Me Out Of Ideas =________='

<---- Jaba, I edit this one :) This one is totally my personal likes hahaha :)
Well, I just finish editing her pictures, which I took from her Facebook page. huahahaha :) Imma stalker ma.
And I edited like, 4 or 5 pictures of her. I know she'll be reading my blog later, in this very post, I will only use her pictures that I edited. ekekeke :D You Mad, Bro? hahahaha :)) Besides, I realized that every post I posted here, always got her name in between all the sentences. hahahhaa :D

Anyway, greetings. Reason I'm writing in the middle of evening or whatever the time is  hahahaha :D I got no ideas to continue chapter 10 or 3. hahahaha :) Chapter 3, I think I got the idea, complete one but umm... I still thinking of the good words and sentences to describe the character's movement. Yalah, they surely need to move right, it would be awkward if the just stood like a statue when interacting with each other. hahahaha :) It's does awkward and no one will ever wanted to read my story if I did that. ekekeke :) So, I was thinking to write my blog instead of sitting here without things to do, later my mom would scolded me and call me freak, or weirdo later. Oh well, not that I'm denying the fact that I'm weirdo. hahahahahahahahaha :)

<---- my second favorite :) Yeah, she's cute, right? I know! I'm cute too... hahahahahahaha :) But she has low self-esteem, saying that she's not cute la, not pretty lah. But of course I know, she's a beautiful person inside and outside :) Like me. hahahahahahahahaha XD

So, just now I read her blog and I saw one section on that very post was for me. hahahahahaha :D I was like "O.o" hahahaha :D and then when I finish reading it, I was like "^_______________________^ " hahahahaha :) feeling WOWSOME. hahahaha :) Well, that post was about, she's telling me that she kind of like my stories and I got improvement in my grammar setting. ehehei. and then, she likes my story line but then she hopes that I'll post faster lah the chapters... because she's tired of waiting like 1 or 2 weeks per chapter. hahaha :) Well, speaking of that, I want to do the same too but yeah, whenever I want to concentrate kan, there will be lots of obstacle like mum needs help lah, my good neighbor need helps or ask me to hang out ka, or if it weekend, my son will be here and disturb me since the moment I woke up until night came lah. haish. and then, blink-blink, saturday came and Jaba wants to read it and guess what? Not finish T^T.. I broke her heart. Oh God, why? hahahaha :D Yeah, and if not humans gave me all the obstacles, there would be my social network, my scumbag brains, my window media player lah, and newest obstacles for me is Spider Solitaire. Yes, I'm addicted to that classic games. hahahahahaha :) Aduii T___T But, I do try my very best to finish it up. Well, its does seem like I'm making an excuses about it but.... Well, maybe I am. hahahahahahahahaahahahaha :D where's there a will, there's a way. But still, we have tomorrow. then, tomorrow it is. hahahahahaha :) Just kidding :) I will do it later :)

So, right now I'm busy tumblring. hahahaha :) Yeah, I got something else to tell actually but I forgot =___=; never mind. Not so important I think. ehehehei :) And I just finish tumblring. hahahaha :) Listening to Used and Abused by Danger Radio. ehehei :) I told you, I'm addicted of their songs. Anyhow, I'm gonna start writing chap 10 around 5 o'clock. And oh ya! Before I forgot, I'm pretty much into Forever The Sickest Kid too. hahahaha :) Well, I do like them before but Kpop stopped me and now, TAADAA, I'm back listening to them. hehehei :) and I just knew that FTSK got connection with Danger Radio. OHO! my two favorite band is connected with each otherrrrrr ~~ hahahahahahaha :)) for FTSK, I like their song entitled "Coffee Break" and "Do or Die" uh-huh, pretty awesome. Should go and listen to it if you want to know how awesome it is :))) And after writing all this, I conclude that my real music passion is Rock and Roll, bebeyh! and of course now Emo-Punk is included. hahahahaha :) Complete package. hahahahahahaha :) And No, i'm not emo. hahahaha :) Just extremely emotional :) Anyhow, I'm kinda confessing that I also love to listen to Marilyn Manson. Despite his too-much-make-up-on-his-face-make-him-look-scary and the controversial about he worshiping the devil wasn't really affect me because I like his song, and music not him. hahahaha :) and I kind of adoring his fashion sense. GOTHICNESS everywhere! XDDD

So, yeah... hate to say good bye but I'm out of topic right now. hahahaha :) It's mean, we're getting closer with the closing line. hahahahaha :) And it's half past 5 and I haven't continue chapter 10 yet. Oh God! WAEE ?! hahahaha :) Hopefully lah I can finish it up before going MSN chat with Jaba later >.< Tonight, I'm gonna rebel again. Going to sleep late today. huahahahaha :) Besides, tomorrow is Weekend yaw ( seriously, everyday is my weekend ) hahahahaha :))) Anyhow, I'm gonna pushed hard my brain worker after this for I want to post chapter 10 as I can't wait to write chapter 3. hahahahahahaha :) I don't have idea with that one as well =___=; I'll be damned T____T. Doing two story at one time, is not so new for me because once, before this, I make 4 story one time. ekekekeke and in the end, none of it is finished. ekekekekeke :) Aduii... I'm so fucked up. hahahaha :) but now, I won't watch anymore interesting action and adventure movie or TV shows because these kind of movies always inspired me and tempting me to write a new story. I can't afford it anymore. I must finish this two story first before I wrote new one *finger cross* hahahahaha :)) Wish me real good luck, y'all :)

So, here we are again
Closing. I'll update again. hahahahaha :D 
I know,
It's almost 7 now. 
I told you, I get distracted pretty easily
hahahahahahha :D
So very sorry
Maybe I can't post chapter 10 today T______T
but tomorrow morning I will
BUT I don't want to promise though..
Very sorry, Jaba! >____<

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

The Day When Nothing Else Matter.

<---- Vampire look. hahahaha :)
Yeah, I just edited this one just now and decided to make it look a bit of vampireness. hahaha :)
it's my old picture actually and I think I've post this picture few months back. If I'm not mistaken lah. hahaha :D
It's been a while I didn't self camera. Uh, I feel ugly. hahaha :))

Anyhow, Greetings to you, you and you!
We meet again. hehehe :)
Well, today I got no extraordinary story as my life is plain simple. Which the reason I love it so much! My life is beautifully gorgeous. hahahaha :)
Want it, you can have it if you want :)
I'm very contented to share it though. Ehehei :)
Anyhow, for starter I just want to say that I spend most of my day today playing Spider Solitaire, Solitaire, Free Cell and yesterday Minesweeper. hahaha :) and after that on, and not forget Window Media Player and Microsoft words. hehehei :) All these accompany me from the minute I rise from my beauty sleep until I fall back into dreamland at night. hehei :) My best friend, to be exact. Well, today as well I finished chapter 9 of SCM and LLA chapter 3 also supposed to be posted today but my lappy go crazy and shut down on it owns before I manage to save LLA. Yeah, right now I'm still constructing my writer's mood back. I don't think I will write after this. Maybe later morning lah. I'm sulking. hahahaha :) I almost finished it and SNAP! everything gone. I was like "Oh God, Why?" hahahaha :D

As usual, I chat with Jaba ( which is pretty much my routine lately ) and as usual, I started the conversation. hehei. But I really wish she started it sometimes. And one time, I purposely not make the first move, hoping her to start it first. But in the end, I'm the one who do it. hahaha :) Oh well, I'm pretty much annoying anyway, so I don't care that much though. But honestly, before this I do care a lot but now, I'm just like "Neah...." hahaha :) No harm is included. So, yeah :) And today, our topic is random. As usual. hahaha :)) We're full of randomness, what can I say? It's kind of our natural talents. hehehei :) and I'm the master of it. ekekeke XD anyway, we're talking about character pairing up. She confessed to me that she shipped Shia X Milo. I was like "Whaaa.... what about Fina X Milo?" and then she was like "hahahahahaha," and I was like "T___T" hahaha :)) But oh well, this is free country though. hahaha :) we free to shipped those character according to our own desire. hahaha :D I teased her like telling her that I'm gonna make a special broken heart poems about Milo. hahahahaha :) But nah, I'm tooo freaking lazy to write one. Besides, I kind of agree with Shia X Milo though because Shia is so freaking cute and Milo is also cute and he always treat Shia very good. and besides, Shia's classmate thought that Milo is Shia's boyfriend. hahahahahaha :) I love that part, kinda make me smiled like crazy. ohohohohoho XD but I kinda pitied Sammy though. ekeke :) Don't worry, Sammy, I'm single and pretty much available hahahahahahahaha XDD JK JK, Sammy is too quiet, Nah... hahaha :) But pairing Shia with Milo won't change my mind cuz I'm still gonna become FinaMiloshippers :)))

Oh, I almost forgot! Today also my best friend, Prudence called me. hahaha :) Yeah, at first we were chatting on Facebook but then her aunt wanted to use skype, so she phoned me. We talk like for I think more than 10, 12 minutes like that. hahaha :D She told me about her crush. Well, it's top secret though. hahaha :) I can't write here, who knows one day, she'll found my blog and read it. Uh, I'm screwed. for I already promised her not to tell anyone. Then after we finished with our excitement about her crush, she kinda confessed to me that I'm the only person who knows about her crush and the only person who knows a lot about her. ( Pshh, 12 years yo ) hahaha :) No kidding, she also told me that I'm the only person who stay friend with her since forever. hahahaha :) Well, I'm a dog, I'm loyal. What can I say? Just that, once I felt betrayed, then no chance buddy :) Sorry. hahahaha :) Well, after hearing those words came out from her own mouth, I felt proud though :) I never thought I'm a good friend and a sister too :) hehehei :) I always thought I'm a very bad friend you know. But now I know, hahaha :) And besides, Prudence is much like my own sister to me though and besides, she has no sister kan ( as she's the eldest ) So, why not? I volunteerily becoming her foster sister. hahahaha :) Oh well, I can't say that she's annoyed me sometimes, but what the hell? For friendship sake's, I keep my optimistic on :) Imma Miss Optimist anyway. muahahahaha XDD

And if you realize, my blog song is all by Danger Radio. Yep, I thought I'm over those guys but No, I'm full-heartedly saying that I'm obsessed with their songs and Andrew voice really melts me. huahahaha :) But no, I don't have bias on anyone of them though including Andrew himself because what I like about this band is the voice, the music and the lyrics. Oh God, compilations of perfections. hahahaha :D and my most favorite song from this band is "Slow Dance With A Stranger", "Your Kind (Speak to me)", "Things", "Kiss N Tell", and "Alive For The First Time", and newestly I love "Alibis" which I just found in Youtube. You can listen to it in my blog playlist though :) and oh, besides Danger Radio, I love to listen to The Scene Aesthetic and obviously, my favorite song is "Humans" hehehehei :) First time I listened to this song, I cried so hard because I could feel that they were singing to me, their voices touching my hearts and instantly cured it. It was the most beautiful songs that I ever heard in my entire life. Maybe not the most, but it is one of the most :) Respecting Andrew de Torres! Thank you, God for such talents. I now have hopes in music industries :) I really hope that Danger Radio or The Scene Aesthetic would make comeback album soon :) I want more!! I really do thanking my one and only sis Jaba for introducing me to this two awesome band. If not because of her, I would never know the existence of awesome band like them. hahahaha :)) Oh YEAH! Love her much for this! XDDDD

<---- Moon's edits. hahaha :) yeah, she's the one who dragged me back into pic-editing mood. hahahaha :) Oh well, editing pictures is fun anyway. Just that it is awkward when editing own pictures while got someone else in the same room. hahahaha :) That's why I always doing the editing before going to dreamland. hahahaha :) No ones bother to watch anyway. ekekekeke :) So, we're getting closer to the closing here. I'm gonna sleep earlier today for yesterday I slept too late. hahaha :) Usually, I already sleep by this hour and yesterday my rebellious side of me, conquering my eyes. hahaahaha XD so, today, the good side of me beating my rebellious side. So, no sleep late today :) Besides, I got to wake up early tomorrow, though because if I don't my mum will got pissed and it's really scare the hell out of me. When she mad, nuclear bom also aren't as scary as her. hehehei. Mums, we all scared of them. ekekeke :) Oh well, I better stop writing now. My eyes is getting heavier. Hopefully they aren't doing it just to troll me over. hahahahahaha :)) So, good night and sweet dream. May God Bless You All and keep holding on when you're feeling down, remember God and keep faith :)
Pray before sleep and never ever forget to live this life to the max :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

and oh, last time, when I search for Niall Horan's picture, I saw this :

He just can't leave me alone, can't he? Oh well, he just love me too much. I think. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D