Coincidence or..... o.O

I don't know how coincidence this is. hahaha or maybe the Lord has heard me or perhaps reading my blogs. hahahahaha :)
As I was scrolling down in my facebook page just now, I saw this post :

Hehehei.... One words; miracles work.
 Well, I guess God is hearing my thought or reading my blogs :)
So, I guess I just have to keep thinking positive and figure out how to forgive my brother, yeah? Haih, it's not gonna be easy but I guess, I'll work it out. As it is the God's will, I shall learn to forgive, if I want to be forgiven by Him :)
Well, God loves me and He never abandoned me. The picture above proved it. hehehei :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Bulletproof Heart.

Greetings, Humans :)
Um... I just woke up from my afternoon nap. Yeah, it was short, but I'm glad I have it though. hahaha If I don't I think, I'm going to sleep at 6 later. hahahaha :) Oh well, I just need to recharge myself though. ekeke :)
Anyway, I just read my top reader's blog, Jaba ( Who Else? hahaha ) and here the short respond on what to say when cussing without involving word 'God'
So, I guess we just need to say Oh My Good. hahaha :) I often say this one, especially when  I'm around those naive, very religious kind of people, parents, and kids. Sometimes, even you. hahahaha :) But sometimes, when my anger temperature reaching to the max, I kind of using Fuck This Shit and no, I don't used 'Shit' hahahaha :) I just fucking addicted to use 'Fuck' as my cussing words. If I can, I just keep using it in every words. hahhahahahaha :) Which now, making me feeling a bit guilty for cussing too much and then I keep on posting things religiously when I know that I'm such a badass. Oh well, I am. hahaha :) Besides, I don't have other choice then to say the harsh cussing word, eh? It does make me feel even much better. ekekeke :) So, That's what I think. In conclusion, I'd say, you should consider to use Oh My Good. It still can be categorized as O M G though. hahahaha :))) Well, think about it, babe? hahahaha :))

So today, as usual I missed my morning class in my college. hehehe :) Not that I want it, but that because I have no choice though. ekekeke :) My life as a college student is somewhat getting a little bit better as I met few humans and became my acquaintance. I freaking love the computer in business class. Hehehei as the teacher is very nice and even though her jokes aren't really funny sometimes, I just laugh. Pity her, none of the students laughing at her jokes. So, yeah. I laugh with her. hahahahaha :) All the homework she gave us is pretty easy to solve. Well, maybe because it is our first week lah. hahahaha :) Tomorrow, again I'm gonna miss my Intensive English class as it is in the morning and yeah, tomorrow is my first class of Introduction to Business. I can feel that in this very class, I'm gonna dealing with the real business. hahahaha :) Oh yeah, I'm ready with my calculator. hahahahahaha :))) I'm pretty much wondering what will we do in the class tomorrow. I'm hoping for getting a good lecturer though :) Um... then, I kind of like this IBS college thing even though I don't really like counting and I never imagine myself studying business before. hahahaha :) But yeah, I'm up to challenge. If we afraid of taking chances, how can we reach the top later? *Taken from, Greyson Chances songs.* I just have to take every opportunity in front of me and prove everyone that have been underestimating my brain power, that I can lot better than anyone. I know, I've been showing the lazy part of me but I know I'm such a winner inside me. Because I still remember the day when I conquer the first place in class, the day I become president of PBSM, the day I won few contest, the day I won a medal in sport days.... I know I can do so many things and so Fuck off people. I'm better and Better than Better, I Will Be :) Now, I just let them underestimate my power, let them blinded by my pro-slacker mood. hahahahahahahaha :) Like Barbie : A Christmas Carol said;  In A Selfish World, There Is A Selfish Success :) Think about it ... I kinda find it interesting. hahahaha :))

( Next topic is only for 18+ ) hahahahahahaha XD
Enough about school. hahaha :)  So, as usual. My beautiful shiny day is ruined every single time I stepped into this place call home. That fucking bastard always know how to ruin my days. Gosh, I can't believe it I called my brother that way. Oh well, no regret as he is fucking deserve it. Fuck it, I wish I'm not believe in Heaven and Hell. I just wish I have 9mm and blow off his fucking retarded head. Urgh! I just fucking hate him. I can't even look at him. I forever wish I will never see him again for my entire life. Gosh, I never hate this much before. No one knew how much I hate him, even I don't know how much. hahahaha :D Yesterday, the police should have taken him away but the officer doesn't even know our fucking house. I was like WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO PLAY AT?! Oh my gosh! this is so not funny officer. I never felt that glad when I heard mum told me that they are going to take the fucking bastard away and I even have imagine that my life would be much better and I wouldn't have to see my mum red eyes every morning. I've been imagine paradise. PARADISE! well, who wouldn't? if the burdened that have make my life hell since like 2 years ago will going to be taken away, it isn't just a paradise for me, it's gonna be heaven on earth. My family will be in better state, my parent burdened will be lifted, my dad doesn't need to keep on working. I can go to school with real smile and I don't have to lie to everybody that I'm fine and I'm strong. Can you imagine how good it feel? But damn it. It won't be true. I'm losing my hope. Now, I don't want to think about it. I just go with the flow. Fuck my life.

Fortune Cookies in Facebook read me. hahahahaha :) Okay, I'll believe in myself hahahaha :)  Hmm... Yeah let's continue. hahahahaha :) And this morning, the fucking bastard was talking proudly like he own the money he was using to buy the fucking drug. My mum over heard him tell his friend that he never go wash his own car because he prefer send it to the car wash shop. I was like What the hell..? He speaking like the money mum gave him is all coming from him. Like he work hard to get it. Does he ever think of dad who work 24/7 away from family for like half years? Just to get the fucking money, so that he can live better? Fuck off, shrimp head. And this make me recall back the time when the electric power is cut off for the whole senadin and he keep on complaining about how stupid the sesco is and how he never live without the internetlah, how he never live without air con. and again I was like WHAT THE FUCK, bro?! I know well that 20 years back, we're leaving in this small wooden house before we moved here. Does he really forgotten where he came from? Even me, who don't even have chance to live there, also know how to be grateful. Well fuck you, bro. If mum and dad didn't take you at the first place, you will never live in this kind of luxurious house, with nice good car which you always modify here and there, and if they don't take you, I think you have to work to get all the fucking consoles games. You should be grateful that they take us, among all others. We are the Luckiest child in the whole world. Maybe one of the luckiest. Our parent never ever say no whenever we requesting to have something. LIKE SERIOUSLY NEVER SAY NO. I just don't fucking understand you, bro. I always dream to have a good brother who can take care of me, and the one I can be proud off. But nah, you just a fucking bastard that have no humility at all. You think the money you get is all yours? Then again, Fuck you. You have no rights to claim that as yours as you have nothing to do with it. It all belong to our parent bro. And also, you have no rights to boasting about it as you have fucking nothing to do with it. You just some ugly-fucking-selfish-delusional-boastful-bastard. Deal with it. That's what I think about you right now. No regrets.

So, yeah. my mind is full of cussing right now and yeah, I feel a little better. hahahahaha :) I got others things in mind too but I think, let just keep it as secret for now. I don't want to... you know... Yeah, whatever. hahahaha :) I just keep it for now as I still can deal with it mentally. hahahaha :) Now, as I'm already poured some of it out, my mind went blank. hahahha :) After this, I'm gonna hunting for food before sitting down on my comfy chair, which I call as *My Ideas Chair* and maybe I'll write chapter 11 :) hehehei :) Wish me luck yo! and its 4:56p.m nice time eh? hahahaha :) And that's indicating I've been writing for like one hour. WAO! MARVELES. hahahahahaha :) Anyway, just stay positive and don't worry about me. hahahaha ;) I'm feeling great. Just be worry when I started to type about suicide. hahahahahahaha :) Because there are lots of chances though. ekekekekekeke XD Just kidding. I'm too cute to die. hahahaha :)) Besides, like I always said, I'm Immune. hahahaha :) Even inner me, approve it. my heart is bulletproof. hahahahahaha :)))

So, Okay. Good bye :))

May God Be With Ye.
P.S : Don't cussing like me. Its so no good. Cussing is just like a free ticket to Hell. hahahahaha :)
May God Forgive Me For All My Sins :)

So, bye :)
P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)