Counselor Of Love :]

Annyeong and Ohayou everyone! again, i wrote my blog early in the morning. only today is earlier. its 12 : 25 a.m and i'm still unsleepy yet :] maybe a little sleepy. teehee :] today, sis Jaba will sit for her 3rd exam. best of luck to her. hopefully she can do her very best! and yesterday may not my best day ever but still everyone is arrive! dearest Sis Ina is home! woohoo :D dearest boboy and family also here :] everyone is here except for my Labuan's cousins, my unseen phoebe and long-lost Chyi :( anyway, its been really fun because i'm having a nice laugh today. yeehiee! i help sis Ina cooking cooking just now. she cook the crabs. haha :D i only help her with the onions and washed the stensils. anyway, its been really fun. its been a while i didn't cooking. ngahahaha :D

as usual, i use my all free time with facebooking. and i did a little of my homework. hehehe.. only did the introduction. LOL XD i really wish i could rid out of my lappy and start doing my homework. it is now or never~ hahaha :] and yeah, today i've been emm..counsellor. hahaha :D counselor of love~ i've been the middle person of Dence and Christyan. they got fight last time and they both told me what happen. Dence didn't tell me the whole story and i totally blaming Christyan for everything but then, Christyan told me every single things that really happen, there i change my mind *sorry dence* and i advice Christyan, don't piss off easily when they are fighting because girls are very sensitive, one simple hurtful words can brought to tears, depression and misunderstand. haha :) trust me, i know because i'm a girl. well, actually. i blame them both for  in my opinion, they both are guilty. why? lets start with dence. as i was told, she was suppose to tell the 3rd party to leave her alone and stop telling the bad things about her boyfriend which that is refer to Christyan. but, in fact, what she did is she chatting nicely with the one who has been talking badly about her BF and ignoring her BF chat. wohoo *idk if this is true. cuz i wasn't there. this is what i've been told* and then whe Christyan piss off, she blame him for being overly protective and there, let me ask you, who should be blame? okay, now, Christyan. he shouldn't to easily piss off like that. he should ask Dence calmly and ask her why she talk to that 3rd party nicely? then, he shouldn't be so jealous and mad like that because he really need to take care of Dence heart. and i heard that he's the one who apologize first. so, who should apologize first actually, him or Dence? if in my opinion, Dence should be first because when her BF told her to stop chatting, she should stop and..inversely, i also think that Christyan is right, he's the one who should apologize first. hahaha :] because he really hurting Dence feeling.. well, for the conclusion, they both should be blame ^^

Well, not saying that i'm professional pr anything  in this love things because truthfully, i never been in love. only in crushing level. hahaha :)) but still, they always look up on me whenever they have anything or needing advice. not just them but most of my friend do. is that mean, i'm a good advisor? hohohoho.. maybe but i don't think i am because how can i be a good advisor while i can't even advise myself to be good? and how can i tell people to be strong while i'm not that strong? haiya. hahahaha :) stupid. anyway, i feel so relief after hearing that Dence and Christyan is back together again ^^. and honestly, i did my very best to squeeze my brain to let off the ideas and perfect words to give to mr.staynner just now. hahaha :) and dence, i don't have chance to advise her for she's not really seem to want to talk about it. its okay :) not my problems. ngahahaha :D in any case, i really do love to help when people in trouble. and i believe, i can give them my bestiest advice of all to help them change their life because i may can't change my own but if i did this, i may change theirs and so that they won't have to suffer like i do :) their happiness means mine too. just that, i may be envy of them later on. teehee :]

I did search for HyukMin new photo and there i saw his new hair is black~ wohoo! and i think i change my mind on dye-ing my hair. ngahahaha :) i want to stay naturally. LOL :DD in fact, as my sis Ina said, i'm still a school girl and i don't need to dye my hair yet. so, i guess she's right ^^. so, i guess thats all for now as the weather is rainy outside and my eyes are getting heavier. ekeke :D its nice to sleep on rainy days like this. especially night. sooo cold. just love the weather, hahaha :) my mum is already sleep very soundly beside me. i can hear her snoring. LOL :DD ermm..this week, i'm going to make an appointment with the skin specialist. i'm so freaking nervous. LOL :D anyway by this week also, my sis Ina is going to be marry and i think i've mention about this few times already. hahaha :) i just can't believe it she's getting marry soon. i'm so EXCITED! ngahahaha :D i'm looking forward for her weds hopefully she can find the happiness that she's always been wanting for with the one that she loves with all her heart. ^^. 
so, before i ended this post, once again i want to wish my sis Jaba and all her friends a good luck in STPM.. may God always be with them! Unnie, Hwaiting!

and here the Alice9 to end my post. 

Arigatou for reading 

p/s : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.

Let Me Out!

Let Me Out from this mess
let me free to live my life
let me shine through the way i like
let me lives freely without being cage like this

Let Me Out from this freaking house
let me walk out from all of your madness
let me run away from your craziness
let me lives my own life like i always wanted.

Let Me Out from this creepy life
let me choose my own way
let me go and leave me alone.

I had enough 
I'm tired of all the dramas and hypocritos.
I want to live differently
No lies, No backstabbers, No hypocrites, No dramas, No hates
just happiness.
so, Just Let Me Out from your life