Parent Disapproving My Ambition T^T

Annyeong, Everyone. its been a while, kan? yea.. i miss you too. hahaha :) as usual  i go to school and i met with my besties and we eat together-gether. then, i bully kong ek cheng as usual and take advantage on Vidda. LOL XD i'm quite bad kan? the baddest classmonitor SMKP ever had. hahaha :) anyway, i take that as a compliment :) urmm.. well, yea.. i'm under confusion, hate and very stress right now. hahaha :) i don't want to talk about the main purpose first. let me talk nonsense first, then i'll go straight to the main purpose. ekeke :) urmm.. today i went to sis Jaba house to pray la because brother Kev had bought new bike :) yea.. congratulations! ehehe. then, i tapau a lot of revisison book from sis jaba. ekekeke. shameless kan? ekekeke XD right now, phoebe is doing her Homework :D me? yea, i do have but EST only de. no worie la. i can finish it up in a second only. hahaha ;) JK. and for now, i like to listen to Miss A. hehehe :)

the thing is, i've told mum that i want to be Graphic Designer after i graduate from high school. but she seem to disapproving it. my dad? Heh! no need to ask la. i know he will say NO. well, like other parent kan, they hoping for the best from their children.. same goes to my parent. but i really want to be graphic designer T^T. so, i cry la because i can read their disapproval through their expression. i've told sis Jaba just now about this. she said that, just be positive. T^T. how? at least they would let me become photographer ka? kan? that is all i want. for all this time, i just follow what they want me to do and i learn and do my best in examination to make them happy and so just to make them feeling proud to have me as their daughter. but i never asked for anything else, well, except for my daily need la. hahaha. this is the only thing that i want from them, approve my ambition. i want nothing else but this! but they just don't get me. if i think negatively kan, they are being selfish and they never care about what i want~ yea, they do buy me everything i want to but that never satisfied me. now i know why i still don't feel satisfy . because they haven't approve my ambition.

 well, enough about that. i don't want to talk about it anymore because the more i think about it kan, the more i hate my parent. i don't want to hate them. they raise me, they love me. just that.. if i hate them, thats mean, i'm the selfish one. so, i guess i just need to think about second option on what to take after graduation. Biologist maybe? or anything related to the environment. i don't know.. or i just go with the flow. let just wait and see what God has write in my life story :) hoping for the best! yeah~ so, for now i just concentrate on my study and keep being childish. ekekeke :) so. what else? hmm.. actually, i'm getting sleepy. but i want to write this first la. hehehe :) and i lie to mum that i said to her that i don't have homework. but actually i have tons of it. just i don't have the guts to do them. ekekeke :) waiting for th e weekends to do them all la. tomorrow maybe i'll do my History Notes and sent it on friday. friday? talking about friday, my little nemesis Shawny will come over. Wohoo~ but then on saturday i need to go to school T^T. so thats mean, this week, i only have sunday to rest. but after next week, i'm gonna have a week of holiday. CHinese new year bah~~ yay! happy chinese new year, everyone! hahaha :) but after chinese newyear, i'm gonna start to have a very full schedule. extra class, tuition... homeworks... a lots more. i don't think i can online so often like this. hehehe :) and maybe i'll decrease a bit my online time :) and i may be need to construct a time table for it. hmm.. what else? well, i guess that is all i wanna talk about la. no idea. ekekeke :) so, adieu everyone!