My Classmates Is A Murder And Life Sometimes Unfair.

AnnyeongHaseyo! today i got school de. yea, i know. i'm suppose to wake up late today but unfortunately i have school to attend T^T oh ya, before i continue to my main point, i want to tell that yesterday my Bio teacher told us to conduct an experiment on studying i mean Killing an innocent frog. I was like "WTF?!" i didn't join them and i wait outside the laboratory because i can't stand the cruelnesses. it just not fair because the frog didn't disturb them but they kill with no humanity. GOSH! i'm so piss that time. if i'm not respecting the Bio teacher kan, i'll scream at the top of my lungs and scold them for killing the innocent frog! URGh! right now pun i'm still pissing off. i told dence, "don't look at me with your murderous eyes," LOL :) anyway. i'm glad that the experiment is done :0 hopefully no more cutting-cutting animal in the future :D

today, i'm searching for hyukmin's photo again and i found few new photo of him and i also asking for his birthday which is comfirmly on 10th April 1990. whoa! he only 4 years older :) which means, he's going to be 21 soon... happy advanced birthday hyukminnie :D anyway, back to the topic. LOL :D his hair is getting longer and i think it is much better if he just kept his hair short like in the picture shown above because he just look even cuter with the hair :D i'm so glad that i've known such a cute boy like HyukMin *even it is just me who know him*. hahaha :) really looking forward to meet him personally :)

 And yepp, again my stupid brother messing with mum again. urgh! i'm so freaking tension right now. i just don't know when can he think normally like other brother. haiya. he never stop making my mum cry and sad. i hate him for that because he don't have rights to do so as my mum, MUM who give him food, shelters, and other needs. DUH! i don't know why is he behaving like that but i hope that he will make up his mind soon and open his heart towards praying. be normal, that is all i wish for him and stop messing with mum's life. she needs her own spaces to enjoy her life and not just to think about him, him and only him. hello? i'm her daughter and i also need her attention. its not fair if mum just NEED to give him everything. not that i demand it, i don't care anyway. just that i want him to stop polluting my mind and making me say the badword ever again because i want to stop myself from being bad so that i won't end-up selfishly stupid like he does.

so, before i end this post, i just wanna show you a photo book that i made with xiuxiu just now. LOL :D DUH, of course la I put hyukmin's photo ^^. anyway, glad to be online the line back. hahaha :) and i think by next week i will control myself and try my best to stop myself from online-ing because next week start first trial already bah~ hahaha :) so, hwaiting for me! gambatteh kudasai!

Adieu :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.