Step By Step

Annyeong, everyone! yeah, I'm back! LOL XD its been a while I didn't update bloggy :) Well, this few weeks, I've been SOO busy with homeworks and school activities. If I compared my time when I'm at school and at home, I think I better call my school as my home. hahaha :) because I spent most of my time at school. Its just hard for me to find time to relaxing at home this year. well, just be patience, only for this year. hehehe :) Today, I should attend the 3R club but I feel so lazy, Prudence and I skipped the club and went home. weehoo~ We just think of focusing on BSMM only lah. hahaha :) and today also got BC exams and of course, we both didn't attended it. We don't even know that today got exam. DUH! no one tells ma.. WHATEVER lah.

Ermm.. SPM trial 2? well, its only 2 weeks left. I haven't prepared T^T. urmm.. well, I think I've prepared but if over 100, i think I only have prepare 40 per 100. hehehe :) My confidence on getting better grades is shaking. hahahha :) Whatever it takes, I won't loss my confidence. hopefully. hehehe :) homeworks? as usual lah... still MOUNTAIN-ING. hahaha *new words* but for sure, I did few of it and I think my homework is lesser now. hahaha :) Right now, I'm listening to "I Have A Dream" by ABBA. I feel so relieved. the songs really fire me up :) - i cross the stream, i have a dream- hehehe :)

Just In My Imagination that my crush is really are mine. hahaha :) honestly, I haven't COMPLETELY forget him. hehehe :) I can't take my eyes off him. I don't know what is so special about him until make me so hard to forget. haishh~ even sometimes, I'm so angry at myself for being so stupid like this. He don't like me, I kept telling myself this but well, like people said, LOVE MAKE US STUPID. sure, I'm 100% agree with that statement. yerrrsehh~ hahaha :) but for sure, I will do my best to avoid him and start to let him go before I suffered more. hahahaha :) I've surf the net last time on How To Forget Your Crush. hahaha :) here are few steps that I found and hope it could help you out if you have the same problems as mine ::

1. STOP Staring At Him
2. DO something you LOVE most.
3. DISTRACT yourself from thinking about him
4. PRETEND not to know him
5. DELETE every memories that you have about him

it should be 10 steps but I forgot already. hahaha :) I did number 2, 4 and 5 :) and I failed steps 1 and 3 ekeke :) well, the night is still young, kan? relax~~ hahahaha :)
so, i guess that's all for now. I need to tidy my things up and do my homework and study, if I had enough time later on. hehehe :) so, here is Yu Ha Min's pictures to end this post. ADIEU :)

He just to HAWT. hahaha :D

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)