Not Gonna Tell Because I Want To Keep Smiling :)

Hehehei, what's up? Annyeong and Greetings :) Today I'm gonna tell a fairy tale. hahaha :) Just Kidding. I'm not really good in telling story XD  Anyway today is another falling day for me which make me feel like want to ripped off my heart from my body so that I would stop feeling hurt. ehehehe :) Emo-ish... Well, that's new me :) So, my day wasn't have a good start today. first, I don't get enough sleep because I'm watching special KingDom Hearts MV on Youtube last night. then, I found out that flu got me. Oh yea, I miss having flu.. it's been a while though. hahaha :D third, I have three story to deal with which is my CuCO, and the two, I just got it since yesterday. Gosh =.=; and fourth, as I drew just now, suddenly I feel like crying as you know, my parent disapproval for my ambition. (( suddenly conquering my mind bah )) and then, my parent fought for something ridiculous. Ahh, what a lovely bad day, eh? I know, some of you might envy with my life, right now. ekekeke :DD I'm in the middle of world war III and Oh YEAH! I had fun with it until my tears of joys won't came out anymore. hehehehei :) I have such a beautiful day :) Don't you agree? T^T. and right now, my heart is sinking like titanic. ahaha :) I wanted to cry but I try not to, because.... my room isn't private enough for me to cry. ahahha XD as my parents got my room key. they can burst in at any second :D

So, yesterday I was playing kingdom hearts II and I'm now successfully level 20+ I don't exactly remember the exact level. hahaha :) and suddenly I felt my heart is so heavy when I watch Sora fighting the nobodies. Then, I realize that I want to play as Roxas not Sora. I know that Sora is the main character but he have a very good life; he have friends, he's very joyful, he have family and he have lots of love from people around him. Unlike Roxas, once he had everything but then he lost everything that he once had as he sacrificed himself for Sora. He was one of the nobodies as well.. he is part of Sora and he was never exist. He just, Umm.. How to say this, um... A heartless soul of Sora, the bad version of Sora. Well, I knew that he's a protagonist in the game but I'm kinda pity of him as he never knew who he really are as he wasn't even real. he's kinda zombie; he's moving but don't have memories. I don't know how to explained (( I've told you, I'm not good telling story )) hahaha :) so, I recommending you guys to play Kingdom hearts yourself, then you'll know what I meant or too make it easier, just search for Kingdom Hearts videos on Youtube. ekekeke :)

And today, I got driving class and my instructor complimented me. hehehe :) he said that I can take my driving test soon, maybe around Mid of February. Hopefully I can mastered all the driving skills soon so that I can pass my driving test easily. wohoo :) then, as I arrived home, I felt like writing my newest story line which I would love to entitle as "The Secret 7: Sacred Hearts. The character will of course consist of me and my lads (( my loveliest brothers and sisters )) and also some of it would come from Kingdom Hearts and my imaginations. ehehehe :) I can't wait to write lah as It's been a decade, I didn't do handwriting's story :) I think, I'm gonna leave CuCO for a moment though as right now, I'm not really feel like Kpop freak. hahahaha :) Now I'm hardcore otaku and a gamer too :) Umm... What else? oh yeah, the other story I made is about an ordinary girl who have family crisis and met with a boy who is very mysterious but very friendly to her. he was pale, have blue eyes, and a golden blonde hair. So, what I was trying to tell here is, I'm thinking of doing some vampire story.. but I don't know about it yet or maybe instead of a vampire story, I would make ummm.... Oh well, I can't think of anything right now. hahahaha :)) a prince charming maybe. huahahaha :DDD Just Kidding :)

<----- if you notice, I kinda love to take my pictures from the side nowadays. LOL :D I don't know why... maybe it making me look even cuter than usual. ekekekekeke :) and yeah, I haven't took any pictures since forever. LOL XD I don't have feeling to take picture and not just taking pictures, I don't have feeling to eat as well. I felt fat and especially when someone mention about weight or fat or anything related, I lost my self-confident. Well, I am fat.. hahahahaha :) if I'm not born tall, I'm totally an overweight girl. Seriously, I am.. hehehe :) I try my best to control myself from eating but I just can't especially when I'm feeling down about something and eating is my only solution and the only thing I can do to make me forget about that kind of feeling is food. =.=; Still, I have tons of food in my room. hahahahaha :D and today, I bought some and kept it to myself again. well, just in case I'm feeling down in the middle of the night and felt lazy to walk to the kitchen. hahaahaha :)) Oh well, maybe I am destined to be fat. LOL :D but I wish i'm not... T^T

Today, I asked my parent to send me to Boulevard as I wanted to buy Anime CD's and that's was their punishment for making my day worst today. ahahaha :)) And I bought this three anime CD's. I'm thinking of watching it starting today. and seriously, I actually wanted to buy Blue Exorcist and Starry Sky anime.. but Boulevard Speedy doesn't seem to have it. Kinda disappointing actually. Oh well, maybe it's not really my day.. I can buy it next time though :) Just wait! Urgh, hopefully nobody will bought it before me! >.< hahahaha :)) and today as well, I was thinking to buy Bleach CDs but as I saw it has too many episode, so I change my mind. huahahahaha :D not enough money to buy all de... I only can afford the three CDs. Oh well, maybe next time. I will buy it "ansur-ansur' ehehehehe :)) and maybe I would buy One Piece as well lah. hahahaha :D Wish me luck for that :)

Today is really not my best day but I'm not going to tell about it as it just going to make me feeling more bad later on. hahahaha :) So, I'm just telling the best part then. hehehehehe :) I just wanted to be happy, and contented with life... I do have beautiful life. Just that, bad day ruining part of it. And I'm really are looking forward for something better to happen tomorrow as I'm just feeling restless today. And besides, this isn't the first time I felt this kind of feeling and yeah, i'm sick and tired of crying over it. Now, I hope that I could keep on writing something good and valuable starting today in my blog even though how sad I am by that moment. *sighed* hehehehehehe :) I just want to keep it for myself from now on though... and even if I wrote it here, when I feel like reading my post all over again, I will feel down again and I don't want that. I want to be happy and I want to keep the smile on my face.  I don't want to tell people how hurt I am. I don't want to be pity, I don't want to be love by pity. I just want to be Happy. Yep, that is all I want for... Happy :) So, that's all then. needing bath. hahahaha :D Adieu XD

Last but not least, I distributed this picture to my loveliest sis Jaba. hahahaha :D 
* You must be New~* ahahahahahahahaha XD 
(( just the two of us knew the history behind this.LOL XDDD))

P.S: Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)