Just Updating :)

AnnyeongHaseyo! hehehei. its been a while eh? Yeah, I realize that too. I didn't blog for a weeks eh? hmm..hmm.. not that i'm busy or what just that i'm not quite into online on weekdays as i'm too busy with school works. So, that is why i didn't blogging. hehehe :) i miss bloggy a lot. Besides, I have no good stories to tell here. ehehehe :) yeah, my life seems to be repeating the same situation everyday. I'm getting used to it no matter how much i hate it. hehehei :) its like a normal routine you know, fight, sleep, online, eat, homeworks, talk, laugh.. etc. etc.. same.. no new stuff is going on. Oh, except for one.

Yepp, it is all about my besties, Prudence and her boyfie, Christyan. They just having an excessive fight last night and i'm becoming their middle person ( as usual ) that doesn't really matter you know. the things is they ALMOST break up because of the stupid rumours that come from no where. Haiz~ YEAH, i'm freaking mad at this stuff. I'm still not sure who spread the rumours but to be honest, if i knew who's that idiot is, i swear i'm gonna give him/her body gloves on his/her face on the spot. URGH! i'm so frustrated you know. yea, i may not be in the relationship but HELL-O~ that's my BEST FRIEND relationship. Who wouldn't beat a person for someone who breaks their BFF's heart? huh? you tell me. But to be honest, the slapping part, I won't dare to do it. but what i dare is, I give him/her a  piece of my mind until he/she wouldn't want to talk to me forever. hahaha :D don't underestimate me. i can do better than that if i want to. just that i'm not that bad. hahaha :D back to the topic. the rumours also make me somewhat confuse you because there are two groups of people who involved with this rumours. One, the one who tell me the rumours, Two, the one who is included in the rumours. So, when i asked group One, they said that Christyan is guitly but when i go to Two, they said he's innocent. So, this may haven't settle yet as there are still lots to dig up. for now, i think Prudence and Christyan are okay now, hopefully. if not, i'm the one who will cry out. LOL XD yeah, you know me. i'm the most emotional one in class. ekeke :DD

ermmm... what else to say here? Ahh, yes. later at 1800 hours, i'm going to attend this birthday party. it is organized by my long lost friend name Aery. oh, i never mention about her before but yeah, she's one of my friends. hehehe :) the smallest and the cutest among all of us.. ahh, i miss all the stuff we went through together back then. ehehei :D anyway, i'm glad that she didn't forget to invite me to her party. I feel so glad. hahaha :D and her party will be my second party celebrated together with friends. And yes, i'm quite nervous right now because i can't imagine how awkward the party will be. LOL XD hopefully not that awkward. urmmm...yeah, my besties will also be there so i'm not that really nervous lah. hahaha :) what else? urmmm... Oh, I've bought a present for her, well the present is not just from me. we shared the present lah.. expensive ohh, i can't afford myself. ekekeke :D the price doesn't really matter. what matter the most, we gave her the present with all our hearts kan? hehehei :D *sighing* LOL XD and today also, i have blast with sis jaba on FaceBook. ekekeke :) i have to control my mouth so that i won't suddenly burst to laugh. if i did that, my neighbour would probably thought i'm that "things" you know,.. the women.. in white. ekekeke :D we menyindir the ulzzang and Kpop roleplayers a.k.a fakers. LOL XD hmmm.. its not right, but it is fun doing it. ekeke :)

so, i guess, that is all for now. i'm so lacking of ideas for now. i need a very good night sleep so that i won't have panda eyes when going attend the party later on. LOL XD wish me luck and enjoy some of my drawing that i drew when i wasn't really listening to the teachers in class. i drew myself in Doraemon costume. hehehe :) Adieu ~

nice or not? give me a comment :) thanks again for reading.

p.S : Let your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)