Life Goals That I Will Achieves No Matter What (PART TWO)

Greetings again, humanoids. I was just finish updating my journal book ehe :) a bit of emoish stuff I guess. I just wrote what my brain tell me to write kekeke and yeah, I don't want to read now. I'll save it for the future. kekeke XD anyway, as I've told you... I'm going to continue what I've left this morning. The life goals of mine. ehehe and if I'm not mistaken, in this post will be the 6th, right? hm... oh well, I'll check on that later. So, today... Nothing much happen at school though, just my classmate ask me to join them for movies tomorrow. Let just wait and see what's gonna happen tomorrow. I don't want to expect anything though ehehe :) and well, uhh.... I guess let's just continue on the life goals thing. ehehehe :)

6. Collecting figurines of all my favorite Anime.

Well, yes. I really want collect all the anime figurine of my favorite. Currently I'm waiting for Izaya's figurine to arrive but gosh, it's hell to damn long for me to wait T^T Well, after I'm receiving Izaya-san, I was thinking to get Shizuo and Celty's figurine as well. ehehe then, my Durarara collection will be completed. Woohoo! Right, I was thinking of going to KL as well since I've heard lots of rumors about there are few shops selling anime merchandises, figurines and even cosplaying costume. Whoa~ ahahaha :D I mean, it is the nearest paradise for Otaku like me. Well, one day. I shall go there and BUY ALL THE ANIME! kekekeke :3
Besides Durarara, I want to finish collecting Naruto's figurine as well. I now have only few of the characters. Oh wow, I think I need an extra room if I want to collect all the figurine no? hmm..... oh well, for now, I'll just stick with Durarara. hehehe :)

7. Cos-playing or attending Cos-play convention

Well, yeah. I always wanted to cosplaying ya know. hehehehe :) But then, whenever I think of it, I always wonder what character should I be cosplaying as? hahahaha well, until today, I never get the answer so well, I guess I'll just cosplaying as lolita gothic wuhuuu~ it would be awesome and badass kekeke XD And yeah, I would really love it if I'm having the opportunity to went to the biggest cosplayer convention and meet with lots and lots of awesome cosplayers and cosplay costume. I once went to this anime convention but I couldn't fan-girling since I was along that time. I really wish sis Jaba was with me. if she does, I bet I've taken a picture with Hatsune Miku and Sakura Haruno. kekeke XD oh well, I think this year, they will arrange another anime convention like that one again XD I will go no matter what cost! XD

8. Opening Manga Cafe

Since I watched Coffee Prince, I always wanted to open a cafe of my own. And now, as my Otakuness overcome me, I was thinking of opening a Manga Cafe. kekeke Well, it's not really like the real manga cafe where everyone just came and read manga. No, mine is more of people eating in like real cafe but at the same time they can chilling, reading the mangas while listening to anime soundtracks and watching animax. ehehe :) Well, I didn't come out with this idea solely. It was originally sis Jaba ideas and the food thing is from sis Inut. Yep, the three of us has dreaming of opening this kind of cafe around Miri. Well, the chances aren't that big for us to get famous but still, we can attract customers though since we still have the normality of normal cafe. ekekeke :D I bet there aren't so many otakus or anime lover around Miri but I know the number is increasing kukukuku XD Well, in our cafe, our employees will need to wear those maid and butler outfit on their normal days and a week for each month, they have to cosplay hehehe :) gosh, I can imagine it already. ekeke XDD I hope this would be coming true one day! AMEN! XDD

9. Sending LEVEDAD (Jaba's works) to be published. hehehehehe :)

I am dead serious about this one. kekekeke XD if one day, she manage to finish of this fucking awesome story, I shall print it out few copies and look for publisher that would published it for me. kekekeke she doesn't have to know. Well, I might give her some hints about publishing it but since I know she wouldn't agree with it, so yeah. kuikuikuikui~ Well, if it got accepted, she'll thanked me one day. ehehehehehe XD I KNOW THI GONNA BE BLAST. well, i think before that I shall publish it publically around the internet and closest friends first and see what they think. As her unofficial manager, (I just become one today kekekeke) I shall see first then if many people like it, I shall go for it. YEAH!

My own story? Pffftttt. don't make me laughed/ 3rd grader can write better than me. XD

10. Own A Library

I always wanted to own my own library for sure. hehehe :) Well, that is because my manga are adding up and I need a place to put my figurines. Plus, I need more place to put all my novels collections. I mean, I seriously need a library you know. I just can't help it but to be seduced by my smoochie bed and I always end up sleeping whenever I'm doing my homework or any important works. even when I'm reading manga, I can fall asleep. I just can't do my stuff in my bedroom. So, I wish to own a library. A special place for me to get my things done. so far mom and dad doesn't agree with me though wuwuwuwuwu. Oh well, I shall find my way to have a library of my own one day! XD

Well, I guess that is all my current life goals. hehehe :) It's not that many but it freaking hard to be achieve you know because I'm having an overprotective parents kekekeke Well, ASIANS~ what can I say? but I'm very grateful to have such parents though even though sometimes they really got in my nerves but it all for my own good. I think I won't be this introvert at the same time otaku which is rather weird for normal teenagers like me hehehe and I'm limited editions. All thanks to my parent that I'm still a unicorn. kekekeke XD I love being a unicorn! XD

So, yeah.... Bye-bye for now. We shall meet again soon. Adieu XD

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Life Goals That I Will Achieves No Matter What (PART ONE)

Greetings, humanoid. Well, honestly.... as usual I should be doing my homework but I don't know which one should I be starting first because they are piling now. I have 3 HR homework, 2 Finance assignments, Economics Assignment, Entrepreneurship Assignments and... eh... I don't have homework for Accounting, wohoo~~ XD Oh ya, speaking of accounting, on my previous test, I manage to get 5.4/12 I'm like whoaaa~~~~ it's something! hahahaha I mean seriously. It was my highest mark so far. Usually I got 4.8, 4 something like that and yesterday I feel like going to the top of the building and shouted "I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!" ahahahahaha well, I did it mentally. kekeke XD I'm so proud of myself for able to beat my own records. kukuku. Ah, yes. I only wanted to beat myself before I'm going to beat the rest. I mean, come on. What the use of beating each other records? I mean, its not like you already good enough yourself right? Unless you're Einstein. kekeke XD Anyway, congratulation to myself. ekeke XD YAYY~~ and right now, I actually thought of doing my Entrepreneurship Presentations. I did the first one but the second one, I haven't do because I don't have the updated information. Maybe I'll ask from my teammates later on. And yeah, I'm thinking of telling the two losers of my team to do their presentations as well. Their part lah so that they can understand better. as if. Oh well, whatever. hehehe :)
Okay then, let's get this done with this shit.

Well, hello Kellin freaking Quinn. ehe~ I just love the sounds of that. ekeke XD I want that cookies >.< I mean, that's the largest cookie I ever saw in my friggin 19 life. I wonder where I can get one of those. kekeke XD anyway. I'm going to list down all my life goals that I'm going to achieve at any cost. ahahaha I mean, everyone have life goals right? So do I. But so far, I can manage to achieve only a few that I don't really care like, materialism things. kekeke You know what I mean? I mean like uhh... PS2, smartphones, DSLR, cameras. Gosh, I have 3-4 camera you know. ahahaahaha >.< I don't know why my parents so generous to buy me camera every time I ask for it. ahaha xD i feel like asking for Olympus XZ-1 kukukuku well, not now I guess. I'm waiting for my pocket money, kekeke XD Well, I'll think about it tho since my DSLR still okay. Ah~ only one thing I haven't got. PSP~~ Wait. This isn't the real point =.= Oh well, let's get to the first life goals and my most important;

1. Going to JAPAN

Japan is like the most favorite country of mine. I mean, since forever I've been wanting to step my foot there but I never had the chance. I've talk about going there with my parents but they seems to just ignore this. They're like, "Ok, sure.. fine, whatever" =.=' It kind of frustrating ya know. Because I've been wanting, seriously LIKE REALLY REALLY wanting to go there. Well, you know that I'm a big fans of Anime right? So, when I watch Anime and I knew that the place drawn in the Anime is real, I feel like wanting to see it for myself. the schools, the places, OH! especially Enoshima! I want to go and take pictures at where the Tsuritama's character fishing. I would.... GOD! that's the most awesomeness thing will ever happen in my life. AND plus, I want to go to Ikebukuro and take picture at all places that I ever seen in Durarara~ plus, I want to go to SAITAMA and went to mount Fuji~~~ XDDD Oh wow.. I mean, literally wow~ i can't even imagine it if I'm going to get there. ahahahaha XD 
And SO.... I am really going to make this trip happen. I mean, I'm 19 and going to be 20 soon. I'm old enough to go for a trip right? But of course, I won't go alone though. ehehe :) I'm of course going with my forever lovely and loveliest sis Jaba. Since we're like having the same dream and stuff. So yeah :))) 
*FINGERCROSS* I wish to get there.

2. Attending Concerts.

And yes. I've been dying to attend concerts. Since I was young, I've been dreaming of seeing my favorite bands or artist to perform right before my eyes. It just gosh~ I mean, seriously. I'm very envious with those who can go attending concerts of the singers that their adore so much. I mean, it just the best fucking time ever. So, if I'm going to attend any concerts, I definitely getting myself a gold tickets I mean come on. Once in a life time. ahahaha XD I never set  my foot to any concerts before. No matter what concert though, Kpop or non-kpop, I just want to attend the concerts. Well, pshhh.. if the bands aren't my likes, of course I wouldn't attend. kekeke XD I'm seriously going to make this happen as soon as I'm turning 20. ehehe :) I mean, I'm already legal to go somewhere else without my parent provision. But of course, I won't go there myself. ehehe... You know very well who I'm going to bring along. kekeke XD no other than sis Jaba~ 
She doesn't have to worry about the tickets or our place to stay though because I will volunteerily pay for us as long as she's coming with me and pay the plane tickets for herself. kekeke XD Even I would buy her plane tickets ya know. I'm just freaking dying to attend concerts before I die. Who knows, I might die one day. And since I didn't manage to make my life goals done, I'm going to be a wanderer-ghost. kukukuku JK~ XD

3. Selca-ing with my favorites people.

Like hell, I want to do this. hahahhaha XD I mean, seriously. If I had this opportunity, I will take as many as I can and would print it out as big as I can and even frame it and even hang it on every empty wall I can find. HAHAHAHA seriously, it would be the most fucking awesome moment, taking pictures with our favorite people. I want to mostly selca-ing with Kpop artists, especially Infinite, Super Junior and MBLAQ. As for english bands, I want to take picture with One Directions, kukukuku and SWS and of course Pierce The Veil~ I don't ask much, I would want to take group pictures with this awesome people but if luck is on my side, i would want to selca individually with them. I'd be ajfsjfojesogjoejfkojoejgiojwieojow~~~ ahahahahahaha XD seriously, after that selca moment, I would die of happiness. kekekeke XD

4. Draw my own Manga

I always dream to draw my own manga actually since I was so young age. I mean, you know that my real ambition was to be a Mangaka right? but now, since there is no way I can achieve this childhood dream of mine, so I thought that maybe I could make my own manga and publish it illegally kukukuku I mean, home-publish la~ I would start with love manga, since it is the most easy genre to draw for amateur like me. and yeah, I still hadn't improve a lot in drawing lately but I would want to try though. I mean, seriously. If I can't be the real mangaka, at least I have my own self-made manga, right? I would proudly presented my children in the future. kekekeke XD And yeah, I would let some of my friends to read it up for me and comment on it so I can improvise. ehe :)
This, I think I'm going to do it soon, maybe around this year :) I just need some adjustment in my character figures. Expressions, I can do well now. It just the figures, they still look so stern and cocky. kukukuku XD

5. Become an unofficial Ulzzang

Well, unofficial ulzzang here I mean like uhh... how to say this... I want to be stand out in the net world. kukukuku XD Seriously, I want to know how it feels like having 100+ of people liking your pictures HAHAHAHA this is ridiculous >.< but heyy~ I'm a girl okay? and plus, I want to be confident when other people took my picture. I mean, I never like it when other people took a picture of mine, I feel so small and losing 70% of my confidents. ahahahahaha I only can took pic of myself (selca-ing) I really adore those people who still have confident in them even when other people took it for them. I mean seriously. Oh wow, i think this will be the hardest things for me to achieve. kekeke. I seriously couldn't over come the thought of 'how fat I am' ahahahaha Yeah.... I mean, I'm still traumatic with the harsh comments from the You-Know-Who. I just can't overcome with it. Well, sometimes I do find my body is great ekekekeke but yeah, that negative thought always manage to get me. heeee~ so yeah, I just need to find that confident eh?
Plus, I want to wear pretty clothes like ulzzang did with confident that I look good on them ehehe :) I mean, I really adore their fashions and I want to try on those clothes too~ kukukuku XD So, yeah~ I want to achieve this as well. I think this one is better if I entitled it as "Confident to my body kukukuku"

Shy VIC FUENTES is the most fucking adorable things I ever seen in my life. ahahaha XD seriously, I'm blushing right now. Seeing him all shy like that. God, it just some precious gifs. Thank you Lord for creating such a beautiful creature. kekeke I mean, LOOK AT THAT TEETH~ Oh myyy~~~ XDDD cannot me *fell on the ground dramatically* 
Anyway, I'm actually going to school in less than an hour. Plus, I haven't shower yet. kekeke XD And yeah, I need to get my ass to the shower and get ready for school. But don't worry, this going to have part two. Oh yeah~ I still have a lot of goals that I haven' achieve yet. ekeke pity me eh? I know~~~ anyway, my alarm has rang and it's time to go shower. 
I shall come back here again later. (since I only have one class this morning and be back around 11 something. So yeahh~~~ TTYL)

Talk to you later, my Mr. Bloggy :D

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.