Ulzzang Facts :) *base on self-observation*

AnnyeongHaseyo, Everyone! hehehe :) we meet again. well, actually i'm not suppose to online by this time as i'm REALLY need to study for my addmath. But suddenly an idea strike my brain and Taa-Daa~ i'm here. LOL XD yepp :) the reason why i'm here right now is that i want to share few facts that i knew about people who was called as ULL-JJANG @ best-face. yea, everyone adores them, well i admit.. i, myself adore them too because their faces in their photo WAO~ so kawaii~ hahaha :) BUT, do they really that kawaii? hahaha. so, if you want to find out, read this post from beginning till end :)

First thing that i figure out about this so-call ulljjang people is that they aren't pretty nor cute like what we saw in their photo. they look berdouble-double different than their reallife :) for example, Kang HyukMin, Hong Young Gi, Park Hyung Seok..so on la~ i kinda know this when i saw Ulljjang Shidae on Youtube. i saw their real face.. i was like "WHOA~ is that really them?" especially HyukMin. you know kan i LOVE him more than anything else in the world (metaphor) then i'm so SHOCK when i saw him in Ulljjang shidae season 4, he look so different but that's not going to change my love towards him lah. hahaha. same goes to YoungGi. she looks very Adorably CUTE in her photo but TWEEW~ when i saw her, also in Ulljjang shidae season 1-3.. she looks different. hmm..hmm.. and based on my observation, the reason that make them so different from their photo kan, i think their teeth lah the main reason. their teeth is too big in front and jonggang ( if you know malays then you know what's jonggang is ) and some of their teeth kan, you know, like saw~ (the chain saw one)  hahahaha :D not complaining la.. just sharing :)

Second things that i manage to figure out about this ulljjang people is they are SO NOT CLEVER. once, i watch this one episode of ulljjang shidae kan and i saw part HyukMin and YoungGi ( obviously ) and there i knew they aren't that clever. they don't evern know simple english like " what you want to be when you grow up?". well, that still can be accepted lah for me because there are many people who don't know how to speak english very well even myself don't really know english. broken english, i know lah~ hahaha. But the most unacceptable one is when once YoungGi was being question a mathematic question like 7X6 ( something like that lah ) and she answer it wrongly. hmm..hmm.. maybe because she too dependable on calculator during her school days kowt. hahaha :) not judging, i said.. just sharing. hehehe. 

Another facts that i knew from this lovely people is that they are Wild-Child. I oftenly found their photo was taken at nightclub or karaoke center. i think they use most of their time to enjoy themselves and think about how pretty and cute they are. hmm...hmmm.. until they don't even have time to study english.. i mean, SIMPLE ENGLISH. hahaha :) that crack me down deeply when i knew HyukMin don't speak english :( okay. back to topic. these ulljjang people kan, in my personal opinion lah, they only care about their looks and how their appearance. if i were them kan, i would put study on top then beauty :) kan if they clever and they beauty, doesn't that people will think they are PERFECT in every angle? haiya~ why don't they ask me first on how to be perfect ulljjang? hahaha :)

so, for conclusion.. i would love to say that ulljjang is not that perfect as we thought they were but SO WHAT? hahaha ;) i know that you guys love to see their pretty faces. i know, it just hard to resist them. hehehe. but this is just to bring you guys back to reality so that you guys won't ended up, addicted like me. hahaha :D so, i hope this post could bring you guys back lah. ekeke :) well, again i said.. i'm posting this is not to judge the ulljjang. i have NO right to judge. this is just what i observed :) yea i also think they are ulljjang and they are really suit by being called as Ulljjang~ :) so thanks for reading. Adieu (and p.s : TaeJun is one of the example of REAL ULLJJANG. :D perfect in every angle. ekeke :) )