I Just Want It SO BAD!

There is only TWO THINGS that I want so bad by now. hahaha :D but i don't think I can have them this year as my parent said they will buy for me if i manage to get good results for SPM. BUT I DEADLY WANT THIS TWO ITEMS! call me materialistic, but this two items is just to cool to be own! kyahh~ i wonder who have both of this item? i want to kill that person. LOL.  Just Kidding! I;m not psychopath killer. :) anywa, here is the review of my favourite dream items :D check it Out!!

Amazing, heh? I KNOW! hopefully, mum and dad would agree to buy me the phone, this year. The phone only pun enough lah. hahaha :D as my iPhone going crazy, so i need handphones for the time being. hahaha :D so, pray for me so that i can get both of that items :D Fighting!!