My 4th Anime of 2012 (^______^)

Konnichiwa, minna-san! hahaha :) and not forget my usual greeting, Annyeong! *Bows* As you can see well enough, I'm just finished watching my 4th anime! Wee~ Monochrome Factor is my last DVD I am feeling very-very happy right now ^____^ but still =.=; i don't feel so good. the loneliness inside starting to  fill me once again. T^T this is why I hate it when some good movies reached the end so fast like this. Urgh! Even though Monochrome Factor is some what nice story to watch, I still hate it as the story seems like has no end. They just ended it just like that, and the king of shadow didn't even die. I was like WTF?! then I turned on my optimist mind and told myself that "Maybe this good story have 2nd season," so I looked up for it lah... ( as this one is seriously old anime, I'm just out-dated. LOL :D ) BUT... T^T they didn't make the second season. I was like " Y U NO MAKE SECOND SEASON?!" So, I really-really wish that the anime director would look up my blog and read this very post as I'm dying to watch the second season. I want to know what happen to Shirogane-san? Will he able to meet with Akira-san again? What happen to the King Of Shadow? and where did Lulu had disappeared too? URGH! I just hate it when my minds fills with such question! >.< So, I'm praying that the director would saw this and think about it. hahaha :D P.S : Please make second season for Ao No exorcist as well :D

Even though I'm pissed because the anime didn't have proper ending, still I'm really glad that I bought the DVD :) I just love the story line and the relationship between both character (=^.^=) hehehehehehehehe :) I told you already, I'm not against Yaoi but I just don't like it. its seems so wrong for me.. but... this pair, I mean Akira and Shirogane, I can see the chemistry between them. huahaha  I kinda love the way they threat each other. MOE~  Well, to be honest. I don't find that their relationship is wrong because they we're destined to be together and they are paired, I mean, some what soul mates, just that Shirogane wasn't human ( as he was the shadow ) their fate was forbid by that. So, I kinda into this pair. huahahaha  don't blame me. You should see this anime for yourself, then you'll know what I meant. Omonah~ I'm so in love with their intimacy  and besides, I wasn't eyeing on Akira nor Shirogane. I'm more into Kengo, the supporting character or Akira's side kick!  Yeah, I think he have more charms than the main character itself. huahahahaha XD ( that's why I'm not against Akira X Shirogane ) ehehehei, very easy to find out, eh? Yeah, i'm quite predictable ya know~ ohohohoho

hahahaha XD that is my Kengo  He's the joker in the story and he's spirit to stay near Akira very fascinating me and as well make me falling for him. ahahahahaha XD I sounded really crazy, no? Well, no doubt at all, lads. I am though ekekeke XD Many people may think that his character is annoying but I'm not. If not because of his presence in the whole story, the story would be dull and boring as there was not jokes only fighting  can you imagine that?! that will totally creep me out. hahaha :) Any how, I kinda respect how big his heart for Akira as Kengo willing to sacrifices his own life just to protect Akira. He did everything he could to protect him. And then, he always stay by Akira's side no matter in happy or danger. No matter how much Akira despised his action ( as he tailing Akira's like 24/7 ) He still stayed beside him because he knows that Akira may treat him badly but that's how Akira's shows how much he caress about him. hahahaha :) Yeah, if there would be Yaoi fanfic about Akira and Kengo, I may as well can accept it. hahahaha :)) But as long as they write something rated K > T, it's okay with me. if it more than that, Sorry... i'm 102% against it  ehehehei :)

 Right now I'm wondering.... why am I talking about Yaoi? =.=; ahahaha :D No, please don't jump to conclusion yet. I just been wondering about it though. hahahaha ^_^; I may agreed with some yaoi paring for example, Akira X shirogane but there are couple that I don't find chemistry between them and some of the couple as well don't make sense. Anime fans sometimes making some twins brother become Yaoi, I wonder where can they get that kind of non-sense idea? they're twins, well duh~ hahahaha :) Even if they look like they care so much about their twins and make you feel like they're in love or what so ever, just noted that THEY ARE TWINS AND TWINS DO ACT LIKE THAT. T^T, i just don't get it. Well, not to write this way to insult others idea anyway. I don't have that kind of permission to do so. ahahaha :) Even if I have it, I won't do anything about it, because it have nothing to do with me :) Just that, I'm expressing what I've been thinking lately...  don't tell me that I'm thinking about Yaoi for all this time?! OMONAH~
So, before my mind filled with Yaoi stuff, I think I better stop now. hahahaha :) I'm already infected much by this stuff. hahahahahahahahahaha ^__^; so, Yaoi Fans! Gambatteh Kudasai!

And come to realization, i was actually not only attracted to Okumura Rin but as well his other three brothers. hahahahaha :) Well, I kinda found that I'm as well attracted to Sir Pheles, Amaimon and as well as Yukio. And what's surprised me that I'm more into Amaimon rather than Rin. huahahaha :) Sound Legit eh? Oh well, Amaimon has that very mysterious character and I found that he's quite cute. He just resembling Lawliet from death note. they both like sweets and that would make them look so freaking cute

So, as I was saying... the four of them are mine now. hahahaha :D
So, that's all for now.
Meeting you guys again on my next post (^___^)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)
P.S : I'm gonna get few more anime next time! please pray for me, Minna-san!