Filling My Blog With Another Random Post :)

Greetings humans :)
<----- My newest husband. ekekeke :D
Meet Yuri Pleskun. Oh god, I just can't resist his cuteness. Especially the gazed of his bluish green eyes, oh damn. So freaking mesmerizing. And and and his teeth, oh gosh, so freaking cute. And every time I saw his smiling picture, Whew, my heart skipped a bit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA sound crazy na? Oh well, crazy is my middle name. What can I do? ekekekeke (^__^)
Neways, for the whole day, I've been ignoring humanoid and I haven't talk to anyone else today. Only few times today, but not as much as ordinary time. ekeke :)
I only interacts with my family members. hahaha :) I don't know, I just, you know, hate everybody around me. Everybody pissing me off today (Even though they did nothing wrong) even seeing people walking beside me pun, I'm pissed. hahahaha :) Crazy na? Haish. Right now I'm wondering, what if I'm really are having psychological disorder? Ya know, something like umm... mental disorder? hahaha :D Well, bite me.
But still, this isn't the first time of me acting this kind of way. It's all started during my high school year and now, it's getting worse. HAHAHA :D Even sometimes, I automatically just hate people. Like one guy in Wattpad, he's following me there and the moment I fixed my eyes on him, I just straight away hate him, for no reason. hahaha :) I know right? It's freaking me out. What if, this is the early code for psycho killer? hahahahaha :D Oh Well, I better register in one of the psycho-killer society. ekeke :)
Speaking of Wattpad, yeah. I've made an account there. It's called Dogaemon94 . Wattpad is like lah. It's a place for those who loves to write stories, or fanfictions. Yeah, it's kind of fun but not very fun for me. hahahaha :) Because I haven't try to mix around with people there. hahaha :D For my english sucks. hahahaha :D Oh I tell you, people in Wattpad, everybody speaking english ya know (well, got some filipino as well) and I feel so small whenever I log in that place, feel like I'm not belong in there. Besides, my stories, all boring. hahahaha :D
What can I do? Maybe I'm just not born to be a good writer. ekeke :D
Oh wells *sighed*

<---- Yuri Pleskun, he was born on 14th May, 1991. When I knew about this, I was like O.O "Oh wow," and ya know, he is the luckiest guy I ever know. Why? Because he was discovered and becoming a model in 2008, while he was walking down the street at Bronx. What a lucky guy? I wish I am too. ahahaha :DD
Okay, enough about my boy. hahaha :D So, aa... Today, I've got my second computer exams (Both ACP and ITC) well, in EXCEL, I manage to finish it up but I'm not sure if I've made it correctly. I'm not so sure about it. ekeke :D Oh well, whatever. hahaha :) And for the ITC, well, I can do it. I did answer all the question, yet I'm not sure either. hahaha :) Just hopefully, I can get good marks later. Ngee <3 And tomorrow will be my last exam, that is Introduction of Business. Chapter 1 until 3 saja ma. hahaha :) Relax~ I got this. ekekeke ;) I just need to memorize all the 4 principles of Frederick Taylor and 14 principles of Henri Fayol, and also understand all the small details off what is business and blah blah blah. hahaha :)
Relax~ I can do this. The teachers had told me that this Mid-term exam won't be as difficult as the Finals. So, I'm not so worried about Mid-Term but hell, I'm worried of Finals, which is on August. Yeah, short. I know right? FuckMyLife. hahahaha :) But yeah, still got 1 and a half month to go. So, keep calm and love Yuri Pleskun. ekeke :D

<---- The king of my heart. YEARGH~ hahahaha :D Okay-okay. Relax *Take A Deep Breath* hahaha :)
So, yeah. Holiday is coming to town. But I don't know how I'm going to spend it. hahaha :D Maybe for the first and second day of the holiday, I'm going to waste it with Supernatural Season 6. Oh Yeah~ hahaha :) Oh! Where the hell did I put it?! o.O Oh well, relax. Tomorrow, after class, am gonna find it. ekekeke :) Gosh, I seriously need to find it for it's not mine. it's Jaba's. ekeke :P and yeah, I've been carving to watch for like 3 months ago. HAHAHA :) Pity me, I know right. hmmm... Anyway, speaking of Supernatural, Jaba told me that Season 7 is out already! OYEAH~~ I wanna go hit the mall soon >>>> hahahaha :D and I heard that Season 7 is season finale for Supernatural *Pouts* I wish the rumors isn't right. I still not having enough of Supernatural even though I'm still pretty mad at Dean for declining Michael's will in season 4 or 5 i don't remember. And Sam, Sam... he's half demon now,wuwuwuwu... I know! >.< I want to know how the Winchester brother will cope with this matter. and I really hope that their dad, John Winchester came out again soon. HAHAHA :) Oh yeah, my favorite character, other than Bobby, the uncle. hahahaha =.= forgot his name. ekeke :) Neways, Supernatural is the most awesome TV Show I ever watch, well one of. ekeke :) other than, How I Meet Your Mother, and The Lost World, yeah. It's the most Awesome! :)

As you can obviously know, right now I'm suppose to study. hahaha :) Oh well, relax~ I still can get my Study Mood. hahaha :) Maybe I'm going to have a nice long shower first, then maybe I'll hit the notes. ekeke :) Well, and also, maybe chat a bit with Jaba before bed though. Yeah. :) That's what I've been planning to do. ekekeke :D
So yeah.
 Awwwwwwwwww........ I'm still stuck here, looking at Yuri's cute face. Oh my god! hahaha :) trying my best to not smiling like crazy here (as mum is here, with me, watching her favorite TV show) hahaha :D I just can't stop blushing, looking at his cute face. He just too damn cute. Omo~ hahahaha :D
So, yeah. I'm soooo thanking Jaba for introducing him to me. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D
At least I can take a short break from Logan Lerman. ekekeke :)))
Yuri Pleskun :)
New life motto. HAHAHAHA :P
So, gonna hit the shower now.
Byes, lovers~
Don't take my Yuri >.< XDD
and Stay Blessed ;)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

My Rage Post =.='

Hi, I'm back. hahahaha :)
Well yeah. Sadly I just realized something. hahaha :D
Something that freaking pissing me off lately. Well, yeah. It's all about that annoying showoff girl that I've been knowing for the rest of my life =.=' the one I called Chloe *hahaha :D Sis Jaba seriously will get who this is* hahaha :D
Well, let's get serious. I'm writing this because I don't want to hold back my anger because if I hold it for too fucking long, I'm scared that Zombie Apocalypse will happen sooner than expected. hahaha :) So yeah.
Well, short introduction of this bitch is, she is a person that I've been knowing for the rest of my life =.= I don't know why I have to be with this bitch but yeah, I do regretting it =.='
This bitch, she only look for me when she's bored or when she have stuff to showoff about like, new phones, crush, and blah blah blah. Which is really fucking pissing me out. I've been strangling this bitch mentally since 2 years back, the time I realized that I hate her. hahaha :) Oh yeah, no one know for I'm a Hypocrites, that's me.
Actually, I've been trying to hold it off and always told myself that one day, she'll gonna stop. but TET~ fuck it. She don't know how to stop bitching around. Not that I'm envy with all the stuff she had, well fuck you. I can have it if I want it though. Still yeah, if I do have those stuff she have and told her about it, it's would make me as boastful as she is. I'm fucking sick of people like her. I mean, come on... She's not the only person who can afford all the stuff, besides, she's not getting those stuff using her own money, they are her parents. Well duh~ I'm not gonna boasting about something that people gets for me, @.@
If she really got those stuff, using the money she gets, then I can tolerate with her. but yeah, she's just a bitch. Bitch always be bitch.

So, yeah. this is my first time typing so many bitch words. hahaha :D Well, that bitch deserve it though. hahahaha :)) Anyway, why am I suddenly brought this up? Well, here's the story. Like today, I was wandering around Twitter as I'm bored in class and the teacher told us to do revision, so yea. So, I tweet like 'Yeah, today no exam~' and then suddenly the bitch reply my tweets like saying, "whatever" something like that la. hahaha. I know it just a joke la because we did it like all the time. But then, something tick my mind, "She never tweets me at time like this, unless..." so I check into her profile, reading her tweets and TA-DAA~ she was waiting for her other friends to come and sit for her, or for short, she was bored. She just looking for me when she have nobody talking to her, like i'm a spare-part or what?
And last few days, the same thing happen but worst. She tweets me like, "Dude, I'm so bored," and I was like =.=' fuck you bitch. tell someone who cares =.='
Gah, too bad I deleted all the text message if not I can show you how she's bitching with me. =.=;
and you know what else I hate about this bitch, SHOWOFF-BOASTFUL-biatch. God, forgive me. I cursed a lot =.=;
Last time, it was her birthday and we're texting each other and at FIRST, we were talking about present, then she tell me that her crush is wishing her happy birthday and how she likes it and how she wish that she's going to couple with him and how the guy show some hints to her =.=' I know right? well, I don't give a single fuck about it. I just reply her like "Then go tell the guy that you like him and go on a date, or better, go marry each other," =.=; then you know what she's answer me, "Nah, I'm gonna wait for him to make a move on me first,"
I was like, then just wait la, don't fucking tell me =.=' and YEAH, this reminds me of the tweets that she retweets and she even mentioned the tweets to me which saying, "You have a friend that always giving a love advice but don't have a boyfriend," WELL FUCK YOU, bitch. You're the one who begging for love advice from me. I know la I never ever been in a relationship before or I never have a boyfriend for my straight 18 years. and what make me pissed so much is when I tweet back like, "You always asking advice from me anyway," and she reply me like, "LOL, all your advice is so lame, i never use anyone of it,"
 Then, why? WHY THE HELL YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CRUSHY STUFF?! if you doubting my advice, then stop telling me everything and fuck off but bitch please, I'm a doctor love. My sisters call me so.  I help my sister Moon to get over her ex-boyfriend, I give her advice in love on how to get the boy she likes, and I help her moving on. So fuck you. And you know what, before she break up with her ex-bf, she was like Dude, how to this, how to that, help me with this, give me advice =.=; God. She such a bitch.

And yeah, when we're texting last time, on her birthday, she was like suddenly telling me that she's going to Shanghai  =.=' I was like what the fuck, bitch? Why tell me? Do i look like I'm giving a fuck? Hell No~ And she said that she can't wait la, this la, and say what should she buy for me later in shanghai. =.='. Well, can you please buy me rat poison and then drink with all your might? bitch -.-. Gosh, i don't know how I'm gonna deal with this bitch anymore. Even once, before I started my school days, and she already started early than me, she tell me like the whole time, about what she kind of class she's having, what time she started and where she ate her lunch, with whom, like I give a fuck. Seriously, now I'm thinking. Am i her diary or what? =.=; if she wanna tell and boasting about everything, then make a fucking blog, ask everyone to follow so you can boast with all your might. Gosh =.='. My heart is pounding real fast right now, I'm so pissed. hahahaha ;D no kidding. My hands is shaking. hahahaha =.=' And once, when her mum called and tell her that she bought her an iPhone, she suddenly come up to me and said, "Dude, can you help me out?" and I was like "Sure, help you with what?" then, she answer me like, "My mum is buying me an iPhone and I need a cover for it, like Right now? can you help me choose?" and I was like, seriously? do she have to tell me with complete detail? Gosh... Damn it girl. Just damn it. Like seriously, IT'S AN IPHONE COVER! THERE ARE BILLIONS OF CHOICE! Come on, why need me? I'm sure she can do it herself. Gosh. *literally rolling my eyes* I know lah, mine one not iPhone it just some simple Nokia ma. But at least my Nokia's battery last longer than iPhone and it won't break easily. And that's still okay lah, acceptable kan, because maybe she's happy because it was her first time getting new phone. but by telling me the price of everything she bought, uh, I mean her mum bought for her is so fucking unacceptable. Seriously, like once she bought something *I can't really recall* and she told me the price. I was like Dafuq?! I don't give a fuck =.=' and she even told me that when she and her mum go shopping, they will be spending like 500+ everytime. I can't imagine how she reacts if I told her how much my mum and I spend when we go shopping together. my mum could spend that 500+ with only buying simple groceries. Like, what the fuck? I told you, if I wanna boast, I would but I just don't because It's wrong. Making people hate you. =.='
And one more event that make me like "dafuq?" is when she tagged me about the addmath differentiation tutorial that she's having in her school. *you can check in my fb if u wanna see it* =.=; I was like 0.o why? why the hell she have to tell me? I know la, last time I was rejected from entering RiamTech and cannot enter A Level like she is. Well duh =.='
Like seriously.... I hate her. Well, some of you might think that I'm making the whole things up, but no... Well, its up to you if you want to believe it or assuming me talking crap. But it's happen and it's true story. Oh well, I don't give a fuck if you don't believe me anyway, God knows how it is. SO just be it!

I'm cool down a bit right now. hahaha :D Wheew~ feeling much better. ekeke :)
I'm sorry for the bad words I've been using for the whole stuff. hahahaha :)
And yeah, I should've been studying right now. tomorrow is exam once more. hahaha :D but relax~ still got time, besides, there's only one chapter tmorow. ekekeke :)
So, wish me luck~
Bye :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears and Anger =.='

I Can't Think Of The Fucking Title. hahaha (=^___^=)

Greetings, fellas~
I'm here again to update. Suddenly I got the urged to write so yeah :) hahaha :D
I've got so many things to tell but I don't know which one should I go for first, hahaha :)
Well, thinking back... there's not many things happen though. hahahaha :D I'm just exaggerating it by telling you people that I have lots to share ehehei. Welp, that's me. Attention seeker. OH WHAT CAN I SAY? I'm proud of it. hahahaha :)
But yeah, seriously I really like to be at the center of the attention. I'm just being Att-C-Ker with my family members. hahaha :) Especially those who I care the most. Who? Umm.. Such as... My mum, sisters? hahaha :) yeah. and I must tell, I'm a very Jealous person on earth. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh well, it's one of the Capricorn traits. ehehei. Can't help it though. Ah! yesh. I've got my Moral Exam paper yesterday and TAADAA!!! I got 25/30 and I was like WEALLY?!! hahahahaha :D like seriously, I don't even study nicely. I'm more of procrastinating while I'm studying this subjects. hahahaha :D Oh well, thank God for the good results though. hehei :)) For Intensive English, Umm... I can't guarantee I can get good ones la because as far as I'm concerned, I can answer all the question and leave nothing :) Ugh, hopefully will get good result as well :)
And for yesterday, is my ACP and ITC (both computers) and sadly, I have not enough time to finish my ACP exams. Well, not just me lah. I think half of my classmates unable to finish it all. like seriously, she only gives us 1 hours to do TWO write all the hell-I-don't-know-how-long essays and then we have to edit it, and format it and put pictures in it, then have to do tables lah. Uh~ fudging time. hahahaha :D But oh well, what the hell. Let bygones, be bygones. hahaha :D <--- is that correct? hahaha :D
And for ITC, I can answer most of it lah. only one question. But no, I didn't leave it blank. if i leave it blank, that is soo not my style. hahaha :) I just try my best to fill it. But I don't guarantee that I get good result from it though :) Just hoping to get the best :D

and so once again, the day is save~ thanks to the powerpuff girls. ekekeke :D don't ask why I wrote that. hahahaha :D So, yeah. Last Sunday my family gotten another new family member~ let's us all give a loud applause for the cutest baby girl on earth Jasmine Raniafitri :D hehehei. well one of the cutest for we still got Little Belle :) ekekeke :)) Anyway, I already told her mum, sis Jon that no matter what her name is, I'm just going with Nia~ hahahaha :) Yeah~ NIA~ NIA~ ekekeke :))) Awwww.... she just freaking cute though. I just can't wait for my upcoming one week holiday, I just want to be by her side and cradle her like a mother. Oh Gosh~ I freaking want to do it so badly~~~~~ Call me mom! hahaha :)
She born at 3:23p.m on 20th May, exactly on Miri City day. So, I'm gonna call her as Miri baby. hahaha :D Belle is Gawai Baby :))
And speaking of new members, that's making me feel old. I think I'm seriously need to be grow up a bit from now own. No anime, no comi.... Um... let's scratched that. hahaha :D I'll just act childish no matter what. hahaha :D At least, they will act according to their age bah. If everybody going to be mature, they will go mature real fast and not knowing how it feels like to be a child =.= that's definitely the suckiest moment in life =.=;
So, yeah. WUB WUB WUB~ Imma gonna train them how to be a kid~ XD

<----- Meet my latest husband, Yuri Pleskun. hahahahaha :D Well, I just knew him like yesterday from my loveliest sis Jaba. hahahaha :D And yeah, love at first sight. HAHAAHAHHA :D aduii~ cramp cramp~ hahahahahaha :D God, can't you see?! He just some God-Level to resist! his bluish eyes, gosh,... I'm melting right now. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D and yeah, he is the first guy I like with the shortest haircuts ever. hahahaha :) YEP. Yuri Yuri~ hahahahahaha :D he's a model though :) And yeah, maybe gonna stick with Yuri Pleskun for the time being and then, maybe going back with Logan Lerman once more. ekekeke :) Need a break from Logan Lerman. I just don't want to get very obsess with that cutie pie. pity him for having ugly fans like me. hahahaha :D
And speaking of Jaba as well, I just got back from reading her blog and I know that she's broken. Well, she did tell me but not telling me SERIOUSLY. she put that pretty smile on her face, making fun of the matter even though it pretty serious killing her from the inside, GOSH, I wish she just tell me the freaking truth. Welp, maybe she has trust issues with me though. Well, yeah... I broke the trust-chain between us before. Maybe she just don't trust me anymore or maybe she just don't want me to know. But like seriously, when she feel down like that and she didn't tell me anything about it, it's break me apart too like people always say "if you happy, then I'm happy too," so, that's mean that if she's breaking, that I'm breaking too. Ya know, like. Uh~ dunno how to say this. It's just hurtful seeing she sad and here I am, sitting here in the living room, doing nothing. that's make me feel like fucking loser ya know. at least, if she tell me kan, it could make her feel better la. and maybe I can give her some advice or cheering her up or maybe I just could hug her or lend my shoulder for her to cry on ka. at least, when I did it all, I can ease the guilt that still inside me. I can, you know like, repaying back for all the fucking hurtful stuff I've been doing.

Uh, now I'm cussing. hahahaha :D Oh well...
So, Uh... got to go now. I need to go back to school, I got a SCHOLARSHIP!!! wohooo~~ first time of my life, I'm getting a scholarship. HAHAHAHA :D So yeah!
Adieu :)
Here's my most favorite picture of Yuri Pleskun.
Oh damn, he's cuteeee <3
Back later night, Maybe :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Just Hi :)

Just stop by to say hi
hahahaha :D
I have lots to share actually but I'm feeling freaking lazy right now so yeah :)
maybe if I feel a little hardworking tomorrow, then I'll freaking share what has been happen to me lately. hahaha
and yeah, I should been studying right now but
Well it's kind of obvious though,
I'm running away from studying.
huahahahahaha XD
but, fuck it.
I don't feel like studying.
Besides, I don't know what to study. So yeah fuck this shit. hahahahaha :D
Right now,
I'm ready to go to bed, resting my head.
And maybe gonna wake up in the middle of the night later
for studying.
Mid-term only ma...
on Final Exam later,
 I'll do my best. ekekeke :D
So, yeah. Good Bye :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

14th May Post Which I posted on 15th. =.=;

Oh, hi there :)
It's been a while since my last post. Ehei, well... I actually been wanting to update but ya know, I'm a pro-procrastinator level PhD. hahahaha :) Anyway, there's always tomorrow. hahaha :) Um... Well, I have nothing unusual to say here actually but I feel like blogging so, yeah :)
Just some usual routine though and yeah, I forgot to take my Computer Certificates last week. huahaha :) Maybe I'll redeem it this coming Wednesday as I'm going home early on that very day :)
Hm... School life, it's not bad though. It's alright lah, because at least I can go home earlier than usual and even if I going home late ( like Every Tuesday ) I still can online at school, hang out at Computer Labs. huahaha :) I just starting to love my school life :)
I actually don't really care much if I don't have someone to talk too, because I feel like you know, don't want to talk to anyone. ahaha :)
And yeah, I'm very quiet person in class. I don't talk to others unless they talked to me first ( and unless it was Friday ) hahaha :)
Like I read in one horoscope webpage, about Capricorn. It stated there that the capri-kids (Me, include) is very reserved, stubborn ( no kidding =.=), slow and steady, and we often let you think that you're win the battle even if you didn't actually. hahaha :D or in other word, Capri-kids are very considerate types of person. And yeah, one more think I found about us capri is that we don't really take NO as an answer. hahaha :) Well, yeah. Obviously. ekekeke :) I can feel it in my bones. hahahaha :) But thank God, we're very considerate kind of people. huahaha :)
#StayPositive. ekekeke :D

Enough about my horoscope. Well, not to say I believer 100% in horoscope and something like that, it just you know, like reading it to fill my leisure. hahaha :) and yeah, it's helping a lot in knowing myself. So, yeah. ekeke :D It's fun to do, though *shrugs*

And yeah, I'm in love with Bruno Mars. hahahaha :) Still, not as much as I adore Logan Lerman lah. hahahahaha :) I fell in love with Bruno's voice. ekekeke :) Well, not to say that I just newly fell for his voice lah. I've did it since the very first day I saw him on TV and I was like WHOA~ goosebumps. hahaahahaha :) His voice, seriously struck my heart and make me falling for it. Thank you Lord, for the heavenly voices. ehehei :)
Neways, last few days, sis Jaba told me something that I still couldn't believe until today, about Bruno Mars. You see, I've been believing that his name is actually Bruno Mars, from Honolulu until the day I found the truth... that his name isn't Bruno Mars and it was Peter Gene Hernandez and I was like  "MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE!" hahahahahahahahaha :D Well, that's the heartbreaking part though, and good things that he's really are coming from Honolulu, Hawaii. ahahahaha :D
Still, it's not about the name or the looks or where he came or what he done, it's all about his beautiful talents that make me smile, cry, heartache, happy, feel better and lots more. Mostly, his songs told me that there always a second chance in everything I do in life. Regrets, it shall be stay in the past, as we all need to moved on. :) Yeah, seriously. He is my Hero :) Love You, Brune. ekekeke :))

And yeah, as I was rolling in the Youtube just now, I stumbled with one of his song called, "Never say you can't" and as I listened to the song intently, I read up all the comments and everyone talking about their dads and how they missed their dads and some of them even loses their dads. Well, I felt sorry for them though. Yeah, it must be tough :(.
Anyway, the song is actually from son to dad-song and as I listened to it, I suddenly thought that I wish my dad ever told me such things and do everything that he stated in the lyrics. Well, you know.... My dad always be far, far away from home and would be staying there for like 4 to 5 months a year. even sometimes, he would go outstation twice a year. I really never had the time to know him. I mean like, since I was at very young age, I have never had the chance to know him well. And even if he home, he and mum would go some place and settled everything like bills, payment, do this and do that. and even when they didn't go anywhere, he would just sit there and sleep, watch tv or getting busy with his boats. =.=

I do want to talk to him sometimes, but I just don't know what to say. You know, like it's awkward. I wish sometimes, he would stay home more than at the sea. I want to know, how it feel like to be Daddy's girl. Honestly, I'm kind of jealous seeing other's dads being so closed to their kids, playing with them, shopping together, travelling... and such. I wish I can do the same too. Everyone else seems to be having perfect family time with each other. But yeah, I thank God for my parents still loving each other strongly. hehei :D

Hm... Well, I can't do anything to change all this things. I can't change my dad's profession and I know that he must likely wanting to be home more than anyone else. ehehei :) And I understand that he's away for half year to feed us, to give us shelter... and provides us with foods. Yeah, so.... I'll just accept the fact that he's done it because he loves us. Like in the Love lyrics y Jaeson Ma ft Bruno Mars, "Love is Sacrifices,"

Yesterday was a lovely Mother's day. Yeah, I celebrated it with my mum, mak ulit, indai and Jaba's family :) we celebrate at Church of Mater Dei :) well, i feel blessed though. ehehehei :)
And I bought the four of them beautiful flowers each :) and then, before we go home, Mak Ulit treat us breakfast, eating noodles :) and after eating. I drove mum and mak ulit to OneStop shop around DPS there and the three of us happily shopping. ekekeke :) Well, I wanna thank Mak Ulit though because she paid for me. ehehei :) I know that supposedly I'm the one who should pay as it was a special day for the both of them. But what can I do? Me no working yet =.= ekekeke XD so, maybe next time. when I have my own money, I'll buy for them special :) and speaking of mother's day, father's day is on the way though. I don't know what should I get for my dad. Maybe another ship model? hahaha :D Nah, that's definitely some lame present. ekeke :D Oh wells, I'll just figure it out later. hehei :) And so, yeah... I'm looking forward for father's day now. ekekeke :)) ♥

So, by the end of this post, it's now 15th of May. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D Gosh, this really show I'm a procrastinators. ekekeke :D Oh wells :)

So, yeah :)
That's all :D

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :) ♥

Mii Photo Update

Updating my face here since it's been a while I'm lost somewhere in Anaithnid. ekekeke :) 
Maybe you guys missed my cute face here. So, yeah :

P.S  : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

It's Been A While :)

Greetings, peeps :)
Well, it's been a while right? haha I know. School sucks! Making us apart. wuwuwuwu T^T. anyway, it's nothing to do with school actually, just randomly blaming it. hahaha :D So umm.. I'm home! ehehei :D
<--- This pic I took right before I went to class today :))
Gosh, I look even paler =.=;
( Thanking the Sunlight for making me look even fair. huahaha XD )

Midterm is around though. 2 more weeks, then I'll be dead. huahaha :D But seriously, instead of nervous about it, I'm pretty excited to sit for the exam. I don't know why, maybe it's because it is my first time. ekekeke :) Hopefully the question won't be as hard as SPM question. If it does, then I'm volunteering myself joining the Hunger games. ekekeke :D Speaking of Hunger Games, I still haven't watch it yet and so do The Avenger. I WANNA WATCH THIS TWO MOVIE SO FREAKING BADLY! wuwuwuwu and not just that, even The Three Musketeer also I haven't watch. wuwuwuwu #FML =.=; Oh well, I guess I'll just wait for Astro to broadcast it in HBO, MAX or FMP. Free, HD and I can watch it at home, eating all the food and even lying down. muahahaha :D Patience is the key to success. ekekeke :)) Just have to wait then, something better will come over :) And and and I WANNA WATCH THE DARK SHADOW! OMG!!! JOHNNY DEPP AS A VAMPIRE!!! :DDDD

And this few days, I've been wandering around all the social network I've signed up and I saw lots of people seeking for their love life and how they wanted to feel how its felt to be loved. I know, I have no rights to say anything about what they've been posting or what they've been thinking but their status making me thought about it and well, this is what I thought about love life;

Love life, you don't have to search for Love, for Love will come for you by itself. If you seek for it, it won't last long but if you wait patiently, then most probably, You'll find the love of your life. God always have perfect plans for us. So, just keep waiting. Don't worry about being alone, for you isn't actually fully alone though. Still thousands more out there, and one of them probably will be the one who will take care of your heart. Well, I admit that I'm very traditional in love stuff but this is what I believe. Seriously, I confessed that for 18 years, I've been living in this place called earth, I never been in any relationship. But I'm still alive though and my single life is so far so good. So, stop being depressed about no ones loves you. Besides, you already have your family to love you, friends that care about you, teachers that taught you, and most importantly, God who love, care, protect, and taking a very good care of you. So, think about it. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy your moment while you're still single and freedom in your hands. You know, God knows when you're ready for love and when you reached that level, you'll found it :) Mark my word.

And speaking of love, right now I'm making another new love story which I called it as Little Angel's Guardian. Well, actually sis Jaba is the one who give it a name. hahaha ;) and seriously, I never thought of this before but as I'm waiting for the right time to post LLA in wattpad, so I guess, why not? Besides, Jaba said that I must have post something in that webpage. hahaha :) So, that's leads to the appearance of Little Angel's Guardian.
<----- I made the cover myself. What you think? Ohohoho.. I'm loving it. It took for like more than an hour for me to finish it off ya know. Editing this, edit that, redo this, redo that, search for pictures... WEW, hell lots of stuff to do. ekeke :)

And as you can see, there's Emma Roberts's picture. HEHEHEHEI, of coursela I put her face there. She's my idol and my first and last teen-actress. hahahaha :) I just adore this girl :) She's not just have that pretty face, she also have talents, she's a model, she's cute, I love her hair and she never done any controversy, if I'm not mistakenlah. and seriously, I think I've watched all her movies. hahahaha :) Yeah! I'm hardcore-fans of Emma Roberts! ekekeke :)

Anyway, BTB.... Umm.. well, it's pretty obvious that she's the main character of the story and i named her as Allison. ehehei :) Well, the story is about Allison who was sent by her parents to take care of an orphanage home called Little Angels in Tennessee. And when she's there kan, the kids didn't like her at first and always planned for some crazy tricks just to make her life hell. Of course she hate it and when she was about to give up, she knew the truth why her parents send her there. So, that moment, she accept the challenge and she's trying her best to make the kids like her back. and in between the story line, she'll met with a very famous teen-actor, that coincidentally having short vacations with his family. His name is Joshua McCollins (Logan Lerman) ehehehehe :) So, yeah... I don't know where the story will go but I hope it will be good. hahahaha :)) and there will be lots of other known celebrities as the character. If you want to read it, just go to Little Angel's Guardian.

And tell me what chu think about it. It still stuck in Chapter 2 lah for I haven't thought of what happen in the next chapter. ekekeke :D Like I told you, I never planned to write other story, other than LLA. And speaking of LLA, WA~ I never thought that it's now already reach chapter 20! WAAAA :)) hahahaha :) Since 10th of April, I've been writing it and now, whoa. Tomorrow, it will be exactly one month I've been writing it. ekekeke :) And yeah, It's reaching the end though. I can feel it in my bones. Maybe... just maybe, it will only written until somewhere around chapter 30+ lah. hahaha :)) Wow... seriously I can't wait to finish it. Hopefully I know how to do it later. ekekeke :) Wish me luck babe! :)

Gorgeous SEAMUS Agent. Oh look, Logan Lerman! HAHAHAHA :D
Actually I have no more things to say. ekekeke :)
So, this is goodbye then. And if you wanna read Levedad real story, just click here :
Levedad : The Origin & Renewal of The Vampire Prophecy.
It's freaking good! Go for it and you'll know what I mean! :)))
So, have a good reading time :)
That's all :)
Thanks :)
P.S : Yeah, I realized that I DON'T EVEN USE ANY ONE OF THE FREAKING CUSSING WORD. WHOAAA:)))) Well, I just wanna be good girl again. ehehei :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)