I'm On Fire! [Hwaiting!]

A very good morning! ahaha :D look at Chihoon. seem like he was shouting HWAITING! ahaha :D thanks Chihoon. i really need that. ekeke.. Oh yes! 2 : 13 am. still freshly awake [only starting to have neckaches] hahaha. but that won't stop me from doing my homework. YEZZA! homework is my main reason why i am still awake at this hour. hahaha. and my subreason is i'm drinking to much caffein. hahaha :D serve me right. ekeke XD. ahh! right now i'm lacking of ideas on doing essays. i just manage to finish one and there still 6 more to write. T^T hwaiting! hwaiting!  i don't know why i suddenly have the feeling of doing and finishing my homework. maybe it because i only have 3 more days to go [not including today] and honestly, i still got tons of homework waiting for me. so, i've make plans on not going to sleep for 2 days in a row. ehehe. celebrating Hari Raya bahh~ ahaha XD ahh yess! today is Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims around the world. ^^. me? i'm not celebrating this special days because i'm not muslims. ehehe. 

  I've a lot of homework but why am i writing my blog? hahaha. i don't myself. maybe because i'm starting to feel bored for not having any ideas. hmmm...can be. truthfully, i admit i am bored right now and i can't even think of any good sentences to start my essays. ehh! tension! just kidding. i'm not feeling neither tension nor stress at all right now. i'm feeling neutral. hahaha :D well, i think i'm going to put aside my essays homework first and start on doing my biology peka. and if i can't finish it up, then i'm going to do the other homework lorh. ehehe. i am very confident that i can finish half of my homework before school started. so, what i can do to make it happen is very simple. i just need to concentrate, no online, put determination, fire up and stop messing around! ahaha. as simple as pimples. hahaha XD i made that up.

So, i guess this is goodbye. its 2 :27 am. and i really do need to continue on my homework. hahaha. wish me luck!

Hwaiting! hwaiting! hwaiting!

- hahaha. actually i'm just wanna show my new front hair cut. LOL XD i just got it today ^^-

Finally! its really satisfying ^^

Hahahahahaha :D finally i am really-really satisfied with my blog! yess! my blog now look very coolio! [for me] well, its true. this is my first time i feel so happy on my blog. i'm sure from now on, i'll be visiting my blog more often. ahahaha :D i guess, i have just thanks to the two pretty boy [ParkTaeJun and ParkHyungSeok]. because of them, my blog looks very cool and cute at the same time. hahahaha XDD. thank you. thank you!

-kamsahamnida!- ahahaha


   I just realize. i forget to say Annyeong! ahaha XD too happiness. LOL :P well, nothing much happen in this holidays just celebrating it together with my loveable homework. keep complaining about it but still nothing have been done. hahaha. except for my komsas. ermm..then i've asked my mum, whether i should cut my front hair or not. so she said, keeping them long is better. my couzy Ina also have the same opinion. so, i decided to asked my couzy juliet and aunt Winnie. they said, i look much cuter with short front hair. so, now. i'm in dilemma[ahahaha] i guess its up to me now. ehehe. but.. still, i don't know. should i cut it or just leave it growing peacefully? hmm..ahh! just now, couzy juliet asked me whether i want to follow her to do cardio on later evening. without second thought, i'd say YES! ahahaha XD as it because cardio is just like you were practice dancing. its seem like aerobic but we more into dance. well, that's what i've heard. i'm not sure myself. hopefully it do seem like i heard. [broken english] ahahahaha XD

I have found a video of cardio exercising on Youtube. check it out below here :D

nice eh? ahahaha XD hopefully it really something like that. ehehehe.

well, off to see you guys soon. need to do some research for EST presentation ^^. 

-as usual though. i let the Park's Brother to end my blog now.-

P/S :: let your smile cover your tears!

-Craving For SHOPPING-

Annyeong~ long time no see.. ahaha XD i think i've been using "long time no see" for many times ody, ryte? yepp :D i know. i noticed that too. huahaha XD. well, this time, AGAIN, i use my dearest Teukkie's photo for start-up. hehehe.. look at him? isn't he adorable? the child is so lucky to be on his lap. LOL :D. me? jealous? N to the O! ahaha :D why should i? he's mine okay? ahaha. well, not official but he's mine *in my dreamland* ahahaha :DD
     Oh well, lets straight to the main topic. ermm.. what was my topic again? i forget. ahahaha. ahya! craving. i'm craving for shopping! i want to buy new clothes, i want to buy new shoes! i want to buy new accessories... i want to buy new bags! gahh! i think i really need to go shopping! but mum won't allowed me to go as i got a tons of homework T^T and this is one of the reason why i hate homework! I MISS SHOPPINGMALL! i really-really want to go and spend some money. its been a while i didn't go shopping~

Because i can't go outside and shop, i'm now really obsessed with searching website to do online shopping. ahahaha XD yeah! i've found few cute clothes, accessories and even CAMERA~ i really want them all. GAh! last time, i check on LUMIX website and there i saw this one particular camera really caught my heart. gosh! damn beautiful,  gorgeous! and i'm in love with it~ DMC-LX3 is the name given.
here's the photo of it :D


isn't he adorable?! ahh~ i'm in love. i hope miri got sale DMC-LX3 so that i can fulfill my dream. hehehe. actually he's not my only choice though. still there is one more and this one is double cute than he does. teehee :D and his name is Fuji Instax Mini 7. take a peek on him here :D


i told you he is adorable. ahaha :D DMC or Fuji, no matter which one i could get, i will be very satisfy. i really think i need to study as hard as i could if i want to get them in my hand. teehee <3

All right. enough about camera. so, as i told you earlier. i've found few cute clothes and bags. hahaha. true! they cute! i've bought one and its surely does cute. teehee <3 so, here is two out of many clothes that i really want to have~ :DD hahaha


Nice kan? hehehe. really wish i can have those. ahh! so many stuff i want to buy. aiyerr~ now i am really-really crave to go shopping! 

enoughla for this post. teehee <3 i'm scared i'll lose control. ekekeke XD 

see you on next post :D

so, for this time,

i let my lovely hyungseok end my post.


p/s : let your smile cover up your sadness. 

p/s2 : hyungseok is surely cuter than his brother hyungjun. LOL XD