New Year, Same-Old Me!

Annyeong 2011! hahaha :) sorry for late wishing. ekeke :) yea, busy celebrating it, NOT! haha :) actually, i'm busy spending time together with my cousins as this week is my last week of partying. ekeke :) and this post may be my first and last post for 2011 as my mum had warned me and blocked me from online-ing T^T quite stressed me out but it just for my own good because 2011 means i'm SPM candidates :) i can't wait for SPM hahaha :) and yea, i haven't done all my homeworks ^^ chill~ ekeke :D anyway, hopefully this year could be a better year for me and my family :)

just now, i took photo with my dearest baby Shawny a.k.a Nawny~ actually, before we took the photo kan, we just having a little fight. hahaha :) he cry because of me. LOL :) irresponsible mother heh? ekeke XD anyway, that is the way i show him love. hahaha :) he'll understand why i scold him when he grown up later :) ahh~ its 7 days before my birthday :) hopefully this year none of my friends would forget my birthday ^^ 

FYI, little shawny is very photogenic-type.hmm..sound like someone i know.. hahahaha :) anyway, i got made him fanpage and call him uljjang baby because... you know, he had the uljjang look. ekeke :) if he dress up, he SO look like uljjang trust me! hahaha :) well, if i had the chance, i'll take photo of him :) no worry and i really want to make him as uljjang baby. ekeke :) secretly, actually. no one knows except for sis Jaba :P

to be honest, i'm nervous to go to school tomorrow. hahaha :) i'm not ready yet T^T and i'm not sure if i can make it, i mean SPM. can i? i'm scared that i let my parent down.. well, still got 200 plus day left right? relax~ hahaha :)

so, thats all i wanna talk about for now. hopefully this 2011 bring me happiness and less tears :) and to all of you, Happy New Year! so, here is YoungGi's photo to end this very post. Adiosa! !
(hopefully, i can blogging again T^T)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)