Random Post (^___^)

Annyeong and greetings! Well, seriously, I just know how to put gif picture on post. hahahaha  I'm so out-dated already.. ekekeke :) Yeah, I always wonder when I saw Jaba's blog but I don't dare to ask as I;m afraid that she'll laughed at me. ekekeke XD shy le  back to the topic. hahahaha :) Well, I don't really have stuff to tell for the time being. Maybe later night as my phone is still charging. ehehehe :) Yes, I have few new pictures today XD And today, I skip my breakfast and lunch. hahaha :)) Lunch, can't be said that I'm skipping it la because I have some chicken mushroom soup and twisties today. ekeke :) That's my lunch. Hmm... I really am serious about getting down my weight. I just can't take it when people keep saying my fatso. It's hurt a lot. I know I have this sexy butt and yeah before I did learn to love it there but then, everyone keeps saying i'm fat and my butt is too big and this and that. Then, they say they don't care. OH PLEASE! just be honest that you think I'm fat! I can deal with it though. and yea, dealing it with teary eyes. ehehehe :)) Well, it's almost a week I didn't eat rice and maybe I'll continue on this diet until I can get rid of my big butt and I'm targeting to weight about 55 Kg. ehehehe :)) sometimes I feel like chopped down my butt hahahaha :D Well, in my dream la. ahahaha :) in reality, I just pasted on my fake grinned and lying that I don't care about it too much ( in fact, its hurting me too much )  so, skinny people out there, please don't insult the chubby people. its seriously hurting their feelings, like A LOT A LOT :)

I know how it feel for being call as fat, so just don't okay? ngee  

Today as well i'm on rampage as mum again said that I'm wasting money on junk. Seriously? Junk? that what she call my stuff. JUNK? Junk means RUBBISH and my stuff is NO RUBBISH! I bought it because I need it, how hard could it be for her to understand? I never buy something I don't need. She should be grateful that I bought something that see- able than my brother who asked for thousand per week and seen nothing is brought home. well duh?! why didn't she told my brother that?! why don't she just call the police and threw him in the prison for buying stuff that unseen? I don' t know what's wrong with buying stuff I need. Well, pretty obvious eh? She just doesn't approve me to buy Manga and anime DVD. Freak all that! I don't care. She can stop me from being Mangaka, but hell NO she could stop me buying Manga!   if she doesn't want to give me money, then I'll go to work. Neh, easy ma... NO NO and NO~ its enough that she disapproving my dreams ( which I'm dying to achieve ) and I already let her choose my path. I let go my childhood dream because I love her but I just don't get it. Why?  

So, I guess that's all for now. I'll be writing again later after I finished charging my phone but still depends on my bones. hahahaha :) I couldn't do anything if I turning on my Lazybone instead of my hardworking one. ahhaha :)) My back is aching right now. ahahaha :)))Well, last but not least from me, Stay Fabulous Like Me and Pheles :))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)