Ya know what's the worst about some shit? When someone snapped at you and then play the victim role when with other people. Like yeah, mom did that like too much and I just eugh. 

I know that she's going to get her medical shit from dr.lee but i just wanna confirm something because she was seems like to go and renew her car roadtax so i just need a confirmation because as a driver, of course i need to know where to go right? But she just snapped at me like, are u kidding? i fucking told you we're gonna go to dr.lee

And im like @.@ and she keep on blah blah blah as she went back to the room and blaming me for taking tooo much time to get done and shit. I mean, of course i took time. I thought she only going to dr.lee *sighs* then she aggressively open the door and shit. I'm like @.@ and just ignore her as i took my keys and everything and just go to the car, slammed the door and jus twait in the car

Then as mak ulit and rania go in the car, she start playing the victim and shit like talking nicely and ya know that when im pissed i just ignore people or snapped back. It just. Sometimes its tiring me out ya know. Its like making me look bad in fornt of others. *sighs*i know its not the first time but things keep on happening this way and shit i tell you, it's stressing me out. 

I respect her feelings and all but she always getting on my nerves. Always deciding shit without telling and then blaming me for disagree. Where's the fair in that? *snort* you tell me, man. I know that she's stressed out with that fuckface idiot but if she keep on doing this to me, i don't know man. 

I know that i'm not a saint or anything. And i know that i might be wrong and shit but *sighs* i'm lost for words to described how stressful it is for me. I'm trying my best to not losing my shit and end up saying shit that i will regret. I just want to get out. I can't do this you know.

I want to get out of that house. Its too fucked up i can't.