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In Class O.O

Greetings, humanoids :) Right now i'm in a middle of class but i can't concentrate because the teacher only speaking in front and i'm too lazy to translate all the English words he's saying kekeke :3

So, uhhh.... Just to say that I must admit that i'm seriously depressed like i used too hahaha i mean, you see.... In the last two days, i really fond to cut my hair by myself and now my hair isn't at the same length ahahaha no one will noticed it thought because i only cut some of it. But seriously, this is what i do whenever i'm depressed because by cutting my hair, i can release this hidden depression inside well... I'm feeling a little better and i have my positive sense back actually; not all but okaylah. I still have that negativity though but thank God i manage to finished off my Economics assignment and Finance, i only have one more questions left. So, my day is getting better. Now, i only have to prepare myself for BEshit presentation tomorrow and settle all my HR undone tutorials. I guess i can make it this week and next week.... WOOHOOOO~ hahaha no more work!
Oh wait! I still have HR presentation. Oh well, at least i've done with some shit kekeke xD and i just remember that this Saturday, I'll have my Accounting test 5 (^__^)v wish me luck though. I wonder what chapter will come out. I think chapter 15-18 i think. Oh wow, i still don't get chapter 16. I think i'm gonna die hahahaha XD hopefully the questions won't be very hard to deal with though :)

Uhhh... I guess that's all for now. i shall come back again later or in few days hahahaha :D byebye for now !

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears