Ready To Face Reality :)

Reality hurts, but we're like it or not, we have to faced it. Because reality shows what life is. Annyeonghaseyo, everyone! Monday, i already skip! yeeyaah! so, i'm just getting ready for Tuesday! I wish i can skip ever Monday in whole year. ekekeke :D I don't why but for sure I Hate Monday. hahaha :D anyway, last week homework? hmm..don't ask. ekeke. I didn't touch any books this whole three days. ekeke, i just touched Bio revision book just now. to do notes. that's all. and i just thought of doing History but.. ermm.. neahh.. don't feel like it. ekekeke. maybe i'll wake up early and shower as fast as I can tomorrow and do some of it :) Oh, about my report card, i haven't give it to my parent yet. maybe a day after my teacher ask for it later. ekekeke. as usual lah~

And just this few days, I realize that the world is really getting weirder. well, as you see.. I'm a big fans of KpopWorld and so do my sister, Jaba. But then, last Friday (if I'm not mistaken) we talk about this KWave and as we observed that this KWave has change us to be another person that is not us. we've change a lot. If compare to what we are before, we are so creative and painting a lot. even we play with things that we make our own. yeah, last time, we have a very high imagination. even when I wrote story kan, I don't even have to squeeze to much on my brain. yeah, I'm kinda miss all that. As for me, still okaylah because I'm not as creative as Jaba did. She.. after the KWave, she seems like to losing her creativity. she stop doing poetry, making songs, writing a story, painting, drawing and even telling me a story. So, its seems like her mind is all about Kpop thingy.. 

Not like I blaming the KWave. NO..absolutely Noo. so, we decided to decrease a bit amount of KWave from our lives and start to balance it with other music genre like, JRocks, Rocks, Pop...etc..etc.. hehehe :) I also need to decrease my insanity towards ulzzang you know. because since I love Ulzzang, I feel like i'm in my own world and I don't even care what everyone around me doing. I just busy with my own imagination. crazy heh? I know. so i guess, from now on, I just have to decrease a bit everything that i like and start to face reality. which telling me that, "Ulzzang Will NEVER like/love someone who look like me" hahaha  and "Being Artist Is Not Always As Good As You See." yea... face it. its true. most celebrities don't even know english. I don't think they know what i'm writing if they saw my blog. ekeke :D 

I guess, that's all for now. Wish me luck on getting my GD580 hahaha :D i want to try to ask for it tomorrow. ekeke. aah, 19 April 2011 is my sis Ina Birthday! Wee Hoo~ hahaha :D tomorrow need to hurry going back from school to buy something for her.. and i know exactly what I should buy for her :D teehee~ hope she'll like it! so, that's all. Adieu :)

here is photo of lee Do Hyeong to ended this post :)

And the newest photo of me :D hehehe ..

P.S  : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Dedicated To BiRain-Wife-To-Be, BieJaba :DD

Nice kan? ehehe :D yeah.. that's my sister, BieJaba A.K.A TheCat Lady. ekekeke. actually there's more pictures of her but I only pick my favourite as there is TOO MANY of them. ahahaha :D and my most favourite one is the last one :DD..