Showing School Stuffy :)

Annyeong, everyone ! Today I went to Boulevard Shopping Mall with my dear Sis Jon and Sis Phoebe and also not forget my lovely annoying son, Shawn. I just bought things that I think necessary  (for me la) like Magic Pen and Empty CDs to burn song J yea, because it feel like ages ago I didn’t burn any song J well, that is all I have bought just now. Then sis Phoebe treat me with Cornetto Sundae ^.^ wohoo! 

Well, my main reason of writing my Blog right now is to tell you guys about my school stuff J hahaha :D can be said that I want to show off my stuff de. Ekekeke :D well, everything is mostly Black and Blue colour. Yepp, I’ve told you that I’m gonna used rainbow color for my things and as you can see, I cancel it J why? Because I think Black and Blue suit me more J love it! And so, here is the pictures of my school stuffy… enjoy :DD

_My PencilCase_

_My Umbrella_

_My Favourite Pencil_

_My Stuff_

_My School Bag_

Nice kan? Hahahahaha :DD I know! Well, that Is all I want to share for today J oh, before I forget, I have big fight with my little Shawny just now. Urgh! Well, eventhough he make me piss off kan, I don’t feel like hating him but I loving him more and more and more and more and… OK enough! Hahaha J so, thanks for reading! Adieu !

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears!