Flower Blossom in the Mid of Winter (Part II)

Greetings, humanoid. I know I should've been update this blog like 2 days ago but you know how my brain and bones work. they need rest though and besides, I'm pretty busy arranging stuff in my room, plus homework and stuff and not to mention babysitting, gosh. hahahaha and even better, I'm babysitting for free. Thank goodness le child is cute. If not, I can't cope with it anymore ekeke. I mean, haiya. I have no time for myself when I was request to babysit. Well, yeah I do have so many times for myself but I've got so many anime to watch. huahuahuahua okay. let's forget about that. hahaha I don't want to complaint anymore since what I'm doing is more useless than babysitting ekeke :D

And I've just noticed that my post title is sounded like Anime chapter title. hahahaha to much watching anime I bet. ekekeke anyway, speaking of anime. I'm on my way finishing Durarara!! with sis Jaba. ohyeahh~ ehehehe :) I mean, I've been like waiting for almost a year and a half to watch it but I don't know why I don't have the guts to watch it by myself. Well, seriously. Before me and sis Jaba decided to watch Durarara!! I've been thinking to watch it ya know but I always end up watching another anime. maybe because Durarara is to damn awesome for me to watch alone. huahuahuahua XDD And speaking of anime as well, I've been thinking to watch beelzebub too. I'm currently reading the Manga version and hell it was damn cool. The story plot never fail to make me laugh and plus the baby is so cute *Furuichi is cute too huahuahuahua* and yeah, maybe if I got go somewhere to shopping mall, I'll get the CD and watch it with awesomeness. hehehei :)

and last few night ago, I stumble with this one awesome japanese drama that was made based on awesome manga and anime, Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) but this one is remake 2012. Well, I've decided to watch this drama because I was actually reading the Manga and out of curiousity, I went and check for the anime but instead, I end up with the drama. huahuahuahXD but still, this is the most awesome drama I've watched so far and Onizuka-sensei is hell so macho, handsome but he's a pervert huahuahua XDD nevermind that, he's the coolest teacher I ever see before my eyes. I wish I had that kind of teacher before. And plus, what make me love this drama more is that Haruhin (Haruna Kawaguchi) and Tamaki-senpai (Yamamoto Yusuke) is also in this movie. Haruhi is the bad character in this story she played Aizawa Miyabi but she look so cool and mean hehehei :D love her in this drama so much and as for tamaki, he's onizuka's best friend, he also a pervert like onizuka but a very loyal to their friendships. and yeah, I've also have the likes on this character named Noboru because the one who is playing this character is very cuteeeee~~ XDD I fell in love for the first time I lay my eyes on him. huahuahuahua and when I look for his profile, he was born on 1998 and I'm like what the fuck? ahahahaha because I thought he was like 1992-94 like that. and then, there also I found out that Haruhi is born on the year of 1995. I though she was already 20+ something ya know. O.O whoaa.... hahahaha XDD
Well, this drama is mainly about friendship and yeah as you can expected, I cried when watching this drama. huahuahuahua should try watching it yourself then you'll know what I feel~~ XDD

and since yesterday, I've been busy re-arranging my stuff since my parent had change my cupboard in my room. well, I have nothing to against this somehow since the cupboard I get is pretty much bigger than my old ones. It seems like can store every manga I have ekekeke :D and yeah. I still have more empty spaces you know. And then, this cupboard is not just big but also have a cool design and since it can contain all my stuff, it make my room look even bigger than usual as well as... uhhh whats it call... not-messy? hahaha ya know what I'm saying. ekekeke anyhow, I'm grateful to get this new bookcase. hahaha I've just realize that I've been typing cupboard instead of bookcase. huahuahuahuahua let it be. ekeke XDD

And speaking of manga, I've decided to collect GTO manga because last time, I got see bunch of them sell at PBB but I'm not so sure if they still sell it there. But I hope there will be it. Well, not going to put too much hope on it though because if I did so, I'll end up hurting myself. yersehhmen. ekekeke :DD

And ohh... my Natsumen Yuujinchou merchandise just arrive today~ I'm like WHOAAA AWESOMENESS~ hahahaha :D its like dream come true ya know. ekekeke :D But the price is too damn high and I can't even buy so many stuff. So I decided to just buy the t-shirt and the calendar. Yesh, calendar. now I have more than 2 calender in my room. ekekeke =.=' actually, I bought the calendar because of Nyanko sensei picture so cute and adorable~~ XDD I can't help it but to order. and then kannn... the most frustrating part is that, after I made my payment and stuff, the dealer posted a picture of BLUE EXORCIST CALENDAR and I'm like MOTHERFUCKAA~~ WHYYYYY~~~~~ ahahahahaha XDDD well, I'm exaggerating a little in here hehehe actually I'm like Whaaaaa.... WHAAAAAAAA....WHAAAAATTTT... hahahahahahaha I feel like my world crash into thousands of pieces. hahahaha If I know, I would make my order later T^T but oh well, I got nyanko-sensei and thats matter the most nao :)

Right now, I'm thinking to do my homework because I got tons of them right now but then my eyes feel so sleepy so, I guess I'll just do them tomorrow. ekeekeke Yeahh, ya know. This few days, my eyes couldn't stay too late like I used too. Well, maybe I've been using so many energy during the day. pffttt... to be honest, all I do is watching anime, online-ing, lying down and reading manga. hahahahahaha I have a very interesting life no? .. oh wait... my routine reminds me of Yuki Asaba. hahahahaha =.= maybe I should crushing on Yuki instead of Yuuta. hahahaha but hell no.

Yuuta will always be the one for me. hahahaha XDD hmmmm..... in this state, I don't think I'll get into a real relationship soon. hahahaha XDD I mean, gosh. I'm taken OKAY? hahahaha besides, I'm afraid to be in love for sure. I don't know why but I just don't have the guts to be in love. for me, falling in love is the most dangerous and risky and also the most frightening things ever. Well, for some reason yeah it is beautiful. But then, thinking back. Maybe I just have so  many things to love that I don't even have the thought of being in a relationship ekekekekeke i can't imagine it if I really have a boyfriend. hahahahahahaha who wants to be in a relationship with otaku like me? I'm not normal though and that what I like about myself :)

and yeah, actually I should be writing my story as well but nahh.... I don't feel like it. Not that I don't want to write but it just... I have no confident in writing it anymore. My story plot is twisting like even twister than anything that twisting. hahahaha I can't even arrange a good story plot for it and my story plot is lame. I mean, it just so freaking easy for readers to know the ending == hahahahaha and besides,  it will be so bored and lame and lame. hahahahaha

And plus, my grammar is not good enough. I mean, my grammar is still in middle-school standard or maybe even lower than that. wuwuwuwuwuwu I can't help it but to look down at myself because of this sad truth. I can't even write a good story. I only can imagine the things I want to write but then, when it come to the moment I'm writing it, it will be like nonsense. hahaahahaha yeah, don't question. I'm not understanding what I'm typing either. ekekeke XDD

Oh well, maybe I need more time to regain myself to write. ekekeke == I love to write stories ya know but yeah, you know. this is my main problems. I always kinda envious with sis Jaba for she never failed to amuse me when it come to write story. Every time I read her story, it's not just the story plot the excites me, but how she describe the character, it just goshh....freaking awesomeness XD plus, I've noticed that her grammar and vocabulary is even better than before, the way she wrote also pretty advance nowadays. I feel like reading the karya of real writers. hahaha :D but seriously. I salute her. She is my idol. ekekeke seriously, she's my role-model since then and forever. ekeke no matter how people say bad things about her, I'm not gonna change this thought because I know, behind those lazy-bastard mask, there lays a great person within :) *ignore the grammar, I've got it written in my own dictionary muahahaha*

Then, I came to this conclusion where I think maybe it is much better for me to just stay still and read than writing my own story. ekekeke I mean like, maybe i'm just born to read and not to write. I never even able to write something good anyway. It always end up suck, make you feel like doing suicide and face-palming all the time. ekeke and yeah, I can't even make people understand my story concept, so what the use. ekekeke :D

Ahhh, whatever. Maybe I'm just gifted to write blog hahahaha XD
full of crappiness/ haahaha XDD
I'm making no sense now.
So I better stop typing and go to bed because I've got homework to deal with tomorrow :)
Adieu and Sayonara
Maybe I'll read some manga before going to bed later.
ekekeke :)
so here are some awesome cosplay of Yuki and Yuta Asaba and also Celty :) Enjoy :D

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)