Positivity Is The Greatest Depression Medicine :)

Greetings, Humanoid :)
Today I do nothing but online. Well I did do something else thought like uhh... washing car? hehehei well yesh. I washed my car and my dads. Well, I was my dad's car is because I wish to drive it to school tomorrow and of course for next week as well. hohohoho. Anyway, I've not much to say here I think... As I'm pretty much sleepy and I'm feeling quite bored to be honest. I don't know what I should really do to be exact.
And oh, as you can obviously realized, I've change my blog songs and yeah baby~ I'm back to English fudging songs! XDD wee wooooo i mean, I'm pretty much bored listening to anime and kpop song for the whole month time and everywhere is kpop and anime songs, in tumblr, in car, in my phone playlist. they are like EVERYWHERE. I'm kind of sickening of it. ekekeke well, not really. I'm just exaggerating it a bit. I was just have the feeling of listening to English song, that's why. ekekeke and oh, yeah... I've got some inspiration of writing story too but not the one I suppose to work on. It's another something. ekekeke :D Well, maybe I'll try to write the starter later on :) Ah gosh! stupid brain~ why you have to remind me of homework now T^T yeah... I just remembered that I've got Finance homework. Oh fuck it. I'll just copy my classmates' work tomorrow. besides, I don't even get it. hahaha just fuck it. Anyway, uhh.... right. I've got some happy story to share too :)

Yesterday, I've receive one email from HobbyNetwork.com and you knoww~~~~ They told me that my RIN IS ARRIVE AT THEIR PLACE ALREADYYYYYY~~ and I'm like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG~ I'm almost fainted ya know. HAHAHAHAHA I CAN'T! I mean seriously. I've waited for like 3 months for this figurine to arrive and finally...... it's like my dream coming true and seriously, I'll treasure this figurine for the rest of my life! XDD and PLUS! Okumura Rin is my favouritiesest (ahahahaha) character in Anime ever so Everrrr~~~ XDDDD and I'm expecting it to arrive herfrom the bottom of my heart, let it arrive here with me tomorrow, safely~~ XDDDD ahahaha :) but then... I want to ask about Yukio too since I bought both of them last time but then I didn't. I'll just ask another time  or maybe I'll just wait for them to tell me about it. ekekeke as long as they told me and that's what matter to me. I mean, come on. I've wasted like almost 800 for the Twins. hahahaha and oh. my iza-chan also have no news about him. I'm waiting for it still. Oh well, save the best for last, ehh? ekekeke :D Relax~~ I'm sure I'll get it soon :) OKUMURA RINNNN~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ best news ever! XD

Andd..... yesterday I went out with my best friends. Well, only plus another member ekeke and yeah, seriously I feel like its best friend Reunion. I mean, me, Fio, Val and Dence is all together again like we used to while we were still in high school. before this, there was only me, Val and Dence but now, yeah.. I'm very grateful about this thought. It's make me think that our friendship is just too freaking strong that nothing can break it. ekekeke :D AMEN! i wish we could grow up together and even when after we all married, we all still can hang out together like this. hehehehe :D

These girls are like a family to me. I mean, out of all people, they choose me to be with instead of so many other cooler girl than me. I mean, come on. I'm a otaku, a retarded person who is like, watching anime 24/7, reading manga everyday and online-ing non-stop. Even I don't looked for them. Even so, I'm really are grateful that they stayed. No matter how bad I behave towards them, no matter how rude I've become, no matter how weird I've been, they never left me and I hope that this would stay forever. And I, too will try my best to keep our friendship alive :)

Okay, so yesterday the four of us went dinner at Kent's Garden at Piasau there :) And it was awesome~ I mean, we talk like we own the place. hahahaha even though all of us were wearing dresses and look so lady-like that night but once it came to laugh, we burst out laughing like gosh, I think even the ghost are scared of us. hahahaha XD like seriously. don't be deceived by our appearance. hahahaha anyway, we were talking about lots of stuff and even complaining about our school life went. ekeke and yeah, Val is the one who complain the most hahaha she's like on rage or something whenever she's complaining like she always does when she call up to me. hahahaha :D and then number two, goes to Fiona. she's like complaining about this one annoying girl named Daphne and she's like, when fio ask her something, she's like out of topic and keep talking about herself. Well, I know this girl too ya know and yeah, seriously. this girl is a very big deal and the most annoying girl ever. hahahaha =.= and Dence... uhh... umm... well, she did says something though but I can't recall what since the other two talking endlessly and emotionally hahahaha XDD I was like, Okay.... I'll just sit here and listen to you guys/... hahahaha XD well, seriously. In every outing of ours, I'm always be the listener. I mean, I have nothing much to complain though. I'm quite okay with all the annoyance I get from my classmates. I still can cope with them all. ekekeke :D relax~~ I'm annoying too
We talked, talked and talked, then we decided to go to McD for desserts.

There, we ordered Sundaes and McFlurry and we snappy snap pictures and talked some more. I feel like our topic is endless. hahahaha I mean, seriously. Well, not actually me who's talking but Valerie and Fiona. these two, they never out of topic. hahahaha But I'm glad though :)
And then, next Tuesday, we all going to eat again at Korean Restaurant but this time together with fiona. hehehe :) I was thinking to bring my DSLR and took lots and lots of picture together. ehehehe:D and then, Val said she wanted to go to Beach Republic as well. Maybe we all going to stroll along the beach. Maybe la. hahahaha and then, on 4th February, Val went back to Kuching :( But then I know, around March, she's going back to Miri again as she finished her A Level, same goes to Prudence. Then only me and Fiona who stayed at school T^T nevermind, I'm almost finish my diploma too ekeke :DD

And ohh... regarding my other story I'm gonna write... I was thinking to write it about uhh.... a girl and  a boy who falling in love. HAHAHAHAHA seriously. I'm not even ready with the story line yet. I don't know about it myself. All I'm sure is that I'm gonna make my baby Logan Lerman to played the boy character ekekekeke :D I don't want to make it long though, just enough for like 15 chapters and yeah, hopefully I can finish it since until now, I only manage to finish 2 of my stories. ekekeke good times, good times... Now I miss the feels when I finish my story :) I must have been so happy right then :)

Well, blame my uncreative brain about it. ekekeke :DD
So actually, I'm running out of ideas because of the distraction from my friend, Tracy. She texts me just now and told me that her boyfriend doesn't believe her when she tell him that we have lots of homework. What kind of boyfriend doesn't believe his girlfriend? hmmm... well, since I'm her boyfriend's acquaintance ( I know his boyfriend when I was in Elementary school as well as high school but not close lah.. only I smile, you smile phase.... so yeah) she asked me to help her to explain everything to her boyfriend if he happen to text me and ask about it.(she gave my phone number to him  ) and oh well, of course I'll tell him everything though. I mean, it's not like she's lying about those piling homework. and besides, why wouldn't I help her, she's a friend right? and why would I lie to her boyfriend about it? it's not giving me any benefits if I lied though. Unless if I lie, I can get one million, then of course I'll lie. So, yeah. besides, I'm always a middle person in everyone's relationship. hahaha I'm a love doctor though. I mean, don't believe me? ask my sisters and my dudes. They ask for relationship advice from me. hahahaha funny right? I mean, I never been in any relationship before. ekekeke XD oh well, good advice. that's matter :D

Okay, I shall leave now. Byebyebye

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)