haha :) TaeJun? urmm.. i've heard that he had girlfriend too just that i can't confirmed it yet. no solid evidence ma. hahaha :) so,  i just use this opportunity to congratulate both TaeJun and HyungSeok for being a very good model for Aboki and as well as being ulzzang. Oh Yea! and i'm proud to be their fans :) well, if they read this post la. hahaha XD. i love their fashions but too bad i'm a girl, i can't dress like them. hahaha :) so, i just looking for ulzzang yeoja :) for now, my favourite ulzzang is OBVIOUSLY my kang hyuk min. hahaha :) ulzzang girl? ermm.. i don't think i have one but if Minzy is ulzzang, then, there i have one. but unfortunately, she just too cute to be ulzzang. ngahahaha XD 

He just to adorable to be true! KYAHH! i wish i have boyfriend as hot as him :D hahaha :) but i guess, that not going to happen. LOL :D because there is nobody, i mean NO BODY is hotter as him! hahaha :) anyway, hopefully i can found one, not exactly like him, but a little bit like him. if exactly like him.. i think i better find TaeJun, himself. LOL XD okay. enough talking about TaeJun. ha? Hyung Seok? nope. not going to talk about him because to be honest, i don't know anything about him. hahaha :) i just knew that he was a brother of Park Hyung Jun (shu-i).

while i search for Hyuk Min's photo, i found a lot of funny photo of him. so, i conclude that, hyuk min is a funny guy :) i mean, happy-go-lucky type :) and he also very friendly type of person because one of his photo his friends. well, yep :) he does have a lots of friends :) and i think a girlfriend too :) oh yea, he had taken a lot of photo together with other girls but i don't think they are his girl because the way they took it show that their relation is just a friend or maybe close friend but not special one * i wish* hahahaha :)) so, i guess, thats all for now. because after Alisa's end, i'm going to follow my mum to the post office to pay the bills XD so, adieu :D

One Better Day :)

Annyeong everyone! today is the 2nd weeks of the holiday in December. hahaha :) yeahahaha! 3 more weeks baby and there the SPM YEAR! OMG hahaha! anyway, do you notice my biggy spec? haha :) i just bought it last friday if i'm not mistaken. at toysRus, Parkson. hehe :) its look cute just that i can't use it when going shopping. hahaha :D so, yesterday was one better day for me because i have a very good laugh with my dearest sista! hahaha :D yepp. as usual la i know but just a better day for me because i really have go through a very tough day before that ^^ anyway, i want to personally thanks to my sista, Jon and Ina for making me laugh as usual XD. and last saturday, i had fun with my dearest jaba and sis Inut and also sis Jon and bro Jon. hahaha :) we watch horror movies together *saturday night is our movie night* but me and dear jaba make fun of the ghost.we laugh at the ghost. hahaha :) the ghost is scary but the story line is very easy to figure out. hahaha *with our high-imagination* hahaha :D

and like i said, yesterday i have fun with sis Jon and Ina but then sis Jon want to watch her favourite movie so there just me and sis Ina. we play my webcam. hahaha :) *showing that we all photogenics type* hahaha :) there a lot of funny photo's of ours but yeah, i pick the best, which show that sis Ina didn't notice that i've clicking the snap button while she busy looking for her pimples  then she notice, she laugh like a banshee. even banshee themselves will get scared if they heard her laughing. ekekeke :D anyway, we have fun, thats what really matter. ehehe :) well, its been a week she didn't come home actually because her husband came here, to miri but already go back to Labuan because of the work he had. oh yeah, her wedding day is postpone i think ^^.because as i can see, her husband is a very busy man and i know its hard for him to find a very suitable day for him to rest and spend time with his beloved wifey~ and yesterday also, i found that sis Ina brought Shawny to met her in laws hahaha :) and she said that Shawny become super active because there got little kid who almost the same age with him. hahaha :) i can imagine.

that is just one of my random pics :) i just took it just now. hahaha :) anyway, thats new one from me. and i don't have anything else to share about. oh yea, just one more things. now, i'm addicted to Katy Perry and Ke$ha's Songs. i like to hear Fireworks, Your Love is My Drug, BackStabbers and Blah Blah Blah, We R Who We R :) i do like Like A G6. hahaha :) i don't know why but for FireWorks, i love the lyrics because it give me strength to keep living ^^. hahaha :) and the song make me made a sentences that i make for my life motto : "ignites your light and burst your color like a fireworks" hehehe :)

so, thats all for now. if i got another things to share, i'll write again soon :)
to my dearest bloggy , sometimes i feel like you the one who gets me, you're my bestfriend, Bloggy :)
so, here i post a photo of me and my dearest hyuk min :) hahaha :DD cute neh? hahaha XD i know! anyway enjoy :) CL -annyeong, goodbye, adios!* hahaha XD