Having Blast With Le Awesome Sister and Fangirling much~ ekekekek :))))


Well as you can see me and sis Jaba have the same neko bag~! wee~ she owns the handbag and mine is backpack. and when I was looking for Sunggyu pics, I kinda stumble with a pic of Sunggyu and Sungyeol arrived at Incheon Airport together. Well obviously you know that I'm now loving so deep for Sunggyu and yep sis Jaba own SungYeol. But my point here is that our bags~ hahaha (Look at our picture above) hahahahahaha =.= it's twisting HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA=.= but well I guess that younger person prefer to wear backpack more instead of handbag eh? miahahahaha XDDD

And today is another blast day for me and as well as blessed day. ahahaha you know what? I was kinda meet again with the cute promoter of IT boulevard. the one that uh... the sales person. ekekeke (^w^) he's my real life crush for the time being ekekeke XDD anyway, yeah. it was hell of awkwardness when we met. HAHAHAHAHA I can't stop recalling how he look like Aigooo =.= we kinda met at the ATM machine near KFC there and he was in the front line with two muslim girls in between us. I was with sis Jaba and sis Inut that time. When we first saw each other, he was like O.O and then bows his head down with a shy smile carved on his face. MIAHAHAHAHAHA *FANGIRLING* hahahahahahahahaha XD and I'm like ouhkeyyy he remembered me hahahaha I bowed back and grinned. I think I'm blushing that time though. hahahaha XDD I can't control it. ekeke I hid myself behind sis Jaba ekeke XDD
and then kan, when he is about to leave, I glanced la back at him but YA KNOW WHAT?! I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO LOOK BACK AT ME YAWWW BFNJSMJFKKDMJEFKI JENFJIJEIOFK!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and we're like bowing head and grinning at each other again. HAHAHAHAHA that was the most awkward ever. HAHAHAHA and yeah, PS, I know that his name is Raymond. (It was stated on my new lappy resits) ekekekeke XDD *sighed*

It's been a while I didn't fangirling over a real-life guy like this miahahahaha XD even right now, I can still recalling the whole thing, like his face, his big front teeth, his pointy eyes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh gawd~ I don't want fall in love with him. HAHAHAHAHA =.= Nah... really. I'm just crushing on him though *shrugs* trust me on this. I'll get over him as soon as I met another cute person. ekekeke XD this happen all the time. but if I happen to fall hard for him, then I can't do anything though since my love life is on my Father's hands :))

But really,  i really do think that he's cute though. ekekeke he just exactly acting up like my type of guy. hahahaha XD but at the same time, I think he got girlfriend already. Pshh... cute guy like him won't stay single for long. like, DUH! obviously he's taken. ekekeke :)

Enough about that sales guy. ekekeke :D okay. another things I wanna tell here is that..... HWANG INSEOK IS FOLLOWING ME BACK!!!! I'M LIKE OMGOMGOMG NSHFBAFJNAWJJF JWFNIJAJKFAJNF JEFJAFJNJFNMKW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE'S FOLLOWING ME BACK. I MEAN, GOSHHHH!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE'S MY FOREVER BIAS AND HE'S FOLLOWING ME. OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO ~ when I first receive an email about he following me, I'm like looking at it like twice time just to make sure. miahahahahahaha I.. Oh gawd! hahahaha I'm losing my words. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, pshhh! who isn't happy if their bias is following them back?! oh woowww~ ahahahahahahaha XDDDDDDD

this is just crazy day for me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, god! i've been wishing him to follow me back since forever and now, it's like dream come true. I feel so much blessed today~ hahahahaha :3 Omo~~~~ *fangirling*
I think I fangirling to much in this post hahahahahahahaha XDDD

And then. I was tweeting with my internet best friend, le marj and she kinda tell me that she's going to make a fanfic of KyuGieGie. and I'm like WHAT THE FUDGE?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA (my reaction is exactly like kyuzizi)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm like seriously?! hahahahahahaha and I told her to give me 10 reason why. hahahahahaha but she said she's going to give me tomorrow. wonder what is her reason. ekeke and and she's kinda calling me 'Yolk' and... i'm like O.o why? am I that yellow skinned? hahahaahhahaha XD

Gosh. I really-really don't know why and yes, I freaking deeply wanting to know why she shipped KyuGieGie. HAHAHAHAHA and she's tell me like she's gonna edit a pic of me and sunggyu HAHAHAHAHAHA that girl is one hell of crazy person. hahahaha=.=' hwaaa~~~ hahahahahahahaha I wanna cry nao. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA XDDD tears of happiness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay enough nao, HAHAHAHAHA =.=

He's cute no? hahahahaha I love that expression of him. he's like "Please, I beg you! stop teasing me" hahahahahaha XD when I saw this gif, I'm like AWWWWWWWWWW~~~ hahahahahahaha yeahh~ he's cute. can't denied that.

Anyway. Today, as you already informed that I was going for a shopping day with my loveliest sis Jaba and sis Inut and his boyfriend and his boyfriend's brother. hahahaha =.=' and uh... we bought so many things today and I spent like almost 800 HAHAHAHAHA shhhhhh..... don't tell anyone about this. ekekekeke =.= Gosh~ I really need to have a self-control in shopping ekekeke =.=; and I had to lie to sis JonJon when she asked me how many I've spent. ekekeke if she ever knew the truth, I'm so dead. ekekeke :D

Well, uhh... lets start with our first destinations. ekekeke :D Umm... we started at Imperial Mall and went to Speedy to buy CDs. she was looking for Naruto but there, they got not sell it. But yeah as for me, I re-bought my Exo-K&M and uhhh my SUJU 3rd Album since I kinda lost it! =.= besides that, I bought 2NE1 2nd Album, Shinee repackaged HELLO SHINEE album and uhh ZE:A :))) OH YEAHHH~~ and plus, I bought Doraemon headphones and for sis Jaba I also bought Hello Kitty. ekekeke :3 and sis Jaba... Oh yah! she bought Naruto action figure and Naruto necklace HAHAHAHAHA yesh. I'm also questioning who's elder between us actually. ekekekeke XDD and oh yah! I kinda like this one part when we both ask the receptionist at speedy there about if they sell the poster or not and yeah, thank God, they have it. ekekekeke and I kinda get Super Junior Free Sexy and Single's poster I'm like WOOTSS!!! WOOTSSS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

and then, the three of us went to upstairs and I bought green hooded cardigan and then me and sis Jaba AGAIN bought a matching dresses ekekeke :) I don't know why but we really do love to buy matching stuff. hahahahaXDD sound ridiculous right? but it's true. we really like doing so~ hahahahaha XD uhh... and then sis Inut bought new purplish slippers. it really cute. Like seriously. her slipper is very cute! ahahahaha and and sis Jaba she got buy hair ornaments and ... I can't recall. miahahahaha XDDD

And after that, we went to boulevard where I met le crush HAHAHAHAHAHA okay. ummm... there, we again go to speedy and sis Jaba finally gets her Naruto and then I bought Howl Moving Castle and Magic Tree House. Uh-huh~ I want to watch Magic Tree House but not today nor next week or the coming week. hahahaha DAMN i need to focus on my study. I've been worsen since my grandpa's died. I don't know why but i feel... I don't know... But yeah, I'm distracted a bit after his death. Gosh, I know I should really find my way back to focus on study! i can't fail this sems. Never!>.<
Okay. I'm out of topic. hahahahaha XD anyway, then we went to Watson and I bought new cologne for myself and sis inut. ekekeke :) OH YEAH~ XD I just love buying stuff for others especially those I love the most. ekekeke :))))
And then.... we went to Guardian and after that we went upstairs and went to the bookstore. I bought two mags, one chinese and another one is malay. HAHAHAHA about the chinese mag, don't ask. I'm buying if for posters. ekekekekekeke XDDD
and then, we went to fetch le sis Inut boyfriend, ekekeke Oh ya.. before that, when we were going down the escalators, I got lay my eyes on le crush for a while there. ekeke and he was busy promoting lappy to le customer and I'm like "Work Well, le crushy" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i'm crazy. I know~ >..<

and after we went to fetch sis Inut boyfriend and his brother, we went to Permy Mall there and we got separated. me and sis Jaba went to Merry Cassettes and this is another favorite moment of mine, ekekekeke :DDDDDD when we arrived at the Merry Cassettes right, we were randomly asked the women in the counter whether they got sell poster and when she said yes, we both like "OMG! FORREALLLLLL?!!!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and yeah, as you can already predicted we go crazy and started to annoy the sales girl as well as the counter women. ekekekeke we like, circling the whole shop and were asking like "do you have more? is there another picture? what else you got? do you have MBLAQ?" HAHAHAHAHA if i'm working there, i'll definitely smack their head out HAHAHAHAHAHA

and yes, I bought too much. I mean, HELL TOO MUCH that my whole poster is cost like 80+ HAHAHHHAHAHAHA i got Girl's generations, SuperJunior, FT Island, uh.. Oh Blue Exorcist. OMO OMO OMO XDDDDDDD I can't wait to paste them onto my room wall~ maybe next saturday, I'm going to ask sis Jaba to help me on this~ since I need her creativity. ekekekeke :DDDDDD I can't wait to see my whole wall is full of kpop and anime poster~~~ WEEWOOO~~ I'm so Blessed! Praise the Lord! XDDDD

and then.... I treat us all some cakes and drinks at secret's recipe. sis Inut kinda tell us to go American Pay but I'm like nahh~~ since I'm the one who wants to sit there and eat, so i'm responsible to pay for it. when the waiter came with the bills, I'm like "DON'T SHOW THE BILL!" hahahahahahaha XDDDD I mean like, come on... once in a while, little sister need to treat le older right? *wink2* XDDD

and after that, we went to E-mart. Our last destinations :))

at E-mart, again we go split up and me and sis Jaba straight went to our favourite bookstore ekekekeke. there I bought two chinese epop mags. HAHAHAHA don't ask, I'm buying it for the poster. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHXDDDD anyway, ummm.... then, we went to buy watch. I bought us ICE watch~ hers is greenish black and mine is superb cute. HAHAHAHAHA soft blue white. HAHAHAHA really. mine is freaking cute. XDDD *self-praise* XDD oh YA! i forgot to mention. I bought the neko bag today also at E-mart there. ekekeke :)))) YESH! I've been forever wanting for it. hahaha now my dream come true! Oh YEAH! XDDD

and after that, we randomly stopped at some random handphone shop and we're like saw a super cute MP3 player. So, I bought for us both. she own the green one and mine is blue :))) SERIOUSLY, it supercute. maybe if I'm not lazy, I'll took a picture of everything I bought today. ekekekek :D Want to show off ma. miahahahahahahaahha XDDD
and after that we go home la~ ekekeke

So, overall. I feel like I'm received an endless blessing for the whole day today. ekekeke I mean, God. Thank you so much! hehehehe :) this is definitely another one of my bestest day of my life :) I wish I'll keep on having blast like this. hehehehe :) I just. I don't know why but yeah... I feel like everything is a dream to me, a good dream because I have ya know.... a very blast day. HAHAHAHAHA:D
YEAH, honestly I am grateful that I'm still living until this day. I mean, last few years back I'm very much having some emoish side conquering me. ekekeke and yeah, since I kept telling myself to keep believing that something good will happen soon before, I never gave up. I wonder if gave up, I think I can't have or enjoy any of this greatest moment of my life. 
I'm glad that I still lives until today though.
I mean, there is so many more people who struggling and hoping for something good to happen in their life. and some even struggling to survive.
I just feeling very grateful for this.
I'm glad that I born with this loving family of mine. ((I suddenly recall how sis JonJon scolded me when we got home late when the weather is like crazy and she sounded very worried. hahahaha))
so, conclusion
I feel blessed, loved and cared! XD
I'm thanking the Lord, my Father for his blessing.
Thank you :)

I guess this is goodbye. I need to do the assignment now. hahahahaha XD but I'm feeling sleepy T^T maybe I should just pretend that I forgot to bring it tomorrow. HAAHAHAHA and I'll just send it on the next day. ekekekeke gosh! I'm such a lousy student -.-
Oh well. I'll start changing myself tomorrow!
I want to be an honor student!
I'm intelligent and I knew it!
and maybe I'll be less online in Twitter and Tumblr.
Its my bigges distraction so far =.=
I think I really should do that *nods*
Oh well, Imma sleep now. ekekeke :)

here's a gif of my Kyu, who is running as fast as he could, chasing my heart. 
and he eventually win in the game
Oh well, 
We'll lives happily ever after
the end :))

and another cute gif of him.. ekekeke he's talking to the dog. and I'm like AWWWWWWW~~~ <3 hahahahahaha
Okay Okay! enough enough!
Imma sleep now!
Good morning!
reporting : 1.08a.m :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :))