Hard To Tell When Its Come To Reality :)

It just another lame day which i have no choice but to face everyday with the same old routine. Haiz! well, nothing could make me down if it not about my stupid brother though. failing in exam is okay for me because if i can fight my laziness, i surely can pass all the paper. just that i don't feel like passing anything because of .. you know, lots of things is loading both of my shoulder. hehei.. even sometimes, i had to show my fake laugh to others, i mean my friends. ehehe. they doesn't need to know anything. this just between me, you and bloggy though, and if you are one of my friend, then don't tell others about it. i just hope that it could be secrets between us :) i would appreciate it if you guys didn't tell anyone, even to the person who is the closest to you :) well, you see.. eventhough my brother isn't really show what's up with him, i can tell it from the bottom of my heart that he is involved in something terrible. i mean, something that is very wrong. you know what i mean.. if you always up-to-date with my post, you know what i mean because i've been mention about this once. i just don't have guts to say about it publically for many times. it just too embarrasing. who doesn't feeling embarassing if one of their family member is involving with some shitty things?! mind my language but that is the best word that is suitable to describe that fuckish things. Gah! if, just if i had the power to stop everything, i mean, him from getting involve with it. anyway. i guess that enough about him. make me won't stop typing. in conclusion for his case, i think, if he want to get involve with anything fuckish like that, he shouldn't ever hurt mum feeling. you know, i'm so damn angry if i accidentally saw mum burst to tears. i just wish killing is legal in my country. hahaha :D 

anyway, school has started last week. just that i don't feel like updating :) sorry. school is quite fun, but when it is come into homeworks and study time, urgh~ feel like want to jump off the third floor. LOL XD Just kidding, actually i found that studying is much fun than sitting down at home and do nothing but played dumb. hahaha :) homeworks, don't say. still tons of it. actually i was planned to do it during this weekend but in the end, i ended up with blogging. ngahahaha :) mum didn't look care so far but i know, deep down in her heart, she is scolding me. ehehe :) she can't scold me here, i mean, i'm at my aunt house right now. muahaha :) yea, my aunt is lonely as both of her daughter is out of town, following their husband of course, and my uncle is also outstation. so, there she was all alone with my sick grandpa and of course annoying niece, oh, ME! ngahahaha :) oh yea, this 2 days, i've been stalking my HyukMin. ekeke :D and i found this kind of picture of him ------------------>>>> he look cuter than before, don't you think? i heard that he made few surgery on his face. yeah, nothing is to good too be true, right? no one perfect. hehei :) well, its all up to him whether to do surgery or not, i'm just being his stalker though. ngahahaha :DD I'M STALKER WITH PRIDE. but still, my love for him will never change. ekekekeke XDD shameless. i wonder, where and when can i met someone look like him and become their special ones? hmm.. hahaha. if in my imaginary world, i've been seeing lots of people who look like him. LOL but when i went back to reality, all those cute looking boys are currently with their loves one or maybe liking someone, which is so not me. hahahah :)D i don't care about that lovey-dovey stuff actually, i just want to meet the person who look like hyuk min. he doesn't have to be mine, just friend is already enough for me. hahaha :D oh please, God, grant my wish! XD

talking about school, i was enlisted to attended intensive class for addmath. guess what? i feel so relieved! hahaha :D DUh! who doesn't? it always be my dream to get pass my addmath's paper! hahaha :) simple dream, but it lead me to the brightiest future ever! oh, talking about future, today.. when i was busy online-ing, i suddenly thought about the field that i'm going to take after SPM. so, i was thinking like this way, if i manage to get straight A's for my SPM, i will go enroll civil engineering but if i only get A's for my primary subject, then i'll go enroll for art and design. easy right? this whole years, i've been confusing with this two things but praise to the Lord Our God, with his grace, i manage to make up my mind. ehehe :) i don't have to worry about it anymore. so, i what i have to worry more for now is that How Am I Going To Get Straight A+ for my SPM? hmm...hmmm.. well, i've been thinking of few ways actually and of course, without determination, i won't able to make it. so first step, i want to finish all my undone homeworks. second, i want to do revisions. third, i want to lessen my online time, what i really mean is that i want to make an effective time management for myself. and fourth is i want to attend all the extra classes. hahaha :) yeah, i admit, i sometimes skip my extra class. ekeke :D due to extremely laziness of course. so, if i manage to do all the four steps, whoa. i think i can even beat those who is in the 20th places in class. ekeke :D Just kidding. 

Oh, its 7.39 p.m and i haven't ironing my school uniform and i want to prepare my school stuff today. if i did it in the morning, i won't have time to watch PowerPuff Girls. T^T. hahaha :) PPG means a lot to me because it help to enlighten my days. ekeke :) and i think tomorrow i'm going to go home late because of the intensive class, but i don't mind though. just for this year. next year, i will resting in peace. LMFAO XD yeah, next year i want to relaxing first, maybe for 5 or 6 month, then after that i'm going to find university to further my study. want to enjoy life first lah :DD maybe i will further my study to Australia, if mum let me to. i want explore other countries on my own and want to feel how is it like to live all alone. LOL XD and i also have thought that on my resting month, i want to learn foreign language and went travelling to South Korea or maybe Japan! whoa, i can't wait for the time to come. WeeHoo~ love it. eh, time's up. later i will going to continue with another topic. if i had the chance to do it. hehehe :) hopefully i still can keep this lappy on my own. it is feeling much better if i kept it for my own. oh yea, talking about laptop, guess what?! i am going to receive Laptop 1 Malaysia this 25th of June! LOL XD i just can't believe that i can receive it. it is truly the great power of grace from dear Lord, Father in heaven. i'm feeling so lucky. thanks for the luck that you have given me, oh lord. I love You!! XDDD can't wait to receive it! Kyahh!!

so, that's all for now, i will continue in my next post about "My Life As An Otaku" ehehehe :) yes, i admit. i am an otaku and i'm proud of what i am and what i am being. because i just being myself here :)

so, i guess that is all for now. be seeing you guys in my next post. Adieu :D

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears >.0