Not Gonna Say... I Need a Rest.

(How I feel Right Now..Not gonna Say)

Hey, babe. How are ya?
hahahaha :)
I feel hopeless. that's how. hahahahaha :)
Not gonna tell why.
I'm just feeling down right now
Actually, I don't feel like updating
but umm...
I don't have other place to state my shattering pieces of hearts.
Huahahahaha :)
Not gonna say anything about it
I just feeling restless
I'm spending my whole days
Keeping myself away from everyone
Not gonna say why
ahahahahahahahaha :)
I feel like writing poems
oh well maybe I am
Crappy poems
Crappy is my middle names
Because everything I do is CRAPPY
like CRABBY.
Not gonna say....why
I think I just gonna stop
maybe for few days
I need to heal this broken heart
my heart needs to be heal
and I'm still
Not gonna say why
ahahahahahahaha :D
So, goodbye.
Leave me here
forget my everything
Let me rest.
Not gonna say why...

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Every Fucking Tears :)

Oppss... Sorry Niall darling. hahahaha :D
Slipped of the tongue... hahahahahahahahahahahaha XDD
I'm gonna stop using it soon.
Sorry :)
Love You, Niall.
huahahahaha XD

Short Confession I Make :)

hahahaha :)
I mean it...
His cuteness overwhelm me.
His eyes mesmerizing me.
His teeth...OMO~
ahahahaha :)
He's cute!!! >U<

Niall Horan, Irish
He was born on 13 September 1993 :)
(Older a year than me :)))))
And and and
I wanna thanks his parent to give birth for him
huahahahahaha XD
Good Job, parents.
hahahahahahaha :D

and my most favorite picture of him :)

Los altibajos (=

I'm here once again :)
Well, today is quiet a very fascinating day for me
Lots of loads happens. Some bad some good...but hey! That's life :)
And this is just a new beginning for me though :)
I know,
there's more waiting for in the future. All I can do is wait for it to happen and faced it with great strength
And I know,
Kevin Mchale and Logan Lerman is somewhere out there, fighting for me
(delusional again) hahahaha :)
Anyhow, I can't tell if this post is long or short.
Depends on how many stuff I can remember lah. hahaha :)
( I think Logan Lerman is cursing me right now, ahahaha )

Anyway, let me start with what happens this morning. hehehe :)
Like this~
Today, I was attending my second driving test as I failed at Bukit part last time.
and yeah, I'm so freaking nervous that time and I feel like my whole body is shaking, my heart pounding so hard like it feel like almost jumped out from my chest. hahahaha :) That's serious, I know.
Anyway, blessing from God, I pass the test with flying colors! Oh my God! I was like, WOW, SERIOUSLY?! I PASS? WOW! hahahahahaha :D
I would thank my mum as well for blessed me with the holy water right before she send me off to the institution. ehehe :) Yeah, I felt so relieve right now
No more wake up early!
I can party all night on 9gag and Tumblring. Ohohoho
Oh wait!
I just remembered!
I'm fasting. hahahahaha :)
I want to try fasting from 9gag, Tumblr, TWITTER and Facebook ( My Biggest Obsession Of All Time )
Today, I failed fasting because I automatically entered 9gag. huahahaha ( intentionally, actually ) I can't help it. ohohohoho
So, I'm going to start tomorrow. I will only be in Blogger and Google :3 ( As I have to post my modified chapters and reading GH, of course. hahaha )

Speaking of modification of stories,
I got this little hurt feeling from my love one. hahahahahaha :) Yeah, it's not until I bleed to death, no. but still it's kinda hurt. ohohohoho
Just now, I was modifying my chapters ( from chapter 1 until 8 *as I haven't done my chap9 yet* )
I'm doing it because I feel something not right about the whole story. hahaha :)
I feel like each chapter that I post, didn't connected to each other.
And yeah, as I was doing the modification with extreme focus ( hahaha XD )
I was as well chatting with her, my lovely sis Jaba :)
So, as I was finished modifying chapter one, I put on the page la and told her to read.
Yes, she read it
and she said, she feel like reading it for the first time and I was like, WOW, SERIOUSLY?!I feel like flying and I deep in my heart tells me that I did a good job.
So, I was trying to troll her la and asked like, "Or maybe because you forgot the story line?"
And she said yes.
The moment she replied yes, I was like  hahaha :D True Story. hahahahahaha :)
But oh well, she said sorry though and I know she went through a lot. So, Yeah :)
Ya know, I feel like crying as well. hahahahahahahahahahaha XD
Nah, not telling her that I was about to, I just said, It's okay. ehehehe :)
Small matter

P.S JABA: Don't worry dear. I forgive you :)

Well, thinking on the bright side, maybe it's my fault for making such boring story like that. Yeah, like seriously, if the story is not boring, surely its would not easy to forget. ahahaha XD Anyhow, I kinda love the story plot anyway. I find it is very nice. ahahaha :D Oh yeah, of course I think that way because I WROTE IT. ahahahaha  So, well I'm getting cured from the hurt feeling right now. (thanks to So, maybe...MAYBE I'll continued on doing the modification stuff and trying to make it more interesting. Ohohohohohoho :3 now I'm thinking, I should have doing my love story instead. I know from the first time, I don't have talent in this fighting and adventuring kind of stories =.=; oh well, dare to start, dare to finish it lah. hahaha :) Will try harder to finish it because I spend like 20 minutes in shower to think of the story plot and real shower for only less than 10 minutes. hahaha :)

Wonder why I made such a boring story. hahahaha :3
Never mind, I'll try to make it better :))

And last time, when Shawn is still here, he broke my headphones and seriously, that was my very first time ( maybe few times) I'm so freaking mad at him. I almost yelled but yeah, I have to control myself. hahaha :) He just a child anyway. But still, it's my precious headphones. He can throw my phones, can color my diaries, can smack my lappy, can eat my food but Hell No, NO TOUCHING MY HEADPHONES. but thinking on the bright side, I can get new headphones instead. hehehei :) But still, I love my old headphones, I can hear better, and imagined better with it :) Feel like I'm ONE with it. ahahahaha XD Just kidding, Oh well, as I can't lives without it, I would like to purposed a few bucks from mommy and get myself a brand new headphones :) It's easy ma. hahaha :) No need to make simple things complicated :D So, yeah. I was hoping to get one by this week. I can't live without it. Like seriously. Today, I feel like my day is incomplete and the times goes by so damn slow. Urgh, I'm losing my mind, I need music, yaw!

So, here we are again.
The closing, peeps :)
I hate to say good bye actually
but too bad
I had a boring life
Nothing extra ordinary happens
hahahahaha :)
Well, maybe someday
When I marrying Logan Lerman
in the future

So, Good Day
Fellas :)

Be with Me Christ
The cross of Christ be with me;
The cross of Christ overcomes all water and every fire;
The cross of Christ overcomes all weapons;
The cross of Christ is a perfect sign and blessing to my soul.

May Christ be with me and my body during all my life
At day and at night. Now I pray, I [name], pray God the Father
For the soul's sake, and I pray God the Son for the Father's sake,
And I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father's and Son's sake,
And I pray God the Holy Ghost for the for the Father's and the Son's sake,
That the holy corpse of God may bless me against all evil things, words and works.
Prayer for Protection.

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

El día que termine mi capítulo 8 (^_____^)

I'm back and today I update earlier than usual :) hahahahaha :) and yea, my 'U' can't function well right now, I have to tap harshly on it =.=; I don't want to hurt it though, but it leave me no choice. hahahaha :) It's now 12.06a.m and I'm still fresh and white. ehehehei :) Well, I'm putting blame on my aunt coffee. She told me to taste it this morn-noon, and it was freaking bitter, Oh God! hahahaha :) Still, I said to her "Not bad" nodding my head. ehehehei :) Hey, I can't simply said I hate it, because I don't hate it. I dislike it :)
It's kind of honor to be coffee taster sometimes.
Make me feel important :)
And yeah
Coffee is the reason I manage to finish my chapter 8 today. huahahaha :)
I didn't take my beauty noon nap as my eyes so clean and clear. I don't even have thought of going for short slumber.
Maybe coffee is my real inspiration, though. Well, not inspiration to be exact. It's my energy booster. ehei :D

<----- I do look different here... No cute. hahahaha :) YES! I prefer to look cute than matured. huahahaha :) Me no like being mature, me want to stay young FOREVA. but too bad, I'm not Benjamin Button. hahahaha :) If you watch the film, then you know what I mean :) Anyway, today is another awesome day for me because I MANAGE TO FINISH CHAPTER 8 in a day. I was like, WHOAAAAA~ I still can accept the fact that I've finished it in ONE DAY. Usually, I take like 2 or 3 days to finish one chapter. Even sometimes, I take a week or more to finish it. ahahahaha :) I'm just ordinary pro-slacker, what can I say~ hehehehei :) And yeah, I want to say Congratulations to myself though. hehehe :) As no one even care about it except for myself. I'm very happy with myself. hahahaha :) So, starting today... Whenever I want to write chapter 9 or the next chapter after that, I don't want to think about others saying. I want to be in my own world like today. I'm also want to thank my random music taste because it is really really keeping me awake and make me swaying my body, dancing to it beats. I'm feeling contented today, that's one of the reason I manage to finish chapter 8. ( I sounds like boastful person, eh? ) Well, yeah. actually, not boasting about managing to finish it. Seriously, boasting about it when I only manage to finish chapter 8? Na'ah. I'm going to boasting about it if I manage to complete the story in just one day. hahahaha :) True story :))

And today, I have lots of obstacles that dragging me away from keep writing. But this kind of obstacles is some what makes me happy. It's kinda bonus for me today. ehehehe :) First obstacles for today is when Sis Jon asked me to accompany her to toys world, buying new toys for my little nemesis, Shawn. YEAH... and of course, I can't say no. it's SHOPPING! I won't say no to it. seriously. hehehei :) So, as Shawny bought toys, I ask permission from sis Jon to go Belle Bookshop upstairs and I bought  Salvador CDs. hehehe :) I've been longing to buy it since the first time I listened to it, last month, if I'm not mistaken. The shopkeeper, played it and the song is so beautiful. Caught my heart on the spot. Yeah! Then, as we go home, sis Jon asked what I bought, I just grinned so she guess and said I bought another novel ( as I always by novels though ) but I didn't answered, I just keep grinning. I'm not usually bought CDs from bookstore. hahahaha :) Maybe next time, I'll tell her :))

Then, when I'm busy in my own world, suddenly sis Jon came to me and asked me to accompany her Tapau-ing McD. hahahahahaha :) She said, she felt lazy to cook, so tapau it is :) Well, I can't say no as well because I can't say no to food. huahahahaha :) ( actually, I can't say no to her. Same goes to my other siblings. It just impossible to say no ) hahahahahahaha :) So, again I have to abandon chapter 8 for a moment. We've stuck in traffic jam in Tudan area like for couple of minutes, and then when we finish ordering our food at the Drive thru, we have to wait for our burger.

I was like, 'Trial' what can I say? hahaha :) But that moment, I didn't even have the thought over my chapter 8 as I'm to delight chatting with her. ehehehei :3. I just thought about it right now :) Then, we ate our burgers together, talking for few minutes.

Then, I excuse myself. And after that, mum told me to fold the clothes and yeah, I go folds the clothes first, talking, talking and talking with her.

Then, shawny came and disturb me once more. hahahahaha :)) Haish~ it's quite hard for me to keep on writing today. hahahahaha :)

Around 8p.m, I started to write my chapter 8 and finished writing it around 9. I was like, AWESOMEEE~~
Yeah, seriously, I wrote 3 pages in an hour...
I'm Amazing! hahahahaha :D

So, right now I'm in Sis Jon room. yeah, going to sleep over here until Tuesday next week as Bro Rajuna go outstation and I'm babysitting his wife and baby. hahahaha :)) for free.. hahahaha :) I'm kinda paid by WiFi. hahahaahahahaha :))) And right now, Sis Jon and Shawny is asleep soundly on the bed. I'm sitting on my usual place, listening to U Can't Touch This by DJ Hammer. Kinda love the song, sounded so cute. ehehehe :) Make me want to go to the dance floor and dance.. But right now, I can't hehehehe. Only can do head banging. ehehehehehehei :) But of course, Macarena always be my top favorite of all time. ahahahaha :) AYYY MACARENA!!!

Yeah, like seriously... We're closer to end of the post. Hmm... I wish I had more to tell, but ya know... Nothing extra ordinary happens to my life. hehehehe :) only usual routine though. It's repeating like every weeks and I'm kinda used to it. Especially the bad stuff that happens. Yeah, I'm immune with it. ehehei :)

And oh yeah, I'm in love with chapter 22 from GH :) hehehehehehehehehehehe :) Go read it, then you'll know what I mean. actually, I love all the chapter from prelude chapter until the newest chapter :) I don't have bad thing to say about it. FOR ME, it's definitely perfect. One day, when sis Jaba finish writing it, I want to print it out and make a book for my own collection :) NGEEE <3 I just love it!!!!!!

So, Tomorrow... I hope I'm going to finish doing chapter 9 in just one day like I did to chapter 8. AYYY MACARENA. hahahahahaha :) Wish me luck though :)

So, here we are :) Ending of my post :( 
Aw, don't be sad.
I'm going to write again soon
hahahahahaahaha :))
So yeah
I'm no longer using the YoyoCici cartoon.
Maybe next time. 
It's too late to use it
hahahaahahahaha :)
So, I'm going to end this post with Macarena's dance style

Prayer for Protections :)

Jesus, I will arise; Jesus do thou accompany me;
Jesus, do thou lock my heart into thine, And let my body and my soul
Be commended unto thee.
The Lord is crucified.
May God guard and protect my senses
So that misfortunes may not overcome me.
In the name of God the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

No Tengo Ideas Para La Historia (=..=;)

Ola, hahahaha :)
Like seriously I wanna update yesterday but well yeah, as usual my bones is rioting, my brain is procrastinating, and yeah, I'm back with facebook hahahaha :D
Going back to facebook is the biggest mistake I made tonight. Well, first I will always online on facebook and second, now I'm currently playing Hidden Chronicles WHICH is going to be my new addiction. GOD! save me!
Anyhow, going back to facebook again will bring lots and lots of trouble for the stories I'm making. hahahaha :) Yeah, ya know... I'm a gamer, of course I'll put priority for my games. hahahaha :) well, that's only a very damn lame excuses though, even if it is true :3. Speaking of games, my ungrateful-freaking-stupid-brother still haven't give back my TiVo and yeah, hell I miss to play my PS2. I want to continue my KingDom Hearts games and my Sims2 Pet. I miss my games. I want to go to battlefield, I wanna try to play Resident Evil: Veronica~ I seriously need my TiVo back. I told him to 'BORROW' for TEMPORARILY not PERMANENTLY. DUH! stupid people won't understand though. Oh well, let him enjoy my TiVo for a moment. I just don't want to call over my depression. I'm relax enough right now. hahahaha :) I don't want to ruins my relaxing time :) It's pretty hard to get this kind of moment for this few days. You'll know what I meant if you're my loyal reader. hahaha :)

right now, I'm suppose to continue on chapter 8. Yep, ended up I'm here. yeah~ Hello! hahahahaha :) My brains is block right now maybe because it's been a while I didn't stay late like this. I'm going to hit the bed right after I finish writing this very post though. Yeah, I have the perfect story lines for chapter 8 in my head, just that my grammar&vocabulary section inside my brain doesn't want to cooperate with me =.=; I hate it when it happens. hehehei :) Urm... yeah, this few days, lots of things happens. Bad things, good things, *smirked* Bad things, yeah... as usual, I hate my brother. hahahaha :) and my mum is having massive headache. she felt dizzy and i told her to eat panadol just now but she refused. Maybe tomorrow I'll force her to go to clinic. Good things, as usual also... I listen to songs, dancing to it, taking shawn home, have a good driving lessons, late-crush commenting on my FB, video-chat with prudence and yeah, have a great laugh with sis Jaba :)) Prudence and Jaba really made my day today :))

Yeah, seriously, about my late-crush-which-I-almost-forgot-that-I've-crush-on-him-before, he suddenly commenting. Oh well, that's normal lah kan and I was just like "Oh, umm... yeah..." hahaha :) because I've no more special feeling on him anymore bah. But then, Prudence came and comment on the same post and said something that is so cannot be spoken. hahahaha :) Gosh, I'm blushing that moment. that comment must creeping him out. huahahaha :) never mind, I'm creepy anyway XD and she keeps on torturing me. hahahahaha :) Doesn't matter lah, I'M OVER HIM. wao, I speak like he is my ex. hahahaha :) Well, yeah.. Ex-Crush. ekekeke XD and yes, we go stalking together-gether :) It's kinda fun to spend time together with her sometimes. hehehehei :) She's my besties anyway (=^_^=)

And later night, I go MSN with sis Jaba.. Our usual routine at night. As my chapter production isn't go so well this few days, she just make reviews on chapter 7. She said it's good though. Well, I do admit that the story line is pretty awesome but just that I'm not so sure about my grammar. hehehei :) Still lack of it and I've tried to read books which then I ended up surfing in dreamland. hahahaha :) *sighs* I hate myself sometimes. I can't even do something as simple as reading right. >.< whenever I think of my grammar, I lost my passions to write and yeah, I've been trying my very best though. But I just can't do it yet. hehehei :) I know, someday I'll be doing the best of me ;) So, I'm just need to keep trying for now, yeah? I keep telling this to myself but still didn't manage to do it. Urgh! Inspiration! I need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emo-ing right now. Because I'm no good....*sighs*

I wish I'm a good writer as Jaba do... She just an awesome writer. Just need to polish a bit lah. after that, she's perfects :))

I wish I knew many english words.... Seriously, I really need online tools which can translates from Iban to English. hahahaha :DD my English lame. Just so freaking many words I don't know~~ >.< Last time, I'm encounter with this problems and because of it, I have to change the whole sentences because I can't find english words of it. hahahaha :D haishh~~ FML

We are now reaching the closing. hehehehe :) So, yeah... going to sleep after this. and Oh, did you notice my blog song? hahaahaha :) Yeah, randomness attacking my sense of music again. this time, I mix classic with new music. hehehehe :) I got Macarena song in my playlist and of course Good Vibration by the Beach Boys. God, I love their songs. hahahaha :) Maybe next time, I'll put their songs more in my playlist. I feel so relax yet so fun when listening to their songs. Yeah, old school rocks my life :) Going to be fans of BeachBoys for the time being :) Yeah, I'm a classical music lover, alright? hahahaha :)) and ummm... Oh yeah, I filed a divorce with Luke Castellan today. hahahaha :) Why? Well, I just don't feel right to like him though. Because ya know, sis Jaba loves Adam Milligan which is Luke Castellan, in other words, we're liking the same person which real name is Jake Abel. hahaha :) If you know what I mean. So, I'm not really comfortable with this triangle love ( sounds real, eh? ahahahahahahaha ) besides, I have Percy, the love of my life :) I can't take my eyes of Logan Lerman, even though I'm still heart broken inside. hahahaha :) I'll just stay with Logan, until I find new husband. ekekeke :)))

And what else before we off to say goodbye? aaaa.....Ouh, I've change my facebook with timeline with I fucking hate it. hahahahaha :D yeah, I cursed, which mean I'm not really into it. hahahahaha :) the only thing I like about the timeline is the cover photo. yeah... the one and only thing I like about it. the rest, just go to hell. hahahahaha :)) OHHH~~~ I have this great problems nowadays... I cursed easily for this few days. I don't know what happen to the innocent me. I can't even control my tongue to stop cursing. But seriously, I want to stop cursing. I cursed a lot.... I blame no one ( even though, I know who make me cursing a lot ) yeah.... I don't want to curse anymore. Hmmmm....

here we are... the end of the post :)
Yeah, Johnny Depp rules!
I'm his biggest fans since Edward Scissorhands. hahaha :)
and of course, I'm a Tim Burton's fans as well. That's why I Love Johnny Depp!
I love his voice, his chameleon's characters, his face, his body *drool* hahahaha :D and everything about him is perfect to me. hahahaha :) YEAHH~ he's awesome alright?
So, to end this post, I'll let Johnny Depp to end :) He's kinda my newest bias. But he just my Uncle. hahahahaha :D So, yeah, Uncle Depp :)

Good Day, Fellas :)

Spiritual Armor Prayer :)

Heavenly Father, 
we ask You today for Your truth as a belt tight around our loins.
 We put on the zeal to announce your good news of peace as shoes for our feet.
We put on Your righteousness, 
O Christ, as our breastplate, And the hope of salvation as a helmet for our head. 
Father, we take up faith as a shield which is able to put out all the fiery darts of the enemy, 
And the sword of the Spirit, which is Your Word, O Lord. 
Father, may the love with which you have loved Jesus be in us, and may Jesus be in us.
We ask You for the grace of a servant heart.