I'm Married To Izaya Orihara (>__O)

Greetings, humanoid. hehehei <----- my new husband. ekeke we both love humans. Yeah, we don't love you personally, we both love HUMANOID ekeke :3 finally I found my other piece. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA aduh! I am crazy. Anyhow, his name is Izaya Orihara and he's umm... well he is human.. Normal human who have normal family, normal school, normal everything. hahahaha XD well, just like me, he considered his life as abnormal somehow. hahahaha =.=;
I don't know much about this guy because I kind of watching this anime for like and hour or so (which equal to 2 chapter the most) huahuahua XD but yeah, I've fallen in love with Izaya before I haven't even thinking of watching the anime itself. ekekeke XD
I don't know!!! Izaya is just.... HARD TO RESIST. Oh myyyy~~~ make my heart skipped a beat. huahuahua. Well, he may not cute and may not the protagonist character but hell... for me, he's perfect. Hahahaha XDD I'm crazy and I know it! ekeke XD
OHHH! I just remembered. ekeke :D Izaya born on 4th May and he's ummm 23 years old. ekeke but he tend to says that he's forever 21. hahahaha well, like me. I never want to get old. HAHAHAHA i mean, who wants to get old? wrinkle here and there. eww. hahaha I'm just not ready for that thing yet. ekeke XD I still wanna have fun! wubwubwub. But for sure, like I said... I don't know much about Izaya because I fell for his style. OMG~~ hahahahaha he may be annoying but I find it is rather interesting for someone like him. I mean, any humanoid that acted like Izaya is definitely someone who can turned me on. HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA not funny. I know. I'm just syok sendiri ma... huahuahua XD

Le statement is true. I'm sure those people who ever watch Durarara would definitely agree with me on this. ekeke Wah~ I feel like watching Durarara right now but I can't as I have my first class of semester 2 tomorrow. ekeke :) Oh well, I'll watch it after class tomorrow. huahuahua XD relax~ but before that, I have to send mum to buy new carpet at Emart there =.=' she keep on reminds me like everyday. hahahaha :D Oh well, maybe because she knew I forgot about stuff like very easily. ekeke XD
and then, I've promise Val to go shopping this tuesday. ekeke don't know if we're going to tag along Dence or not but I don't think so. hahahaha. But honestly, I miss the day when we were shopping together before. :D time fly, people change. ekeke even i, myself changing as well. I feel it.

and speaking of changing, uhh.. HAHAHA sorry... i was distracted by korean drama just now. Now I forgot what I want to say. hahahaha =.=' Lost & Found is quite interesting. ekekeke XD anyway, back to the topic. Uhhh.... oh! i remember. actually changing is not really the topic i wanna talk about. huahuahua... it's umm about... uhh... ah! well, how should I say this. Uhh... I feel like... ummm.... I feel like I want to disappear for a while. I don't want to be in contact with anyone... because I somewhat find it rather irritating besides, I'm not needed somehow. Even sometimes, i feel like people isolate me and don't even care if i'm there or not and i think because of that I think I better just shut up and do my own stuff. No contacting, no twitting, no facebooking, no tumblring and no keep-in-touching. I'm sick and tired of being isolated. I know i'm being selfish here but yes. that's me. I'm naturally selfish. I'm being selfish because I feel like everybody around me is being selfish with me too. So, I'm just giving back what they're giving me. HAHA... fair right? Okay. that's what I feel. FULLSTOP.

well, don't have to understand it because i don't understand it either. I was just typing what my brains want me to type. huahuahuahua don't blame me for having awesome brain like this. ekeke XD

Maybe now it's time for me to realize that no matter how hard we try to make people stay, they will eventually leaving us one day. So, I just need to practice to accept the fact that people will leave me one day. Oh well, maybe it is why Izaya likes human instead of liking the people themselves. I mean, human is rather an interesting being. I mean, they have lots and lots of complication in emotional and sometimes it just hard for us to understand them and they are just act confusingly and idiotically. I mean, hmm... I don't know. Human is quite interesting....
for short, I think I'm started to think like Kaoru. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA if you know what I mean. then if you don't know, go watch OHSHC, then you will understand my point.

About my latest fictions, I'm just finishing the prologue chapter and about to finish le chapter 1. ekekeke well, I think for the time being, I want to focus on this fanfic of mine but no... I won't tell anyone about it for i think its better for me to keep it for my own entertainment. hahahaha
it's because I'm not confident enough to show it to anyone else. i feel like my confident level has dropped down to -2 hahahahahaha XDD
Ahh, don't ask why. hahahaha because I have no idea why. ekeke XD
and yeah, just now, i was just thinking that i need to practice on my drawing skills. Yalah, i need it if I want to be a great cartoonist don't I?
Well, let say that I won't be able to be a cartoonist one day, then I'll just you know... drawing my own manga for fun. hehehei... just for self entertainment. ekeke :D
So, i really miss the day I enjoy to draw a lot. ekeke so, I'm just going to practice it and make it better. Besides, I have all my mangas to help me out ^^

Ummm. it's now 11.42p.m and I need to go to sleep before mum eat me alive. HAHAHAHA XD so, yeah. tomorrow, if I'm feeling hardworking, I'll update then if no, then no la~ hahahaha
and yeah, gonna watch Durarara tomorrow! WEEE~
Hopefully no homeworks. ekekekeke
So, Adieu <3

that is my most favourite picture of Izaya~ XDDDDDDDD
so that's it.
Good Night and God Bless you people :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :3