My Story or should I say my Stories (^____^)

Annyeong and Greetings! Yeah, seems like I'm pretty much addicted to use the gif picture eh? hahahaha :) Well, because I just knew how to make it, so you pretty much of seeing the moving picture often after this. ahahahaha  Anyway back to business :) Oh yeah, I was just thinking to tell you much about my effin' story. ehehei  Why? because I'm making 4 story at a time. Well, seriously i don't plan to do it because my head is always working and once it start to operate, I can't handle it. So, yeah... now I have 5 story to finish. Now, I'm thinking, how the heck am I going to finish them all? Well, good things this is just some hobbies and no dead line is given. If I do have dead line, I think I'm the one who die. hahahaha .

The one that I high light is the stories that I'm currently doing. Heh, quite many hoh? I know! and I'm so freaking confuse on what should I do about it! Oh well, just blame my brain for being to cool   hehehehei :D actually, I'm just doing CupidCooperation and The Secret 7. But as I have no idea on how to continue, so I read back all the story that I've made and taa-daa~ I ended up doing another 3. hahahahahhahaha   Its really hard to have such a creative brain like this. ahahahaha XD Just kidding :) But I promised you that I will try my best to finish them all.  So, Let me introduce you a little to much of my story :)

Here We Go!!

The original story that I wanted to finish off before February (well, now I think I have to postponed it ) ehehehei   because my awesomeness had giving birth to newest story. hahahahha :) Okay, short brief about this story. As you can see, there was a picture of me and sis Jaba. Yeah, we're in the story okay? hehehei   ( we are MBLAQ lover ma ) this is actually a fanfiction made by me lah. hahaha :) okay. the story is like this, Jaba and I was the top agent of CuCO which people all over the world needing us to do something like match-making, spying, investigating, bodyguarding and more of agent's work lah.. hahaha :) That one time, two clients were asking us to help them out. Oh yea, I forgot! SeungHo is one of us too and he's the top agent of all time :) And our first clients is Ji-Hoon. He was asking SeungHo to help him investigating about something and our second client is happened to be CheonDung which wanted us to help match making for her sister, Sandara. In this case, Mr. Q, the matchmaking department head were asking Jaba to go. But, Jaba never like to do matchmaking and in fact she always failed her matchmaking test. At first she was about to refuse but Mr.Q left her no choice as it was going to be her test or she's going to be expel from the company. So, she have to go. Then, she needs her sister help, which is Me. So, I'm going along lah.. hahahaha :) Seriously, I'm no good in telling sypnosis. ekekeke :) So, that's all. The rest of the story, you just wait. hahahahahahaha :)

ahahahaha :D this one is the second story that I wanted to do. But...yeah, as you can see... I didn't even finished the first sentence. hahahahaha   I'm too good. ekekeke :) this story.... I don't know much what to write about it. heh, because I'm not really good in doing some fighting-fighting storylah, to be honest. Besides, I think I already lost interest in doing this story. hahahaha   but of course, I'll do it even the world ends. hahahahaha :) I won't wasted my document just like that. It seriously hard to find the perfect font for the title you know. It took me an hour to do it   I wasted an hour of my life ya know? hahahaha XD So, I'm going to ask help from sis Jaba soon. Maybe she could help me with this later on. ehehehe ~ 

Today, I'm busy doing this one. Yeah, again you can see my face. ahahaha :D getting sick? Well, better take panadol because you're to have seeing my face real often after this. ekekekeke :)) this one is another love story and another fanfiction as well. P.S ( Ally is my virtual world identity )this story is about two best friend, which is Ally and Ha Min ( which is never real ) hahahaha   and they were fall for each other, well very predictable. But they didn't even realized about their feelings towards each other until the new guy Min Jun intervened in their friendships. At the same time, MinJun have a die-hard fan, namely as Hara ( sorry Hara fan! I just think she's suit the character ) and Hara always wanted MinJun to fall for her. So, she told Bora, her sidekick to do something according to her plans, which is I won't tell here. hahahahaha ( because I haven't think about it yet ) So, that's is all about. The ending, umm... You keep on thinking what will happen and I'm sure, I'll surprise you :) ( Because I've thinking about the ending when I'm in shower just now ) hahahaha :)))

So, this is my first and only story using anime as its character. I named this story as 'WHEN BAD MEETS EVIL'. I kinda naming it that way because both demon and vampire are from the darkness, right? So, BAD is the Vampire ( which is us ) and of course demon is the EVIL. hehehei :) ) actually i was planning to named is as when light meets the dark but is sounded weird. hahahaha :D suddenly I remembered one Eminem newest album entitled Bad meets Evil. So, yeah :)) As you can see, there I already stated which one is us. I don't want to use our usual name as it sounded to common. So, I decided to invent another name. Let me tell you why I named us-self that way.First is Jaba. As you can see, I named her Ainon. Heee :) Where I get the name? its actually simple, I got it from her 'india's name' anand. hahahahahahahaha :DD to make it cooler, I change to Ainon lah.. I love it though. It sounded girly yet so serious and mysterious. hahahaha :D Kevin is kevin lah, that's why I didn't circled his name, I was thinking to use Nyalong but it sounded weird. hahahaha :) Nyankat? hahahahaha :DD Nah, I prefer Kevin. So Mine... is very easy one. I get for Ngeng-ngeng lah. I just change a bit to Ngielle. if I use Ngeng, people will thought that I'm a guy. hahahaha :D so, to make it sound girl, I wrote Ngielle :) Sound legit, eh? I Know!! And last one is Phoebe's. As we all call Phoebe, 'Lalan' so I just added I and E in between the word. So, now her name is Lalaine :) hehehehe :) In this story, I combined my vampire with my currently favourite anime( Ao no exorcist) character which is the Demon's brothers. hehehei :) There will be some fighting and some misunderstanding between the story line. There will also be some love fight and friendship chains between vampires and Demons. What will they fight with? Well, I was thinking that they will be fight vampire and demons as well. I don't know yet as I'm just starting this few days ago. So, let just wait where will my brain taking me too :)

Today I was hang out with tumblr most of the time and was thinking to hunt for Yu Ha Min's picture for my newest story. And I was so freaking contented and feels like God has answering my prayer of all this time! I was like "OMONAH~" hahahahaha XD this reaction is seriously occur when I saw Yu Ha Min wearing those kitty ears! OMO~ hahahaha :D well, if you always update with me, then you will remember about my previous post last year ( I think ) the one I tell about Yu Ha Min. I was telling that I looked at him as Neko-Anime like. hahahha :) So, yeah. It's seriously come true now. hahahaha :D thank you , GOD! 

Seriously, I never can take my eyes off him. No matter how many bias I have among ulzzang, I always ended up posting about him instead of my biases. Like what i've done to Kang Hyuk Min before. ekekeke :) besides, I think, If i'm not mistaken, I knew ulzzang from yu Ha Min. But what's make me wondering right now is, I never thought he as one of my biases. hahahaha :)) Epic heh? I know~ Well, same goes to Kwak Min Jun. I'm not really into him as well but I always ended up finding his picture instead of the others. hahaha :) Oh wells, I just let my heart decide which one of them is my real bias  
Wonder what will they both think when they saw this post? hahahahahaha =D they must think that I'm some kind of crazy delusional girl. Oh well, they must be new. ekekeke :D

So, I guess this is good bye. hehehe :) reporting the time and it is 1:41 a.m in the morning. hehehehe :) So, I'll be going now. I'll be straight to bed after I wrote one or two sentences in When Bad Meets Evil. hehehehe :D so Adieu and Good Morning!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)